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Discover and embrace your own unique brand of spirituality by following your intuition-and learning about all things new age!

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Magical tools meant to help us facilitate our own healing and growth


Being awareness into the present moment, and meet yourself where you are now


Spiritual practices of all kinds that contribute to your soul evolution

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All these amazing “new age” topics are far from new. All of what we call “metaphysics” is based on ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time. The new age is the age we are in right now. The golden age of ascension, spiritual evolution, and truth discovery. There is so much spiritual information to be downloaded, dissected, explored, debunked, and adopted. And that’s where Spiritually Inspired comes in.

I’m Sara Rae, and I created this magical brand to help modern mystics all over the world discover and embrace their own Divine Truth–what resonates with them on a soul level. What brings them joy and raises their vibrations. What makes sense to them on a cosmic level. We are all waking up to the sound of our souls calling out for something more. In our own time, in our own way, we will all live spiritually inspired every day!


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