Coaching is for your mind. Crystal reiki is for your body. Both are for your SPIRIT!


As your manifesting coach, I’ll help you identify and dissolve blocks that are preventing the flow of abundance. And to help you pinpoint specific action steps that are in alignment with your dreams AND your energy. 

“It has been great to work with a coach that is personable and has magnetic enthusiasm for you and the journey that you strive to be on.”

– Zoe S. 

Coaching + Crystal Reiki + Tarot Reading

All sessions are done over video (option to record) and begin with a tarot card reading to help guide the coaching and crystal reiki healing. Your Spirit Guides have profound things they can’t wait to tell you!


The four week private coaching + healing program for when you’re ready to finally manifest your dream life.


How to cultivate your personalized spiritual practice that supports your growth and manifesting

What your hidden subconscious limiting beliefs are, and how to dispel them for good

The unique ways your team of spirit guides are communicating with you 

Your soul’s purpose and how to fully embody it

How to finally release emotional baggage holding back your manifesting power 

Physical relief from symptoms of dis-ease in your energetic body. Less muscle and joint aches, improved chronic symptoms, and more. 

“I really enjoyed our sessions. The conversations were amazing, like talking with a close friend. I felt a lightness after one session. And all the other little insights that came to me during our session was pretty cool too. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that spark of insight.”

– Katt E. 


I’m Sara Rae, I’m your manifesting coach, and I teach mystical women to manifest on purpose by shattering their manifesting ceiling. 

I have a unique, holistic, four-phase approach to working with the Law of Attraction is designed to act as a flexible roadmap to mindful manifesting. 

I’ve been teaching about manifesting, mindfulness, and magic on my weekly podcast called Spiritually Inspired since 2020. 

Books I’ve written include Manifesting Abundance, Mindfulness Made Easy, Magical Moon Phases, and Practical Manifesting

You can find all this spiritual awesomeness and more on my website spirituallyinspired.co. 

Online tarot reading

Not sure where to begin unlocking your manifesting potential? 

Book your free manifesting ceiling discovery call:

The sessions were amazing! The flow of Reiki during the session(s) was wonderful. Sara is super intuitive and really got to the heart of some of the things I need to work on in order to progress in my spiritual journey. We discussed many ideas and she gave me good action items that I felt I could do. I really felt like I was talking to a friend. I feel empowered like I can DO things and am so thankful for the guidance.”

– Melissa W. 


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