Welcome my friends, in love and light!

Thank you so much for visiting. My name is Sara-Rae, and you can read more about me here. My blog, Spiritually Inspired, is about creating the beautiful life you’ve always envisioned by stepping away from the mainstream and following your own personal path. Spirituality is about exploring foreign topics, asking intimidating questions, and discovering answers that feel right to you. I have a goal of showing others that exploring their spirituality is the answer to all their problems and questions, seriously. The conclusions you draw don’t matter, so long as they are drawn.

Does this seem too easy, stupid, or “woo-woo” for you? Are you turned off by the lack of “scientific proof” the spiritual community has for their claims? Do you believe that intelligent life evolved randomly, and once it gets snuffed out our bodies just rot in the ground? Do you believe that everything that happens in your life is the result of something external, and you have no control of or responsibility for it? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this blog is definitely not for you.

However, if you know in the depths of your soul that there is more out there, and that you’re part of something much bigger than this one earthly life, then you are in the right place. I am always so excited to meet other like-minded individuals who refuse to think that the only “real” things in the Universe are what we see with our human eyes.

Our spiritual communities shape their lives around exploring what is known, and what is unknown. We work to share our knowledge with all of humanity because in serving others, we serve ourselves. The ascension of our planet is happening right now, and we are working as a collective to raise the vibration to match that of love and light.

This blog is a physical manifestation of me doing my part to be of service to others, in the form of provoking new thought. As well as confronting various topics of spirituality head on, and really trying to connect as many puzzle pieces as I can. With my writing, I hope to help others along this somewhat scary path of “spiritual awakening,” because I believe this is my life purpose. I feel called to help other realize their cosmic truths, to let them know they are NOT alone. If I help to raise the vibration of one spiritual friend, then my job is done.

Practicing gratitude is a simple act that will make the biggest difference. If you genuinely wish to shift your outlook, then be grateful every single day.

Blog Posts To Kick Things Off

There are four main categories that I write about here on this blog: holistic healing, mindful living, personal growth, and spiritual rituals. About once per week I add a brand new post diving deeper into a topic of spirituality. Here is a nice little organized list of posts that I feel are perfect for getting your feet wet. Over time, you will be able to check out more involved information across the site. After getting a good idea of what interests you spiritually, I hope you feel inspired to venture out into other books and areas of the internet to research on your own.

1. Cultivate a Spiritual Practice – Read full post here!

Having an active spiritual practice means purposefully setting time aside to focus on personal growth. As the saying goes, we can’t pour from an empty cup. A steady spiritual practice allows us to get really good at calming the thoughts of the Ego. When the Ego isn’t constantly yapping in our minds, we can hear what the Subconscious has to say. This moves us forward as a consciousness, so we can discover our relationship with higher energies.

2. Holistic Healing Defined – Read full post here!

Holistic healing is the practice of treating the whole person: mind, body, & spirit. More modern medicine practices really only treat the symptoms. In a holistic health practice, we do not wait until something feels wrong to start the healing process. Basically, you’re constantly healing yourself because this is a lifestyle choice.

3. What is the goal of meditation? – Read full post here!

Meditation is the practice of being fully immersed in the present moment by not indulging in the thoughts of the ego. All humans can benefit from it! Meditation is about being fully present in the here and now, without agonizing over the past or worrying about the future. We energetically release these thoughts during meditation, without judging the thoughts or ourselves for thinking them. Eventually, this skill becomes a habit, and we are living all of our moments fully present.

Spirituality is about exploring foreign topics, asking intimidating questions, and discovering answers that feel right to you. Begin the exploration here!

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Inspired?

Being Spiritually Inspired is about living your life with a personal connection to any force greater than yourself. It doesn’t matter what you call It (Universe, God, karma, Allah, reincarnation, etc.), as long as you acknowledge It. There is something out there beyond our control and comprehension, and yet It is dynamic and impacts our lives in fantastic ways. It is mystical, beautiful, unpredictable, infinite, and sacred.

These divine energies are within and around us every moment of every day. Being Spiritually Inspired means using your intuition to be aware of these energies at all times. They manifest themselves in ways that are marvelous, and we cannot afford to miss them. Think about all the gorgeous landscapes you’ve ever seen, or all the incredible people that you know, or all the love you have to give and receive. These are just a few examples of things that stir up transcendent powers, but there are countless more.

Being Spiritually Inspired is acknowledging that there is so much in the Universe that will never be explained by science. This is simple, yet profound. Understanding the delicate balance between the physical and spiritual planes means a life filled with wonder and abundance. One cannot exist without the other, and life as we know it could not exist without them both. So why not make each part of your daily life?

Being Spiritually Inspired is about drawing your emotions from a place of acceptance, peace, and bliss. Within each of us, there is a light that reflects our highest truth. If we choose to ignore it, our lives will never feel complete. There will always be a missing piece that we can’t quite figure out. But when we nourish our inner light, it grows brighter and brighter until our entire world is lit up and warmed from the inside out.

So, how does one nourish their inner light, exactly? How can we make the “spiritual plane” part of our daily lives, and what can it do for us? What if exploring our soul seems just too intense or weird? What does the rest of the world have to say about all this?