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5 Books I Can’t Stop Thinking About


Books for Spiritual Awakenings

I know so many of you modern mystics listening are also book lovers. We talk about books a lot in our Facebook group, which I love because:

  • The books people choose to read and recommend say a lot about them. 
  • I believe your reading list can never be too big. 
  • Books are a great way to tap into your intuition and, of course, expand your mind. No matter the story or subject! 

Books just resonate differently. Words on pages are the visual representation of the author’s heart. And I love the total sensory experience of reading. 

You see the words and the images in your mind’s eye, you can smell the parchment and feel it in your hands, you can hear the voices of characters or the narrator (literally or figuratively), and while you might not be tasting the books, perhaps you are getting a taste of the world in that story, or of what the book’s topic is. 

And books so often shake up my soul and stick around. Those are the books I’m always on the hunt for. While I’ll literally pick up any book and read it with a curious mind, not every single book gets recommended or even remembered. 

Book Recommendations

So today I wanted to share a few books I’ve read recently that I cannot stop thinking about. Because the information was invaluable, or because the story was so moving. 

I often get asked for book or resource recommendations on various topics. I’m always happy and eager to talk about books with anyone! But to make things a little more streamlined for passive listeners, I created a spiritual book list for you to peruse. 

If you go to spirituallyinspired.co/books, you will see two separate lists (assuming I get this done before this podcast episode comes out, of course). 

One list will be the books I’ve written! I’ve always known that part of my soul purpose was being an author, so you can see and read my heart-words there if you’d like. The other list on the page will be a list of books I recommend often to mystics. 

Pick only the books that resonate most with you! I’m going to be updating this list regularly, so be sure to bookmark and come back to it. I’m only going to add books I thought were magnificent. 

Let’s start today’s list with a nonfiction book. 


Quit by Annie Duke 

I highly recommend this book! And I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve heard about this one already. It’s blown up over the last year, and I can really see why. 

This book’s full title is Quit: The Power of Knowing When To Walk Away. This book was so validating for so many reasons. It’s all about the psychology behind decision making (which is Duke’s specialty) and how to actually achieve success through quitting. 

I’d say the main thesis of this book is something like: Knowing when to quit doing something involves being able to look into the future with an unbiased perspective and see if there will ever be a return on your investment. 

I don’t want to go too far into this one, because I’m actually planning a whole podcast episode around this idea of quitting and how it applies to spiritual/personal growth. It’s essentially another way of looking at how we “release” things on a spiritual level. So you’ll have to subscribe and stay tuned for that one. 

But I will say now that this book caused many lightbulbs to go off in my brain as I was reading it. Not only was I able to better reflect on certain decisions in my life (which allows me a new expansion opportunity), I was able to better reflect on certain decisions I’m currently facing. 

After reading this book, I realized there were certain things in my life that I needed to quit. And by quitting those things, I’m also starting new things that will actually succeed and serve my soul’s purpose. 

I recommend Quit by Annie Duke to everyone because it’s applicable to everything in our lives.


Hiring The Heavens by Jean Slatter

I love this little book. I have been telling all my clients about it since I randomly discovered it at the library a few months ago. It’s short and physically small, which means you can easily read it in one sitting and easily reference it again. 

The idea behind Hiring the Heavens is essentially a fresh take on a foundational spiritual concept. There are an infinite number of Spirit Guides and Angels on the Other Side just waiting to be called upon. That means, no matter what you need help with, there is a Spirit Guide on the Other Side who specifically specializes in that thing. All you have to do is “hire them” to join your Spirit Guide team. 

I absolutely adore this approach to working with Spirit Guides. It’s accessible because we all can understand how to hire someone. It’s not written in any jargon. There’s no complicated ritual to follow to do the spiritual hiring. The whole thing is uplifting, easy, effective, and totally magical. 

I recommend Hiring The Heavens by Jean Slater because it makes working with and invoking your Spirit Guides simple, which is brilliant for beginners and novices alike. 


Manifesting, Mindfulness, and Magic by Sara Rae Hoaglund

As I mentioned at the top of the episode, I am an author myself! And I recently published a new, beautiful book called Manifesting, Mindfulness, and Magic

This was a fun project because it’s the first time I created a color print edition. And my heart has been so full with all of you sending me pictures of your copy! Thank you so much to all who have already purchased it! 

If you have purchased it, I would greatly appreciate you leaving a positive review for it on the platform you purchased on. That helps please the algorithm gods so more modern mystics can discover it. Plus if you write something nice it will make me smile. 

My goal with this book was to help mystics infuse their everyday lives with spirituality. It covers everything from manifesting abundance, to transforming your mindset, to beginning meditation, to working with the moon phases, to discovering your soul purpose and self worth. 

You can purchase your copy directly on my website by going to spirituallyinspired.co/books or search it up on your preferred book retailer. 

10000 doors of january book review

10,000 Doors Of January by Alix E. Harrow

Let’s move on to two novels that are currently living in my head rent-free. This first one is in the magical realism genre. I don’t want to give too much away because reading is more fun when you go in blind. But I will tell you a little bit of the premise so you can decide if you’d enjoy it. 

January is the name of the main character. Her father works for a wealthy collector. He travels the world gathering unique artifacts for him while January lives under his roof. She’s raised in privilege and comfort, until she discovers a door to another world. You can say that discovery sparks a spiritual awakening for her because she goes on a tremendous journey that shatters all she believed to be true. 

This story eventually became a story within a story. And I’ve read a few books like this lately, so it must be a trendy thing. When the main character is reading a book and the reader gets to read the book as well. 

Essentially, it’s a book within a book. There are chapters where it’s the normal story, then there are chapters that are the book January is reading. It still reads smoothly overall and adds a whole new layer of depth to the story. 

If you love books about alternative worlds, secret agendas, high society, and even travel, you will love this book: 10,000 Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow. And that’s the number 10,000. 

daughter of the moon goddess book review

Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan

I had this audiobook on hold at the library for over two months before I could finally check it out. And it was certainly worth the wait! I simply could not put it down, and I live for those books that create obsession within me. 

Again, I’ll only provide the premise of the story so you can decide if you’d like to read it. The daughter is the main character. She is an immortal with magic who lives in the Celestial Realm. She, too, goes through an intense and sudden spiritual awakening that forces her to flee her home and conceal her identity from everyone. She has to start completely over at the very bottom, with nothing but her grit and all-consuming desire to save her mother. 

This story is exceptional, full of romance, mythology, magic, and bloodshed. One thing I truly appreciate about this book is the pacing of the story. Everything I just told you is revealed in the very first chapter. This is my preferred way to be led into a story. 

I love being dropped into the character’s life right before the inciting incident that sets the story in motion. That way you get a sense of context from the character’s viewpoint and an understanding of their background before the inevitable transformation of their story happens. 

Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan is my most recent beloved book because of the badass female main character, and the incredible journey so goes on. 

Thank you so much for reading. As you go on your way today, know that I’m sending you an abundance of love, light, and inspiration. Blessed be!


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