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5 Crystals for Prosperity

What is abundance and prosperity?

In a spiritual sense, abundance and prosperity describe states of being where we are not lacking anything we desire or need. Abundance is when we are receiving the many blessings of the Universe consistently. Not just cash, but abundance in its many forms. Prosperity is something every human deserves and can receive. 

In this blog post, I would love to share with you five of the best crystals for prosperity. Plus a bit about their individual meanings.

Your local new age or metaphysical store likely sells these crystals in their many varieties. If you aren’t able to go out shopping just yet, or you don’t live near a new age store, check out the Mythical Moon online store. They are outstanding and have many wonderful spiritual goodies.

Welcoming abundance into our lives happens when we raise our vibration to match that of abundance. As you all know, crystals help us change our vibration and adopt fresh energies into our own auras. So when we work with crystals that attract abundance, we are working to change our energy to attract abundance as well! 

Manifesting with the Law of Attraction is something everyone does constantly, whether or not it’s conscious. Whatever energy we are currently radiating is what will come back to us.

Deliberate manifesting is consciously shifting our energy and destroying old mindsets that no longer serve us. It really is easy to do-if we believe it is easy. 

In this blog post, I would love to share with you five of the best crystals for prosperity. Plus a little bit about their individual meanings.

Crystals for abundance

Any crystal that is yellow, green, or orange is an excellent choice for manifesting abundance. I picked these five specific ones as my favorite crystals for prosperity because of the similar qualities they share.

Each one has a way of bringing forth our best qualities so we can go out into the world with confidence and grace. 

The spiritual community also places a lot of emphasis on manifesting with these five specific crystals, making them even more effective in manifesting abundance. Collective knowledge and directed energy make a big difference! 

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Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold, is probably the best crystal choice for manifesting. It is number one on this list of crystals for prosperity for a reason! It naturally carries a high vibration, attracting plenty of abundance effortlessly.

The higher the vibration of a crystal (or of a person) the more pleasant their experiences and happier they are overall. That high vibrational state of being is sent back to us as abundance because of the Law of Attraction.

This golden crystal helps us overcome despair, anger, and other dark emotions weighing us down. Lower vibration emotions like these inhibit our ability to purposefully manifest prosperity.

If we want to attract wealth, we have to embrace higher vibration emotions like joy and fulfillment. Fool’s Gold to the rescue! 

Pyrite gives us a boost of self-confidence so we can take the world by storm. It rids us of the procrastination habit and replaces it with a strong sense of ambition. When we are more willing to put ourselves out there and do the work we’re meant to do, we will ultimately become more successful. Pyrite gives us a little shove in the right direction, and guides us to our own wealth by bringing out the desire to work for it. 


Citrine is such a fabulous crystal! Right after pyrite, citrine is a top choice for manifesting abundance. I mentioned in my post about crystals for meditation that citrine has a wonderful, radiant energy. This lighthearted vibration rubs off on us easily, cleansing our aura and leaving us feeling cheery.

I keep a tiny piece of citrine in my wallet, in that little zipper part where coins go, to help further instill my inner belief that I am attracting abundance into my life constantly. Thank you, Universe!

Its energy is very high and vibrant, it fills us with joy and gratitude–two things that really improve our manifesting efforts. Helps us envision our desires and get to the root of what we actually want in life.

Citrine is inherently prosperous and unlocks our own creative potential. Facilitates the transformation of dreams into reality. Similar to pyrite, citrine boosts our confidence and enthusiasm for life, which helps us take action towards our goals. Thus, making ourselves successful! 

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A gorgeous crystal to have and to hold, aventurine compliments the energy of citrine and pyrite perfectly. It carries a very positive and influential energy, urging us to become thoughtful leaders with valuable opinions. Helps us maintain optimism and enthusiasm, which will ultimately help us be abundant because we won’t ever give up or stop doing what we love. 

Aventurine promotes overall personal growth, which is useful in manifesting prosperity. Often, wanting to increase our wealth translates into growing as people.

If we keep doing the same thing we’ve always done, nothing will change. So when we grow and transform ourselves, our outside circumstances will change too. And aventurine will support us every step of the way. 

This is a stone of opportunity-meaning it opens our eyes to help us recognize opportunity, which is HUGE for manifesting abundance and welcoming in prosperity. Points out alternative possibilities so we can make informed decisions. 

Aventurine is very soothing and useful for relieving anxiety. The less anxious we feel, especially towards our financial situation, the easier it will be for us to feel like we already are abundant. 

A lovely crystal that comes in an array of colors. Green aventurine specifically is amazing for abundance and prosperity. Yellow aventurine is another great choice for attracting good fortune as it promotes joy and provides plenty of inspiration. 


Similar to citrine, sunstone is so bright and happy! I’m definitely reminded of the sun when I see it and feel its energy. Sunstone shows us just how magical and sweet life can be. And when we believe that life is good, life gets better. Thus, making us feel abundant and prosperous. The more abundant we feel on the inside, the more abundant we become on the outside. 

Brings light into all situations and areas of life, promoting a sense of optimism and excitement. Sunstone also strengthens our intuition and brings forth wisdom from our Higher Selves. We are all here for a special purpose that we decided before birth, and sunstone is here to remind us of our purpose. 

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Sunstone is very nurturing and can help pull us out of muggy mindsets. Abundance can never flow freely to us if we are stuck in depression or have poor mental health habits.

It rids us of many low vibration emotions and experiences, including codependency, possessiveness, failure, discrimination, being at a disadvantage, and even abandonment. When we heal these wounds, we are giving ourselves the power to make our futures so much brighter. 

This is an adorable crystal, and its energy promotes motivation, creativity, optimism, and confidence. It empowers us to embrace vitality and to bravely explore all the amazing choices we have in life. When we embody this kind of energy, we become a magnet for good fortune and infinite blessings. 

Tiger’s eye

Here we have a gem with infinite depth and beauty! Tiger’s eye is a lively stone of success and empowerment. Brings out integrity and a fighting spirit. It encourages us to take action with confidence. Helps focus the mind so we can think more clearly and act more mindfully (especially when it comes to taking action towards our goals). 

Tiger’s eye releases blocked creativity and issues revolving around self worth and self criticism. Overcoming these sorts of limiting beliefs really helps us to accept our share of the Universe’s abundance because we finally believe we are worthy and deserving, no matter what happened in the past. 

This stone comes in several lovely colors. Golden tiger’s eye is probably the most well known, and the best choice for manifesting prosperity. It helps us stand up for what we believe in, even in the face of adversity. Having the strength to keep going and never give up will always result in good things coming your way, i.e. abundance! 

In a spiritual sense, abundance and prosperity describe states of being where we are not lacking anything we desire or need. Abundance is when we are receiving the many blessings of the Universe consistently. Not just cash money, but abundance in its many forms. Prosperity is something every human deserves and is able to receive.

Crystals of abundance 

Remember, we do not need to have crystals in tow for the Law of Attraction to affect us. It is always affecting us. But having specific abundance crystals nearby helps us embrace prosperous energy, telling the Universe via the Law of Attraction to send us even more prosperity. 

These five crystals for prosperity all work really well together. Especially if paired with clear quartz, which amplifies the energies of all other crystals.

If you’re interested in learning more about how crystal energy works and how to incorporate crystal healing into your life, pick up a copy of my ebook Crystal Healing Crash Course for only $2.99 wherever ebooks are sold. I hope you’ve learned something new in this post. Thank you so much for reading and supporting!

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