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5 Lesser Known Manifesting Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

Manifesting Contradictions

Wish upon a star! Then take action. But don’t cling to any of it. Know exactly what you want to manifest. Be open minded. Stick to positive affirmations. Stop ignoring negative thoughts. There’s no “proof.” Yet there’s proof everywhere. 

There seems to be a lot manifesting contradictions. Have you noticed them? 

The biggest manifesting contradiction is the need to have a plan and take action on it while simultaneously letting go of wanting to achieve very specific outcomes. Which is challenging because we are also told to have a very clear vision of what we’re trying to manifest in the first place. 

It can all be quite confusing upon first glance. Many people out there are having the same conversations about the Law of Attraction over and over again, so it’s easy to think that we know all there is to know about it, then be discouraged because it doesn’t appear to be “working.” 

I became a manifesting coach to help people sort through this tangled web of information.

And through meeting so many beautiful modern mystics who have manifested incredible things, I’ve uncovered some lesser-known secrets to mindful manifesting that I won’t keep secret because I refuse to gatekeep information! 

This isn’t something I created from nothing and own the copyright to. This is Divine Truth, the Laws of how the Universe operates. I don’t claim ownership over it. You could channel this information too! Anyone could. Gatekeeping manifesting knowledge is an act rooted in scarcity. 

So today, I have five lesser-known manifesting tips that might just be the ah-ha moment you need in your manifesting journey right now.

Manifesting Tips

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that these five manifesting tips will blow your mind. Every time they get brought up in private sessions, live reiki shares, or anywhere else, people tell me that their mind is blown! 

Let’s dive right into the first, which I personally think has the most potential to change the way you manifest. 

Don’t get too ahead of yourself

Some of us are real visionaries. We can see the ultimate expression of our manifestations so clearly! And we have the drive, skill, and all the support we need to manifest the heck out of those big ass dreams.

The bigger we dream…the further away the dream appears. Which translates into feeling the need to make every action massive because there’s so much to do. 

But this is the whole premise of my new masterclass, Build Manifesting Momentum. We need to work up to that big vision in order to bring it closer…not overwhelm ourselves with trying to make it all happen at once. 

This is exasperated when you have a role model who’s living a similar life to what you want to manifest. You want to emulate them so you try to do everything they’re doing, but you’re in a different place on your journey so you can’t just pile on a bunch of brand new expectations for yourself without first building up to it. 

Be clear on your big vision. Stick to baby steps in the beginning. No need to overwhelm yourself with trying to do or change too much at once. Manifesting is much more effective with small, consistent steps than with periodic leaps. 

Don’t jump the manifesting gun. Know your vision will come true, but just do the minimum to get started right now. This is excellent for people who struggle to get started for any reason. Take the smallest baby step towards your vision. 

In the context of content creation: the first pieces of longform content you create will most certainly not be created in an efficient way, and that’s okay. Once you’re multiple years into your content marketing journey, you will have a totally different process than from those very first pieces. So keep your vision in your head but take baby steps.

I have five lesser-known manifesting tips that might just be the ah-ha moment you need in your manifesting journey right now.

Don’t try to manifest in a vacuum

We are humans dwelling in a conscious world. Everything we do creates a response from the Universe. Manifesting isn’t a one-person job! The Universe helps us, we do stuff, and other people out there are conduits, just as we are for them. The Universe is orchestrating all kinds of amazing things, using all kinds of people to work miracles. It works in mysterious ways, and we don’t really need to know much about these details. 

All we need to focus on is allowing the Universe to do Its divine orchestration. We do this by remembering we aren’t disconnected from any other living thing at all, that we are part of collective consciousness, that our manifestations affect other people’s manifestations, and certain things need to fall in line outside of our lives in order for our manifestations to happen. 

It’s kind of fun to think about how you may be inadvertently contributing to someone else manifesting their dream life. Sometimes we make purposeful contributions, but you never know what actions create which ripple effects. Which is why we practice mindfulness and returning to Love, Capital L, and being present. 

This is so much easier to remember when you’re actively part of a community. And when you have a manifesting coach holding space for you to work through your manifesting blocks on a regular basis. 

Clear physical clutter 

YES. Roll up your sleeves, crack open those stuffed closets, and get to digging. 

It’s really difficult to bring new things into your life when you’re holding onto stuff you don’t need. I mean this literally, in the most physical way.

You might not be trying to manifest more stuff necessarily, which is fine. What you’re trying to manifest is irrelevant for this manifesting tip. 

The more you’re able to clean out stuff you’re not using, or that represent unwanted memories, or things that have unsavory energy, the more room you create physically and energetically to bring in new things. 

The Universe cannot leave a void, so when space is created, it will get filled. That doesn’t mean you should go shopping after emptying out a closet. This means you should expect something new to come into your life (physical or not) once you clean out the closet. 

Seriously! Give it a try. You’ll be blown away by how much emotional tension is released when you get rid of shit. We all have a tendency to hang onto things we don’t need or even want. Believe that if you need something or want something, it will find you. So there’s no reason to hold onto those things now. 

Go all Marie Kondlio on your space if you must! Tosha Silver is another resource you can check out for this manifesting technique. 

Move your stuff, move the energy, move the Universe. Bing bang boom.

Pay attention to astrology

I’m not talking about your horoscope. I’m talking about the current cosmic cocktail that we’re all drinking up. 

Astrology is the divine study interpreting the placements of the planets in our solar system and reading the energy so we have a better understanding of the cosmic energies that influence all life here on Earth. At any given moment, all the planets and asteroids in our solar system are moving through a particular zodiac sign. And because they all orbit the Sun at different speeds, there’s always a unique blend of energies in the space we occupy. 

Astrology is a colossal topic to say the least. With many different facets and infinite layers to line up, astrology can get really complicated. 

But paying attention to the astrological influences that are happening right now can help us immensely on our spiritual awakenings. It helps us better understand why certain things are happening the way they are, why we are feeling a certain why, and what it means on a deeper level for our soul ascension. 

Astrology also gives us a starting point. If we have no idea what direction to go in, we can at least have a roadmap to follow to start to figure it out. 

I believe astrology is a fun and beautiful thing to incorporate into your spiritual toolbox. I don’t want anyone to be misinformed about what astrology is actually meant to be, or be overwhelmed by how much there is to learn in astrology. I just want people to get the astrological highlights so they can live more in touch with the Universe.

So every Monday I go live in our free Facebook group to talk through the current astrological influences and how YOU can apply them to your life in a practical way! No jargon, no overwhelm, just spiritual awesomeness.

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Live boldly in the pretend

If you don’t have toddlers in your life right now, you might not be aware of the animated show/cultural phenomenon known as Bluey. She’s a six year old blue heeler dog with the most incredible imagination. 

This show is truly a piece of art. I absolutely love it, and often choose to watch it even without my toddler daughter! 

The music on this show is remarkable. There’s one particular song that perfectly illustrates my final lesser known manifesting hack, and it’s called LIVE BOLDLY IN THE PRETEND. 

When you’re manifesting on purpose, you need to live boldly in the pretend. You need to tap into the future version of yourself that has manifested their dream life, and dwell in that energy. It may feel like “pretend” in your current state, but it’s not. It’s just a different energy.

It’s still you and your life, just a different version of you. Because space and time are illusions, tapping into “future” versions (or even past versions) of yourself helps you embody that energy now.

Thanks to the Law of Attraction, you’ll be able to manifest more quickly. This is an energy exchange technique that is totally safe and anyone can do it. Simply ask your guides to help you reach this other you so you can become One! Try it next time you’re visualizing your manifestation coming true.

So there ya go! That’s all five of my lesser-known manifesting tips/hacks/tricks. I hope at least one of them blew your mind enough to give it a try this week.


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