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5 More Of The Most Common Manifesting Blocks And How To Move Past Them


Manifesting Success

Psychology shows us that a person’s mindset, or their underlying beliefs about their own abilities, intelligence, past experiences, and more, significantly impacts their success in life. And not just in their careers, but in all areas of life: relationships, physical health, finances, recreation, fulfillment, community involvement, and of course spiritual growth. 

Read: science tells us, beyond a doubt, that your mindset WILL show itself CONSISTENTLY everywhere and anywhere you put your attention. For better or worse. 

If you have a shitty mindset, don’t be surprised if you feel like your life is shitty too. And I saw that with all the love and light I can muster. A tiny bit of tough love for those of us who need a nudge to make a change. 

Your mindset is one of the biggest contributing factors to your energy blueprint. Clients and long time listeners of this show know that the Universe responds to your energy blueprint (Law of Attraction). 

To change what you’re manifesting, you must change your energy blueprint. And the easiest way to start this work is through dismantling your mindset and completely rebuilding it. 

Our last post was part one to the top ten manifeting blocks. This post is part 2, where we tackle blocks around family judgment issues, lack of discipline, lack of balance, living in chronic anxiety, and flat out having no idea what your block even is. And by the end you’ll have more than enough tools to remove your biggest manifesting mindset blocks.

Family judgment issues 

This next one can be tough to talk about. Family judgment issues are so painful and widespread in our spiritual community. 

Specifically I feel it’s very common for mystical women to have husbands who are judgmental and rude towards their spiritual practices. 

Other times spouses are indifferent towards the practices and aren’t going through the same kind of spiritual awakening, so it feels like your energies are rapidly changing at an uneven rate. Which creates a block in our mindset. 

Some of us are surrounded by family members who make it very difficult to shift our energy to a much higher vibration because their influence can be so strong. This might be a spouse, parents, children, siblings, or anyone who “doesn’t get” the “spiritual stuff.” 

There might be rules in place that make us feel like we have to hide our spiritual awakening. There might be judgements or arguments that include belittling happening over spiritual topics. There might be belittlement happening, or unhealthy dynamics, or anything else that causes tension at home. 

These things are extra painful because they’re coming from people who are supposed to be our family. The unit in which we belong in and live with. What do we do when their energies do not align with ours? Or where we want our energy to be? This is a common block that new clients often bring to me. It’s heartbreaking to hear about sometimes, and it’s one of those blocks that feels very permanent to those who deal with it.  

Move past the roadblock of “family judgment issues” for manifesting

In some instances, it is probably best to go the open and honest communication route again with this one. The roadblock we’re really dealing with here is the violation of our boundaries. 

If you have someone in your life that really takes offense to your spirituality for whatever reason, I really encourage you to stand your ground. I want you to know and trust that what is unfolding is perfectly Divine and of pure love and light. Your Highest Good is being supported through your awakening, that you are free to love and accept yourself without anyone else’s permission, and you have the opportunity to reinforce your authentic self in the face of adversity. 

One of my favorite Taylor Swift lyrics is “people throw rocks at things that shine.” Take that to heart. 

Maybe these family judgment issues are a chance for you to choose yourself over someone else. Put yourself first. If you love you, you will always find someone else who loves you too. 

Lack of discipline and being consistent 

How often do you hear me talk about being consistent on this podcast? A lot right? Well, it’s a big struggle that a lot of us face. Including me! It’s such a challenge to hold yourself accountable, to develop discipline and to be consistent with things. 

Even the things we know are incredibly valuable to our health like exercise and meditation are extremely difficult to stay disciplined in. These things are extremely uncomfortable relative to the habits and patterns we’ve already developed. 

We want to be comfortable. This roadblock stems from this innate desire. I’ve talked about the importance of what I call “uncomfortability” in our growth before in episode 123. Discipline and consistency require uncomfortability too. 

I also had an entire episode about motivation and what to do when you’re completely unmotivated, which was episode 131. We all need help staying accountable and consistent. Building habits isn’t always easy, but it’s life changing. 

Move past the roadblock of “consistency” for manifesting

For the sake of time, I’m going to say that to move past these blocks, please go back and relisten to those two episodes I just mentioned, 123 and 131 because I will walk you through exactly what you need to do there. 

I felt called to make those two episodes because those were things I was struggling with personally. Consistency and discipline. And these are things I still struggle with. I don’t want to hide my truth and pretend I am a perfect example of a modern mystic. But now I know what I need to do to overcome these blocks, and I also know what it feels like when I do, so I can coach myself when needed and remind myself of the feeling I get when I “force” myself to be disciplined (which is way better than the feeling of being undisciplined). And sometimes, that’s what it takes to change your life for the better. 

No balance 

“Balance” is kind of a tricky concept, don’t you think? Maintaining balance is a major challenge. It seems like everyone on the internet is trying to find this elusive feeling of balance. Between work, life, family, hobbies, dreams, relaxation, and self care. “It’s all about finding a balance” is what all the experts out there are saying. 

And I think that’s a very valid thing to say. But I also think the word “balance” creates certain associations in our mind that are nearly impossible to achieve. Especially since life ebbs and flows so much, if we were always striving for balance, we would constantly be striving. Which is ultimately why this is one of the main blocks to manifesting your dream life. 

Balance is hard to maintain for everyone. All of us have a tendency to lean into one or two areas of life way more than the others (mostly because we feel very comfortable and competent there). Which will consistently tip the metaphorical scale of “balance.”

Whatever your job or career is, there are certainly slow seasons and busy seasons. Whatever your favorite hobbies are, there will be times throughout the year where you prioritize them more than others. And according to the experts talking about balance, we should always be striving for an even distribution of all the things in our lives. 

Which seems nice on paper. But have you ever tried to do that in practice? Yeah, doesn’t really work that way generally speaking. 

Move past the roadblock of “no balance” for manifesting

Instead of “balance,” let’s strive for “harmony.” I feel this leaves so much more room for those natural ebbs and flows of life. Work/life harmony feels much easier to achieve than work/life balance, or maybe that’s just me. 

There are seasons of life, and seasons of work, sometimes you’re more focused on life than work and vice versa, but at the end of the day, week or year, it all evens out when you strive for harmony. 

Also, remember the all important rule of moderation. If you strive for moderation, life feels more harmonious! If this is a block that resonates with you, look around at your life and see where there’s overindulgence. You might also see things in your life that get way too much of your attention, whether through “necessity” or habit. Everything in moderation, even our favorite things. 

5 of the most common manifesting blocks and how to remove them.

Living in fear & anxiety

Anxiety: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

Read: anxiety is mainly a debilitating fear of the future. 

And it fucking sucks. And many of us have chronic anxiety. Constantly fearing the future. Whether that be an hour from now, or ten years from now, or anywhere in between. 

Living in a constant or near-constant state of anxiety means that your brain is never not secreting stress hormones which include cortisol and adrenaline. These stress hormones prepare your body for action. They increase your heart rate, elevate blood pressure, and boost your energy levels, all in preparation for responding to a potential threat.

Anxiety often involves a cycle of negative thinking, what we would call “spirals.” What’s more stressful than constantly feeling stressed? Then you start getting stressed about the fact that you’re always stressed. Which makes anxiety worse because the stress hormones make it very difficult to think clearly. Then you start stressing about the fact that you’re having a hard time functioning in your daily life because of the constant flow of stress hormones. Which is just more stressful. And no one can manifest their dream lives in this state. 

Is this the way it has to be?!? Nope. This block can be dismantled just the same as all the others. 

Move past the roadblock of “anxiety” for manifesting

There is a LOT to unpack with this block. And I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I have the perfect solution to “curing” anxiety. There are a lot of factors at play with this level of anxiousness. 

But I will say that overcoming chronic anxiety will take dedication, and one of the best ways to start is identifying and minimizing sources of stress in your life wherever possible, as much as possible. And being kind to yourself. 

In an overly anxious state, formal meditation and mindfulness practices may be nearly impossible. So once you’ve removed as much outside stimulation and stressors as you can, find an activity that allows your mind to focus on something OTHER than your thoughts. This will help you realize that your thoughts are within your control, and you can choose which thoughts to give your valuable attention. 

Not sure 

And finally, we come to the last block we’re going to talk about in this episode today, which is NOT KNOWING WHAT THE BLOCK IS.

Just drawing a big ole’ blank. 

I secretly get a little excited when someone tells me they don’t know what their block is. Because I know they’re about to embark on an incredible journey of self discovery! 

And that’s because this block mainly comes from insufficient self awareness and self reflection. It’s no one’s fault, and it’s not a bad thing. It just is what it is. We meet ourselves where we are. 

This block might also happen when we become overly identified with the ego (potentially through lack of mindfulness practices). Blocks are just psychological patterns that are deeply programmed in our mind and body. If you’re not sure what your block is, you’re not aware of the programs you’ve installed through repetition. Again, it’s no one’s fault, and it’s not a bad thing. It just is what it is. We meet ourselves where we are. 

Saying you’re not sure what your block is a bit like being unsure what the weather is outside when you’ve been sitting inside a windowless room all day. All you know is what’s in the room around you, and you have to intentionally seek the world outside the room to gain a wider perspective. 

I wish everyone had the skill of nonjudgmental self reflection. I don’t think we’d be so intolerant of personal growth as a collective if more people learned from a young age how to reflect nonjudgmentally. That’s the keyword–nonjudgmentally. 

Move past the roadblock of “not sure” for manifesting

Start with mindfulness. It will teach you how to become self aware, and how to reflect nonjudgmentally. It will show you how there’s this deeper side of yourself, connected to a Greater Universe, that is limitless. Through consistent practice whatever is blocking your path will become clear. And it will probably end up being one of the blocks in this episode, or in part 1. 

Look for patterns in your life, consistencies that can point to psychological beliefs and habits that are creating similar circumstances over and over again. For example, are all your ex romantic partners similar in personality? Have all your workplaces been toxic in the same ways? How is history repeating itself in your life?

Once those patterns are identified it will be so much easier to break the pattern for good. 

Thank you so much for reading, and as you go on your way today, know that I’m sending you an abundance of love, light, and inspiration. Blessed be!


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