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5 Tarot Card Reading Myths


Accurate Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card reading comes with a lot of myths that only hinder your ability to use the cards as a powerful divination tool.

This post is all about busting common tarot MYTHS that are holding you back from your tarot card reading potential. I have five specific things I want to talk about with you, heart to heart, so that you feel ready to read your cards intuitively, accurately, and with more fun.

Myth #1: Tarot cards are evil 

This is a myth because evil is a relative term. Morals, ethics, and values are subjective. If the cards don’t feel evil to you, then they are not. Nothing can be judged as evil or good unless you decide to label it that way. 

One of my clients and good friends loves getting her cards read. She completely understands the value of a tarot card reading.

She will bounce around to different readers, some she knows and some she doesn’t, and she also loves following readers on social media that share group readings, and she tells me they always show up exactly at the right time with the exact right messages she needs to hear. 

She also joins the weekly group readings I do on social media via our free Facebook group, and she kindly tells me how much they resonate with her. 

I once asked her privately why she doesn’t pick up her own cards and read for herself more?

She confessed that she didn’t own a deck of cards, tarot or oracle. Which genuinely surprised me! She always seems excited and enthusiastic when card reading is involved. 

She told me that she just couldn’t bring herself to actually pick up or touch divination cards because there was something deep down inside of her that continued to tell her the lie that the cards are evil. 

She loved them enough to trust their messages, but perhaps didn’t trust herself enough to receive the messages in her own way. 

Tarot card reading is about bringing Spirit or God closer to you. It’s a way to hear Spirit directly. And some of us have been told repeatedly that to communicate so closely with Spirit is inherently evil. 

The people who dubbed tarot as evil in the 17th century had a goal of bringing God further away from the common people. They didn’t want everyone to realize the empowerment and ease of receiving your own messages from God at any moment in time. 

If they convince everyone that only special people with unique powers have this ability, it raises their position in the hierarchy of society. 

I’m not saying that people who may have told you in the past that tarot cards are evil think they’re better than you. What I’m saying is that this collective belief that tarot is evil is rooted in the obscure idea that only a select group of people have access to God. Which is simply a LIE. 

And the tarot proves this. The tarot proves that anyone can talk to God, or reach out to Spirit, at any time, and they will get an answer. Guaranteed. 

Myth #2: You can’t read your own cards (or acquire your own deck). 

This myth is old and tired and it’s time to ditch it for good. It doesn’t appear as common as it once was. It’s thought that if you read your own cards, your own biases will get in the way of the Divine messages. If we follow this logic, then we also shouldn’t be giving ourselves reiki, or building crystal grids for ourselves, or choreograph our own yoga sequences. 

To me, the main purpose of reading tarot cards is to learn to channel messages from the Divine, which means learning to set aside biases in order to hear Spirit clearly. 

Self reading and self healing are extremely important and personal spiritual practices that I encourage all of you to engage in. I also encourage all of you to experience healing and readings from someone else, as an outside perspective is invaluable. Both self healing and receiving healing from someone else are powerful. It’s a balance! 

I talked a little bit more about why this myth isn’t true in the previous episode about connecting with your soulmate deck. If this is something you’re stuck on right now, put that episode in your queue right now to listen to next! Click here to find the Spiritually Inspired podcast on your favorite podcast app.

Learn tarot card reading without memorizing anything.

Myth #3: In order to read the cards accurately, you have to memorize all their meanings

This is A HUGE MYTH that held me back for years. And I’ve seen it hold back my clients too. I just talked about this in depth in episode 147, but it’s so important that I felt the need to say it again. 

If you want to do tarot card reading, please do not feel obligated to memorize anything. 

Trust me, I make no effort to memorize anything ever. Because I know the more I work with it the more I will understand it. I don’t want to force it. I’ve been reading cards professionally for years and I still would not say I “know” the meaning of each card, because I read cards intuitively. 

I think it’s important to get familiar with the subject, read the guidebooks, understand what the tool is and how to use it. 

But it’s intended to be an intuition boosting activity. Every time you pull out your deck, it’s about communicating with Spirit, which requires you to work out your psychic muscles. You don’t pull tarot cards like flash cards, trying to remember their meaning without “cheating.”

There is no cheating in card reading. There is only divination! 

Myth #4: The “bad” cards and the tarot’s overall reputation to be negative

The “bad” cards – Death, Swords, Hanged Man, etc. Again, it’s all relative! The tarot overall has a reputation of “doom and gloom,” and even more so with specific cards and suits. 

There’s no doubt that the tarot points out difficult and unpleasant things on a regular basis. That’s because sometimes Spirit has a tough-love type of message to give to you.  

The whole purpose is to help you grow and expand from a place of love and light. And thanks to the LOA, it’s literally impossible for you to experience anything in your life that isn’t already a vibrational match for you. 

That means, whatever message those cards have for you, “good” or “bad,” you are ready to receive it. On some level, you probably already know the message to be true. That’s the truth of the tarot, it highlights all of these expansion opportunities so you can focus your healing attention on those areas. 

Myth #5: Organized spreads are required each time

Organized spreads are necessary for an insightful reading – First off, a card spread refers to the cards we pull as a whole. Some people read tarot through detailed spreads that make elaborate shapes. 

Each portion of the spread represents a different question, relative to the person who is receiving the reading. They might form a circle, or a cross, or a diagonal line. 

If you search tarot spread on pinterest, you’ll get tons of visual results back of different shapes and prompts you can use when you want to communicate with Spirit through pulling cards. 

My argument is that you don’t NEED these spreads. You can do tarot reading completely freeform, following your own set of rules. I think those spreads are a lot of fun and indeed insightful, and again I encourage you to use them, but without the pressure of needing your card pulls to be that elaborate and in depth every single time. 

If I’m pulling cards for simple day-to-day guidance, I’ll just pull one or two and receive a general message. When I pull for clients, especially if it’s our first reading together, I like to pull one or two cards that represent them before moving onto either specific questions or a more “general” reading. 

The key to intuitive tarot reading is to pull the cards and lay the cards in your own way. And the best way to figure that out is through practice and experimentation. Happy tarot reading!


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