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Abundance Meditation

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Guided Meditation for Abundance

A guided abundance meditation. Find a comfortable position where your breath can flow easily and freely, in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted. Close your eyes, and allow the thoughts to float away. In each moment of silence, allow these words to sink into your heart and soul.

Let go of any preconceived notions you are carrying, and open yourself up to a new way of thinking. The theme of this meditation is abundance, and how you can live abundantly.

What is the spiritual meaning of abundance? And why does abundance seem so hard to come by? Our society has trained us to believe we must always be working for our wealth, that we all have to “pay our dues” in order to succeed and be well-off. 

But what if I told you that this belief is an illusion, keeping you from fulfilling your potential? What if you didn’t have to worry about not having enough? How would life be different if you truly believed that you lived abundantly?

Abundance is a singular word that describes an infinite amount of blessings. Being abundant means all of your needs are met, and even exceeded, consistently, effortlessly, with the help of the Divine Universe. 

A simple abundance meditation to help you welcome in blessings from the Universe. Learn what abundance means, and how anyone can live an abundant life.

Abundance Meditation YouTube

Take a moment to let go of any tension that has come into your body. Tight muscles could be a sign of resistance. Releasing the tight muscles will help your mind release resistance, too. 

Living abundantly means having trust that you will always have more than enough, and that miracles are always working their way towards you. 

Having an abundance mindset is a choice that takes your life and your spirituality to a whole new level. We maintain our drive to work hard for what we have, while also believing that the Universe is on our side and wants us to succeed. 

Manifesting abundance isn’t about wishing, and letting go, and not doing anything else. Manifesting abundance is knowing you are worthy of the abundance and manifesting on your own.

It’s about knowing that you have the power to work towards what you want, and that you deserve to have what you want and what you need. Regardless of what that is right now.  

A simple abundance meditation to help you welcome in blessings from the Universe. Learn what abundance means, and how anyone can live an abundant life.

Meditation for Prosperity

Take slow, deliberate breaths as you open yourself up to receive abundance from the Universe. Imagine abundance is washing over you, coming into your life from all angles, in all different ways. There is more than enough abundance to go around for everyone on Earth. Accept your share by welcoming more blessings and flexibility into your life.  

Abundance is our birthright. Abundance is everyone’s birthright. We can allow ourselves to become open channels of blessings and miracles by knowing what we want, but being flexible about how we get it.

Your abundance does not take away from anyone else’s abundance because we are all worthy of blessings from the Universe. The Universe wants us all to succeed, and the Universe wants to give us those blessings, but it is up to us to accept them. 

Abundance isn’t just about having cash in the bank. Abundance is what we manifest when we truly believe in our hearts that we are worthy of all the things we want and need in life, no matter who we are, no matter where we came from, no matter what we’ve done. In the eyes of the Universe, in the eyes of God, we are worthy of having our needs met. 

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Manifest Prosperity Meditation

Abundance is having all our needs met continuously, effortless, with the Divine help of the Universe. Continue your deep breathing as these new thoughts settle into your heart and your soul. 

Money, abundance, and spirituality are definitely not mutually exclusive. We can be highly spiritual beings while also being prosperous and wealthy. Everyone has the right to a comfortable life filled with blessings in all forms. And that includes you!

Do you feel uncomfortable around the topic of money and wealth? How does this resistance affect your daily life? The Universe doesn’t want you to purposefully deny yourself wealth and prosperity. It doesn’t work on a pass-or-fail system. The Universe wants you to thrive, and It is ready to give you many, many wonderful gifts. All you have to do is open your mind, heart, and eyes, and accept the gifts graciously. 

Take another breath to let go of any tension or resistance that has returned into your body and mind. Cultivating an abundance mindset requires deep reflection on your own beliefs surrounding wealth and prosperity. Whatever beliefs you currently hold, bravely challenge them. 

Guided Meditation to Manifest Abundance

If you believe that money is inherently evil, ask yourself why? If you believe money is hard to come by, ask yourself if that’s really true? Review your habits around money, your line of thinking around money, and reflect on whether or not you treat money with distaste or with gratitude. 

While reviewing these beliefs, remember that abundance isn’t just about money. It’s about the many other blessings of the Universe. 

Consider how money is a physical tool that allows us to function easily in our society. Think about how your money is in your control, both how you spend and how you earn. Believe in your ability to live abundantly, and you will begin to rethink how you work towards what you need. 

You may be more welcome to receive gifts from other people. You may not be in such a rush to spend what you have. You may look around at your life and be a little more grateful when you realize that you already have so many abundant blessings in your life. 

Abundant Success Meditation

Now is the time to retrain your brain to believe that you are worthy of easily acquired blessings. Believe that you have a job to do, and that job includes co-creating your abundance with the Universe.

You’ve let the Universe know exactly what you need and what you want, and together, you go and create it. Take the next minute to recite this simple affirmation quietly to yourself: abundance is my natural state. 

I hope you enjoyed this guided meditation for abundance. Please remember to visit my YouTube channel for even more guided meditation classes.


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