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April Monthly Astrology 2022


Monthly Astrology for April

This monthly astrology will be challenging our trust, persistence, and foundations quite a bit. Mostly because we aren’t going to be seeing a lot of immediate fruits of our labors, at least not until the end of the month.

This month’s themes are revolution, exploration, and faith. New opportunities and initiatives are boundless right now. Part of it is the change of season, part of it is the double new moon (with an eclipse), and part of it is all the dreamy energy being combined with driven energy. 

Get yourself prepared for new ideas and directions by embracing a curious mindset.

Take advantage of April’s excellent manifesting energies by staying true to your most valued intention, while being open to different pathways. 

By the time the end of the month rolls around, we’re going to be reexamining everything anyway. So getting attached to one specific way of doing things won’t serve you very well. 

There’s a strong itch to get things done. Take the path of least resistance. Work around whatever is standing in your way. 

As the major planets are shifting signs and dancing with each other throughout the month, consider how these energies, however subtle, are playing out for you. They are highlighting certain areas of your life and personality that could use some TLC.

But, I also like to put a positive spin on astrology because it’s not all doom and gloom (not even close). There’s a tremendous opportunity to see how far we’ve come this month. 

Reflection doesn’t automatically mean re-doing. Considering what has worked well so far is equally as important as what hasn’t worked well. Embrace more of what does work and less of what doesn’t. 

Take advantage of April’s excellent manifesting energies by staying true to your most valued intention, while being open to different pathways. 

New Moon in Aries

This month starts off with a fiery New Moon right on April 1st! And it’s on a Friday. Could we ask for a better, cosmic alignment for fresh starts? 

Aries loves a New Moon. Because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it compliments the start of the lunar cycle perfectly. Last month’s new moon in Pisces was all about dreaming. This new moon in Aries is all about doing. 

Take some time to formulate a plan. Consider listening to my recent podcast episode about the manifesting phases in order to do this in alignment with the Law of Attraction. Don’t ever be afraid to dream big and consider your life in the long-term. 

Resist the urge to spring into action without having done the work beforehand. Aries can be impulsive, and it’s important to trust your intuitive guidance. At the very least, get clear on what your desired end result is before taking any action. 

Be courageous! Not just in your actions and in your planning, but also in your beliefs. Think about the lessons you’ve learned from working through past pain. How are those lessons serving you now? 

This is your cosmic green light to finally get started on that incredible project that your heart keeps whispering about. No looking back! Dive in, embrace enthusiasm, and remember that “good enough” will take you much further than perfectionism. 

Take advantage of April’s excellent manifesting energies by staying true to your most valued intention, while being open to different pathways. 
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Venus Enters Pisces

On April 5, seductive Venus enters compassionate Pisces. We might as well be walking around with little cartoon hearts floating above our heads. Romance is running high now! 

And it’s not just any kind of romance. It’s dreamy, creative, unselfish, and wise. This isn’t “love at first sight,” but rather “love at first intuitive connection.” Love is blind, especially as the planet of love moves through the sign of the imagination. 

Be careful not to fall into the trap of romanticizing toxic behavior, or deciding that someone (or your relationship with someone) should look/feel different than it does. 

There’s no need to build walls up around your emotions, but do protect yourself from people who might take advantage of your loving nature right now. 

What makes Venus in Pisces beautiful is its accepting nature. There’s so much trust and comfortability in our relationships now. We don’t need our loved ones to be anyone other than they are in order to build intimacy with them. 

Your relationships are being tested with some harsh truths being revealed. As an active participant in any mature relationship, it’s your responsibility (and honor) to overcome these challenges. There is always the option to grow and learn together. 

Mercury Enters Taurus

Roll up your sleeves, and get ready to put in a lot of hard work. Committed Mercury moves into nurturing Taurus on April 10 (until April 29). Whatever we focus our attention on now will greatly benefit, in the long run that is. 

We might not see any immediate success or changes–don’t let that discourage you. Continue to focus on your most important intention, and trust that your hard work will pay off 100-fold in the near future. 

Learn to love the process. Pursuing a goal or intention isn’t always about the end result, even if that is a big motivating factor. The pursuit of our dreams is more about the process than anything else. 

If you can learn to love the process, failure ceases to exist. You’ll learn better by doing rather than being. 

What you’re creating now will be very strong and stable! And a strong foundation will never be built overnight. That doesn’t mean you need to go at a snail’s pace. Shift your mindset from “chasing a goal” to “learning the process.” You’ll get better as you go along, and you’ll move faster once you start gaining momentum. 

Take advantage of April’s excellent manifesting energies by staying true to your most valued intention, while being open to different pathways. 

Mars Enters Pisces

Drive and dreams collide! Can they coexist in your world? Ambitious Mars moving into dreamy Pisces poses this question. On and around April 14, we’re going to be feeling pulled in a few different, seemingly opposite, directions. 

There’s so much potential for inspiration and fulfillment. Also feeling ungrounded and needing to cope. We’re not exactly in the mood for direct communication and action taking right now, even though we are intuitively aware of our endless potential. 

Luckily, Mars in Pisces reminds us that we can be “gently driven.” There’s no need to barrel through life in order to get to where we want to be. 

When we take a more passive approach, we have the opportunity to be more observant and trusting. It will be easier to pick out any snags in the plan and rework them. 

Grounding is important right now as this fiery planet moves through this sign of water. Stay present, allow your emotions to flow through you freely, and know that you don’t have to do things the way others have done them. 

What if you carved your own path? What if you completely surrendered to the journey? What if you allowed your intuition to guide you completely? What would happen if you rewrote the rules? 

Libra Full Moon

Relationships are the focus of this beautiful Libra full moon on April 16. Libra is ruled by Venus, and loves all things pretty, exquisite, and glamorous. Now is the time to gussy up, get seductive, and take a long hard look at your relationships. 

Start with the relationship with yourself. Are you doing enough just for yourself? How well are you taking care of yourself? Aside from the typical “self care.” Treat yourself with respect. Feed yourself well, nourish your soul, and set boundaries. 

Any lack of boundaries will become abundantly clear during this full moon. Give yourself the gift of boundaries, enforce them out of respect for yourself. Putting others’ needs before yours does not serve you, I promise. 

Look within your relationships, take notice of what patterns and attitudes are becoming a hindrance. All relationships are meant to serve us in some way. But only you can know, and decide, when a relationship has run its course. 

Now is a great time to let relationships come to a natural end. Or, let a specific stage of a relationship come to an end so it can evolve to the next stage. Letting go of what doesn’t serve us doesn’t necessarily have to mean cutting people out completely. It might mean leaving behind things that weren’t helping the relationship grow. 

Sun in Taurus

Headstrong Taurus coming through! On April 19, the Sun will move into the Sign of Taurus, marking the start of Taurus season. You might not think of Taurus as “sensual,” but it certainly can be! Why not play around with that energy?

Taurus sensuality tends to be a lot more grounded than the sensuality of Libra.It’s more like a desire to foster emotional connection. Taurus is fiercely loyal and selfless. 

While the Sun moves through Taurus, take all the time you need to nurture your most important relationships and projects. Consider what you can do to go the extra mile and develop more pleasure in the little things. 

Taurus is unwavering. It doesn’t easily change its mind, and it loves playing devil’s advocate. The intense determination felt by Taurus might make it seem immovable as a mountain. Use this energy to make great strides towards your spring intentions. 

Mercury Enters Gemini

Our words have such an impact on others around us, and on our own reality. Talkative Mercury enters sociable Gemini on April 29. These energies jive together! It’s a great time to create more conversations. 

Whatever you feel most passionate about, whatever is on your mind, whatever you enjoy chatting about, do that over the next few weeks. Whether you’re introverted or extraverted, get out and get social. Find people with like interests and talk their ears off! They’ll happily listen and reciprocate now. 

And maybe you have another way you love expressing yourself. Dabble in that too! Mercury in Gemini loves expression, especially the side of ourselves that doesn’t normally get expressed. Or our unpopular opinions. 

Remember that words can bite if you’re not careful. And not every opinion needs to be voiced the exact moment it reveals itself. Be tactful with your communication. 

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

For the third year in a row, Pluto’s retrograde is in the driven sign of Capricorn. From April 29-October 8, we will be testing the strength of all the things we’ve built recently. Both as individuals, as families, as places of business, and as a collective. 

Last month we talked at length about the USA’s Pluto return, which is happening for the next few years. So these themes of rebuilding financial foundations are playing out on a big scale. But, they will be subtle. 

During this time, pay close attention to how you’re giving away your power, especially to institutions and to money. “The system isn’t fair, money keeps me from doing what I want to do.” These sorts of thought patterns keep you from taking responsibility for the direction of your life. 

Retrogrades are a time of reflection. Don’t forget to look back on how far you’ve come: financially, in your career, in your personal life, and any other areas that are prevalent now. 

The cycles will continue, and it will be empowering during the midst of change to realize how much change you’ve already endured. 

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

What?! Another new moon this month? This is why April 2022 is such a fantastic time for manifesting! We’re planting even more seeds, and their potency is intensified by the eclipse. And Taurus is all about nurturing. 

This truly is one of the best times of year to brush up on your manifesting skills. Lot’s of my recent podcast episodes have been about manifesting, so take a listen to learn and review.

You can also book a private manifesting session with me if you need some personalized guidance!

For this New Moon Solar Eclipse In Taurus, it’s time to embrace unwavering optimism. Believe in your heart that you can and will achieve your biggest desire! Jupiter is quite active on this day as well, so our hope is expanding faster and further than what might have previously seemed possible. 

Eclipses are always a bit intense. Accelerated soul expansion is causing new waves of spiritual awakenings. Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly inspired and get very clear messages on what to manifest next. 

This eclipse is kicking off our annual “eclipse season.” So buckle up and get ready for an immense amount of growth and manifesting power! 


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