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Calcite Meaning

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Calcite: Positive & Motivating

Calcite is a beautiful and handy healing crystal! Upon first glance it might seem plain and unexciting, especially when compared to other fancy crystals. But there is so much more to calcite than what meets the physical eyes.

Similar to quartz, calcite is one of the most abundant crystals on Earth, both in quantity and in variations. This is a powerful cleansing crystal, and it leaves a sense of serenity in its wake.

I absolutely adore calcite–I love the assortment of colors and its versatility. Almost every color of calcite makes an appearance in my personal collection. Still need clear calcite to complete the rainbow.

Between you and me, blue calcite is my favorite! Its color reminds me of the bright, summer sky being reflected on the ocean.

This blog post will go more in depth about the general healing properties of the glorious calcite crystal, as well as the specialty energies associated with each of its color variations.

Calcite is a positive & motivating healing crystal! Learn all about the magic of calcite, as well as its magical color variations in this blog post. #calcitemeaning #positiveenergy #crystalenergy #crystalsfordays #crystalhealer #crystalvibes #energyhealer #crystalpower

Calcite Healing Properties

Calcite makes a great go-to crystal, especially for beginners. Its energy is well-rounded and offers a variety of healing benefits.

All calcite has strong, active energy. It banishes laziness by boosting motivation, helping us to take action on our goals and get things done. This stone would be right at home in an office setting, especially if paired with pyrite.

Emotional intelligence describes how well our emotions and intellect work together in harmony. Calcite helps strengthen this connection by alleviating stress, stabilizing our mood, and uncovering repressed emotions. It also helps us gain more control over the flow of thoughts and ideas.

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Beyond emotional intelligence, calcite helps strengthen our connection to our Higher Self (the part of your soul that is most closely connected to the Universe).

This, in turn, heightens all of our psychic abilities including intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, astral projection, and channeling. Plus more!

Calcite comes in a rainbow of colors, which is why it’s so fantastic at clearing out the energy in our bodies. All layers of the aura are tended to with just one cleansing stone.

Each color of calcite crystal can work to open up the same colored chakra. Apart from this, the colors offer their own spin on calcite energy. Below is more detailed information regarding different calcite colors:

1. Black Calcite

Associated with the root chakra around the pelvis. Also called Master Shamanite, black calcite has dense, protective energy. Useful in preventing psychic attack–when someone else deliberately sends you negative energy. Anchors all spiritual energy into our bodies. Commonly used by shamans for journeying and connecting with ancient ancestors.

2. Red Calcite

Associated with the root chakra at the base of our spine. Red calcite brings strong, vigorous energy that aids willpower. Also alleviates emotional overwhelm. Reveals core beliefs relating to scarcity, safety, and security. Reignites a passion to experience life and chase our desires. Can strengthen our physical connection with Earth by grounding our energy.

3. Orange Calcite

Associated with the sacral chakra just below the belly button. Orange calcite can help us overcome fears and traumas related to sexuality. Likewise, it can help release any stuck emotion, instilling hope. Enhances creativity, self esteem, and combats depression. Can also help alleviate ailments related to food and the digestive tract.

Calcite is a positive & motivating healing crystal! Learn all about the magic of calcite, as well as its magical color variations in this blog post. #calcite #calcitecrystal #bluecalcite #redcalcite #orangecalcite #yellowcalcite #greencalcite #clearcalcite #blackcalcite #shaman

4. Yellow Calcite

Associated with the solar plexus chakra just above the belly button. Yellow calcite is extra positive, joyful, and energizing. This is a crystal of personal power and optimism. Gives us a boost of confidence. Helps us pinpoint who we want to be in this life, then encourages us to live as that person no matter what.

5. Green Calcite

Associated with the heart chakra in the middle of the chest. Green calcite has a gentle loving energy. Very skilled in uncovering repressed emotions. Can help keep emotions balanced when dealing with a change of heart. Helps us process major life changes, particularly in our romantic relationships. Encourages forgiveness, kindness, and understanding. 

6. Blue Calcite

Associated with the throat chakra located around the jugular notch. Blue calcite improves our communication skills in our work and relationships. Can help develop a spiritually inspired career and/or business quickly. Calming, peaceful, and hopeful, blue calcite helps us connect with our muse so we can fully express ourselves creatively. 

7. Clear Calcite

Associated with both the third eye and crown chakras. Clear calcite is a stone of new beginnings and epiphanies. It facilitates energetic connection with the Divine and our Spirit Guides. Cleanses and unites all the chakras together. Helps us discover our spiritual truth through deep soul healing. 

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Calcite is a positive & motivating healing crystal! Learn all about the magic of calcite, as well as its magical color variations in this blog post. #calcitehealingproperties #calcitehealingcrystals #rawcrystals #greencalcite #bluecalcite #redcalcite #yellowcalcite #crystaljunkie #energyhealing #chakras

Calcite Uses

For physical healing, calcite works to improve the function of the elimination organs. These include the liver, kidneys, intestines, pancreas, bowel, and bladder. As mentioned above, certain colored calcite crystals can help heal even more specific organs. 

This crystal could also be used to treat the respiratory system and skin conditions. It’s especially helpful for removing warts and the like. Additionally, calcite could aid in improving the health of our arteries and our blood (green calcite in particular).

Calcite promotes overall good health by clearing out icky energy trapped in our auras and bodies. Bonding with calcite can bring a generous dose of positive energy into our lives.

Calcite is a positive & motivating healing crystal! Learn all about the magic of calcite, as well as its magical color variations in this blog post. #spirituallyinspired #calcite #calcitecrystal #calcitehealingcrystal #positiveenergy #crystals #crystallove

No matter our age (child or adult), calcite boosts physical, spiritual, and personal development. So this is a good choice for aiding the development and growth of children, even if they are not yet born. 

During meditation, calcite can heighten our self awareness and relax our thoughts. Because it enhances our intuition, calcite can help us sort through the insight we receive, determining which information is the most valuable. 

Whatever type of energy you’re needing, calcite can provide it for you. Relaxation, emotional balance, vitality, purpose, compassion, persistence, confidence, power, optimism, insight, stress relief, anger management, transformation, and positivity are all linked to calcite. 

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Calcite Physical Traits and History

The texture of calcite is kind of waxy, almost glossy. It’s very smooth and silky to the touch. Calcite colors are pastel and translucent. Sometimes it’s fluorescent, depending on the variety. Pure, clear calcite is often filled with glorious rainbows! 

On the Mohs hardness scale, calcite measures a three which means it is pretty soft and relatively easy to scratch like malachite. 

Calcite is abundant on Earth, and serves as the basis of limestone, marble, and cement. It is a calcium carbonate, which has been crystallized in hexagonal form.*

Calcite can be found within other minerals, too. For example, ruby zoisite has flecks of white calcite between the ruby and the zoisite.

Egg shells, coral and pearls also contain forms of calcite. Most invertebrates use calcite in their shells and the hard parts of their bodies for protection.*

It occurs naturally as a crystal on every continent, and can be formed under a wide range of conditions. From hot springs, to underground caverns, to being completely submerged in water. Calcite is resilient and imperative to Earth’s many ecosystems.*

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Calcite is a positive & motivating healing crystal! Learn all about the magic of calcite, as well as its magical color variations in this blog post. #greencalcite #redcalcite #orangecalcite #bluecalcite

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’ve learned something new about calcite. Please feel free to share this post with all your crystal loving friends. Namaste!

Created by Sara Rae Hoaglund. All rights reserved.
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