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How To Change The World

It All Starts With Us

So, you want to change the world? Might seem a little idealistic to some, especially given the current state of things. But you and I know deep down that peace is possible. Inevitable even. We know that everybody has the power to make things better for everyone else.

And millions of people around the globe dream of making a difference–people that feel compelled to help others live in love and light. People like YOU!

“A Lightworker is someone who makes a conscious decision to endeavor to answer the call of Source (light) over the call of the ego (fear). Someone who wholeheartedly makes the decision to make the world a brighter place by them being in it.”

Rebecca Campbell *

If you really want to change the world, then you must realize that we are all a team here, and that it takes a joint effort to succeed. Humanity needs to operate as a collective in order for us to truly progress forward.

People are naturally social and have deep desires to be part of a collective, to have a sense of belonging. Once we turn stop focusing on service to self and focus on service to others instead, the world becomes a much more enjoyable place to be. 

It all starts with us. One single person can have just as much impact as a whole movement of people.

We don’t need to participate in dangerous protests, or work our tails off to publish news stories, or try to convince others of our beliefs to change the world.

Ever wondered how you could change the world? As a lightworker, you have the privilege of helping humanity move towards a brighter future. Learn how!

How To Be A Lightworker

Understand that we are all connected, and at the core of everything is love. Be kind. Always choose love over hate. Withhold judgment of others. Choose love! The golden rule.

Follow your passions, discover your purpose. Do what you came here to do. Fill your cup. 

Never stop looking up, never lose connection with Spirit. Meditate regularly and in a variety of ways.

Think before speak and act. Be mindful of your decisions and how they affect everyone else. From the people in your life to humanity as a whole.

Develop your own unique opinions and beliefs, and give others the opportunity to do the same. Do not try to force others to believe what you believe. That doesn’t work and only pisses people off. Be civil in your discussion of opinions and ethics.

Stop judging other people. Let them live their lives–they are doing the best they can with the knowledge they have. And that includes you! Forgive yourself and learn how to forgive others.

If you have ever made a conscious effort to do any of this on your own, then you are a NATURAL born lightworker! The world is filled with them right now because of the massive energetic shift that all life is experiencing.

Do you feel called to be a lightworker? Are you ready to change the world in a meaningful way that will leave a lasting impression? Do you dream of a better, brighter world for all of humanity?

In this blog post, I want to share with you ten different ways you can change the world, just by being you. It really is that simple–so simple that anyone can (and should) do it.

Ever wondered how you could change the world? As a lightworker, you have the privilege of helping humanity move towards a brighter future. Learn how!

1. Make Personal Growth a Priority

Strive to be the best you can possibly be. Perfection is not the goal–personal growth is. Practice meditation on a regular basis and explore your shadow side. Heal old wounds so you can focus on the future. Expose yourself to new ideas through books and/or documentaries. Keep an open mind and discover a Divine Truth that feels right to you.

Self care is very important because you cannot pour from an empty cup. If you neglect your own needs, you will not be able to change the world. Self care is not selfish, it’s completely necessary. Plus, it helps you to remain energetically connected with Spirit.

2. Follow Your Bliss

You picked this life for yourself for two reasons: to fulfill a specific purpose and to learn karmic lessons by fulfilling that purpose. So, in order to change the world you have to discover your life’s purpose and pursue it fearlessly!

Put yourself out there and do what you came here to do. Share your unique gifts with the world. Spend time doing what makes you happy. Do whatever it takes to develop a career for yourself that incorporates your passions and purpose.

3. Be Mindful

Always take a moment to think before you act and speak. Understand how your decisions impact everyone else, and genuinely care about it. Change the world by making decisions that are for the good of all. Be mindful of others as well, observe their behavior and consider how you might be able to help them. See how your energy affects their energy.

Make choices that are aligned with your beliefs and values. Get rid of bad habits that don’t serve your or anyone else’s highest good. Suck any poison from your life by cutting cords and showing mercy. Express gratitude each day for all the blessings you have already, and for all the good that already exists in the world!

In physical terms, be mindful of your impact on our environment. Make environmentally friendly choices as often as you can. Everything you do that respects Mother Earth is a win for humanity.

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4. Lead By Example

Do the first three things on this list with genuine love, and others will start to see the positive changes. They naturally will be inspired by your light and start to live the way you do. There is no need to force beliefs or opinions here–leading by example is the easiest way to change the world. You may even be surprised to see people seeking your advice and actually implementing it in their lives. It’s truly incredible!

By working to grow and raise your own vibration, you are creating a positive ripple effect that reaches everyone in the world. Doing these little things on an individual level will help to raise the vibration of the collective. And isn’t that ultimately the goal of all lightworkers?

5. Be Extremely Kind

Respect all life on Earth; human, animal, or plant. All life is equal. When you hurt another living being, you end up being hurt as well. Remember the “Golden Rule” from grade school, treat others the way you want to be treated. Withhold all judgement and give others the space to be themselves. Don’t force anyone to do or believe anything.

In a time where being mean and rude is the norm, try being extremely kind instead. It’s refreshing, and an effortless way to raise the collective vibration. Always choose love over hate, and never let hate take control. Change the world by holding kindness in very high regard.

6. Work Through Karma

When karma is left unchecked, it often manifests in the form of brutal, cruel, or violent actions towards others. These people tend to blame the outside world for everything and usually refuse to look towards themselves.

There is a lot of built up karma here that we are working through, slowly but surely. Each one of us incarnates here to learn invaluable lessons that are necessary for us to evolve. And we are all moving along at our own rate. Change the world by learning your karmic lessons and encouraging others to do the same. 

For some souls, it may take many more lifetimes than other souls to work through their karma. But soon enough, every soul on our planet will move beyond their karmic ties and into a higher state of consciousness. Understanding this concept makes changing the world a little less overwhelming because it adds some context.

We don’t need to participate in dangerous protests, or work our tails off to publish news stories, or try to convince others of our beliefs to change the world.

7. Vote With Your Money

Whenever you can, make the choice to buy products and services from business that align with your values. Avoid corporations as much as possible. Choose to impact someone else’s life directly by supporting their small business. A lifetime of smart money decisions will translate into a society where the wealth is more evenly distributed.

Corporate greed and corruption is a huge reason why society is in such turmoil. The more we buy into it, the more we show them that we are okay with them having that kind of control. We may not be able to take down corporations entirely, but we can help lessen the demand for their business by making the decision to spend our money elsewhere.

8. Escape the Rat Race

This one and number seven go hand in hand. Because of the hold corporations have over our society, most of us find ourselves trapped in the rat race. Working 40 hours or more at a job that doesn’t help us fulfill our purpose. All because we need money to survive. But it’s possible to make money and feel fulfilled, we don’t need to decide between the two.

As a human being, you deserve better than being forced to trade hours for dollars. Do yourself and all of humanity a favor–find or create a job that allows you to spread your light. Believe that the Universe will provide you with everything you need and more. Change the world by escaping the rat race to fulfill your dreams!

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9. Learn From History

Through humanity’s collective history, many different lessons have been taught. But have we actually learned anything? A lot of different historical events end up repeating themselves for karmic reasons. There is a lot history can teach us if we are willing to examine the deeper meaning.

The same thing occurs on an individual level. Certain events tend to repeat themselves in our lives when there are important karmic lessons demanding our attention. Take a look at your life and notice if there are any patterns. Change the world by recognizing what needs to change within yourself. Encourage others to see historical events for what they really are: invaluable lessons.

10. Choose to Be of Service to Others

Greed stems from the various desires of the ego. It lowers our vibration and prevents us from truly stepping into our role as lightworker. Being of service to self means making decisions based solely on your own interests. A lot of people in power live like this, which has resulted in a society where greed is normal and acceptable. Change the world by breaking the cycle of greed.

Service to others means making decisions based on the good of all. Ask yourself if what you’re doing really contributes to the highest good of the collective. Are your goals in pursuit of your own desires, or are your goals working towards something bigger, more meaningful? By serving others, you are serving yourself because you are part of the collective.

It all starts with us. One single person can have just as much impact as a whole movement of people. We don’t need to participate in dangerous protests, or work our tails off to publish news stories, or try to convince others of our beliefs to change the world.

Now, go change the world!

Earth is a very special place. A lot of souls wish to incarnate here because the learning opportunities are plentiful. Each lifetime we live has new lessons to teach us for the purpose of progression, individually and collectively. We choose to come here to add something special, something no one else can add.

Deep down we know that great things are in store for the future. We just have to put in a little work to get there.

Leading by example is probably the most influential way to change the world. It all starts with us as lightworkers.

Make living your dreams a priority, and watch as beautiful things unfold for yourself and all of humanity. This is what it means to be a lightworker–to fearlessly go out and make a positive difference.

I would bet money that you have already done that many times on your journey so far! And now that you’re doing it consciously, you’ll have even MORE of a positive impact. What’s more empowering than knowing you have the honor of changing the world?

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you feel inspired to embrace being a lightworker, because if you want to change the world, then it’s already written in your soul!


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