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Cleansing Crystals with the Moon


Charging Crystals in Moonlight

The moon’s energy is influential enough to cleanse the entire planet every single month. Honestly, you don’t have to do very much to cleanse with moon energy. Whether you make the conscious decision to do it or not, it happens. Sigh of relief, right?

The moon’s energy permeates everything all over the world naturally, without you needing to do anything extra. So each month the whole world is cleansed and charged with moonlight!

That being said, you can definitely work to heighten the moon’s effect on yourself and your crystals. It’s really easy to do and very rewarding. Also, it’s totally safe for everyone and everything to be cleansed with moonlight. Unlike the sunlight where it could cause damage in certain cases.

To give your crystals a cosmic bath of moon energy, simply place them on your window sill right after sunset.

Then be sure to remove them right before sunrise. Not all crystals do well in sunlight, so for their safety be sure to limit how much exposure they get. It truly is that easy!

The window does not need to be open for the crystal to be cleansed. The crystal really only needs to be near the window for the moon to work its magic. So if your crystal is too big to be moved or doesn’t fit on your window sill, don’t sweat it.

In this blog post, you will learn all about why cleansing crystals is important, and how to use the natural cycles of the moon to do so.

To give your crystals a cosmic bath of moon energy, simply place them on your window sill right after sunset.

Moon Charging Crystals

As a modern mystic, you are probably already aware of the impact the moon’s energy has on humanity and our planet. Without the moon, our ecosystem simply would not be able to survive. The push and pull of the moon’s gravity combined with the warmth of the sun is what brings us the miracle of life.

The moon represents our emotions and our subconscious in astrology. It shows us what is hidden by bringing it to the surface. This is why full moons are notorious for causing stress and anxiety in people of all ages. Mysteries are uncovered, pain points are exposed, and our inner truth is realized. So it’s understandable why we might feel a little insane around the full moon.

While science claims there is no “real” connection between the moon phases and human behavior, us mystics know better. You cannot measure cosmic energy with the limitations of modern science.

I think it’s quite absurd to say that the moon can push and pull our massive oceans, but has absolutely no effect on us humans.

I’m sure you feel the same way–otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog post! I’m sure you feel it in your body, and your intuition tells you it’s real even when science doesn’t. How long until science catches up with ancient knowledge such as this?

Scientific limitations aside, the moon absolutely does impact us energetically and emotionally. And because crystals are their own form of consciousness, it affects them as well.

Everything is energy, therefore everything is connected. This is the simple way of explaining why the moon affects all life on Earth as deeply as it does.

To give your crystals a cosmic bath of moon energy, simply place them on your window sill right after sunset.

New Moon Crystal Charging

The moon goes through waning and waxing phases constantly. Every two weeks, we observe the New Moon, then the Full Moon, then the New Moon again and so on. The New and Full Moons are the most powerful times for cleansing crystals.

However, you can cleanse with the moon whenever you’d like. No matter what part of the cycle it’s currently in! Trust your intuition and cleanse your crystals whenever you feel they need it.

New Moons are also called dark moons because the moon is not visible in the sky at all. Seems fitting right? It is considered the start of the lunar cycle. This time is often associated with new beginnings, setting intentions, and deep introspection. We may ask ourselves what it is we really want, and how we plan to make it happen.

During the New Moon phase, ourselves and our crystals often feel very light and energized. Like there is nothing but pure potential out there waiting for us. This is the cosmic equivalent to a blank slate.

I like to cleanse my crystals during the New Moon because it’s refreshing. As an energy healer, I feel as though some of my crystals almost prefer to be cleansed with new moon energy versus full moon energy. Amethyst, angelite, stilbite, selenite, celestite, and other light colored stones seem to feel brighter after a New Moon cleanse.

My crystals seem to really come alive during the time of the New Moon. As if they are calling to me, wanting to give me their energetic support! It is quite beautiful, actually.

Full Moon Crystal Charging

Full Moons are well-known for causing all sorts of emotional upheaval. With the moon’s energy at its peak, it’s super easy for us to feel frazzled. And the same goes for our crystals!

During this time, old stagnant energy and emotions are coming forward so they can be released. The full moon is associated with rest and relaxation–which is a little ironic given the stress it can cause. I think people are easily overwhelmed at the full moon because they don’t realize what’s happening and/or recognize the patterns.

Your crystals can feel this way, too. Especially if you work with them often. They become burdened with all this excess energy and can’t perform as well as before.

The energy of the Full Moon helps your crystals release that unwanted ickiness and restore their vitality. It’s really more of a charge than a cleanse–even though both can happen at once!

Full moons are absolutely stunning to look at. Obviously! They inspire us to look around at our lives and notice our new moon intentions manifesting into our reality. Just like our crystals, we can use this potent energy to banish negativity and breathe in new life.

I love cleansing my crystals during the Full Moon because it’s like a double whammy. They get a fresh new start while being charged at the same time. I notice that ALL my crystals respond well to Full Moon energy–they seem to almost look forward to their monthly recharge!

To give your crystals a cosmic bath of moon energy, simply place them on your window sill right after sunset.

Cleansing Crystals in Moonlight

Crystals may not be “alive” per se, but there is a level of consciousness that separates them from non-crystals. They have their own will, aura, and purpose. That is precisely what makes them so magical, unlike anything else on Earth. And because they have their own consciousness, they are susceptible to all the same energetic issues as we are.

Our energy can get depleted, stolen, blocked, neglected, stored, released, inflamed, and more. The same goes for our crystals. They have auras just like we do–so if you feel like you’re due for an energy cleanse then your crystals probably are too.

When I was studying to become an energy healer, my instructor stressed the importance of cleansing crystals before AND after each use. It helps ensure that the energy you are working with and inviting into your aura is pure. You don’t want to accidentally absorb something that will cause harm.

If you are a beginner healing crystal user, I highly suggest cleansing your crystals as often as you use them. It really helps keep the energetic integrity of the stone super strong!

Some stones like malachite absorb energy, therefore need to be cleansed much more regularly. Other stones like selenite cleanse their own energy, so they can go a lot longer in between moon cleansings. To learn more about specific crystal properties, explore my blog here!

Personally, I do my best to let my crystals tell me if they need to be cleansed or not. Usually they don’t have a choice around the full moon–and they seem okay with that. But I will often work with the same crystal for several days before cleansing it. I feel as though this helps build the bond between us, which makes the experience so much better.

Cleansing with the moon isn’t the only option. You can also cleanse your crystals with sunlight, sage, your mind, other crystals, dirt, water, and sound. I will go into more detail of these other methods in future videos. I wanted to cover moon cleansing first because it is the easiest and safest option.

To give your crystals a cosmic bath of moon energy, simply place them on your window sill right after sunset.

Moonlight Cleansing

When I first started using and collecting crystals, I didn’t really understand the concept of “cleansing.” I had so many questions that I couldn’t find the answers to. Can you relate?

In Boulder, Colorado, along the Pearl Street Mall, there is a magnificent crystal gallery run by the world’s cutest crystal-obsessed couple. They have hundreds of amazing specimens of all different sizes. It’s one of those places where you aren’t allowed to touch anything–which was always extremely difficult for me when I lived there. I had to keep my hands in my pockets!

The gentleman was always kind enough to share crystal knowledge with me whenever I visited his store. He was the one that first introduced me to the idea of cleansing crystals with the moonlight and with the sunlight. It was like exploring a whole other world with a human encyclopedia at my disposal.

I would ask him an obscene amount of crystal questions, and he would always smile while he answered them. His love of the mineral kingdom was contagious! I often think about him, his wife, his crystal gallery, and all the things they taught me about energy healing.

And now I love to spread all that I have learned about crystals through my blogs, videos, and podcasts. I hope you enjoy learning about them as much as I did (and still do!).

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