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Cleansing Energy: Complete Guide for Beginners

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Why is cleansing energy important?

Cleansing energy is the act of removing unwanted old/negative energy from a space and replacing it with new/positive energy. This is important to do on a regular basis because energy is highly influential AND is easily influenced.

We are affected by the energy of a space just as much as we affect the energy of a space.

Because the energy that makes up everything in the Universe is so dynamic and lively, it is always shifting. It can easily lose its luster or get overworked. Cleansing your aura and/or home can help restore the natural vibrancy of the energy, which feels so amazing!

Space holds onto energy really well. Heavily trafficked areas in the home often become drained of energy and can physically feel stuffy. Cleansing the energy can help raise the vibration of the space and make it feel good again.

Have you ever walked into a room and it just felt bright? Or maybe it felt dark? Have you ever met a person who you got a bad feeling from? Or have you ever known anyone who lights up a room when they enter? All that is a reflection of their energy.

Our auras extend out from our bodies about three feet. Which means we don’t even need to be that close to other people to absorb their energy. Good or bad, our auras tend to mimic the energy that is currently surrounding us. This is especially true if you identify as an empath (someone who feels others’ emotions as if they are their own).

Making a habit of cleansing our auras helps to release these sorts of energetic attachments that could potentially be harmful if left unchecked.

Cleansing energy is the act of removing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. Energy is highly influential AND is easily influenced. #energycleansing #energycleanse #cleanseenergy #gosmudgeyourself #smudging #sagestick #sageenergy #spirituallife #spiritualpractice

How often should I cleanse my aura?

How often you cleanse your energy is totally a matter of personal preference. Some people cleanse every day, once a week, once a month, or even as little as once a year.

I don’t recommend being too strict about a regular cleansing schedule. But rather paying attention to how the energy in your body and your home FEELS, then letting that determine how often you cleanse it.

I cleanse the energy of my home about once or twice a month. And I cleanse my aura pretty much every day. If not, at least once a week.

A good energy cleanse always helps get rid of any excess negativity so I’m not overwhelmed unnecessarily. That way I’m only dealing with my own energy and not the energy of other people/places I may have picked up.

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When to cleanse energy in your home

So how do you know when you should cleanse your energy? The short answer: whenever your intuition tells you!

If you’re thinking to yourself: “Hmm, I really don’t like the feeling here. I don’t quite feel like my normal self. Should I do an energy cleanse?” The answer is probably yes. That is your intuition speaking directly to you.

Your body and your soul are really good at sensing energy even if your mind doesn’t think so. If you’ve started wondering whether or not it’s time for an energy cleanse, it probably is. Try not to overthink this too much.

In my opinion, it’s not possible to OVER cleanse. Although it is possible to UNDER cleanse. Which is why I encourage you to just take a stab at it if you feel like you need it.

The following list is definitely not exhaustive–just common examples of when it would be wise to cleanse the energy:

At the start of spiritual rituals

Whenever you sit down to perform magic or a formal spiritual ritual of any kind, you should always first cleanse your aura and then cleanse your sacred space. After that would be a good time to cleanse any tools you’ll be using.

During a formal ritual, we often invite in Gods, Goddesses, and other Spirits. Cleansing the energy of the space beforehand helps ensure that only beings of love and light are attracted to our magic.

When you’re feeling anxious, depressed, and/or unmotivated

Regardless of whether or not these feelings originate within you or you absorbed them from someone else, cleansing your aura for the sake of your mental health can be extremely beneficial.

You might experience an intense energetic release–but once it’s over you’ll feel like a million bucks!

When you or the space feel heavy or “sticky” 

It’s not always depression or anxiety that makes us feel heavy. Unpleasant emotions have a tendency to hang around for a while, making our aura feel really thick and sticky. Like it’s physically hard to move around. That is an excellent indicator that there is energy that NEEDS to be cleansed.

After encountering a particularly negative person

We call these people “energy vampires.” We’ve all known these sorts of toxic people. They are always energetically and physically draining. After interacting with energy suckers, it’s very important to cleanse and restore your aura back to its former glory.

Otherwise, you’re basically carrying the burden of other people’s problems, and that is NOT your responsibility. 

At the change of the seasons

When nature is transitioning from one season to the next, all the energy is getting all stirred up! This is the perfect time to do a thorough cleanse of yourself and your home because the Earth is cleansing too. 

At the new and full moons

Cleansing energy is especially helpful during the full moon, as its energy is ideal for releasing and letting go. Cleansing at the new moon feels great too because it’s a perfect time to start with a blank slate. This is typically what I do to keep the energy in my home nice and pure all month long.

When you move into a new space

In a perfect world, you would completely and thoroughly cleanse the energy of your new home BEFORE your stuff gets moved in. This helps get rid of anything that might be lingering from the previous person (or workers if your home is a new build).

Starting over in a new home can be overwhelming in itself. And the last thing you want to deal with is other people’s unwanted energy!

Cleansing energy is the act of removing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. Energy is highly influential AND is easily influenced.

8 Ways to cleanse energy

While you are cleansing, it’s very important that you hold gratitude and love in your heart the entire time.

Clearing away negative energy will leave a “void” that needs to be filled somehow. And if we don’t deliberately fill that void with light, positive energy, there’s a really good chance the negativity will just reappear.

You can do this by simply allowing the feeling of love and gratitude to fill you up completely. Don’t focus on anything other than removing negativity and replacing it with positivity. You could also say a simple prayer, chant, or affirmation while you work.

Here are eight simple and easy easy to cleanse your aura and your space:

1. Smoke

Probably one of the more popular methods of cleansing energy, but definitely not the only one. Typically we would use sage or palo santo to cleanse with smoke because those herbs carry purifying qualities. However any incense should work well.

I want to take this opportunity to mention that a lot of smudge sticks and palo santo wands you find in mainstream metaphysical stores are NOT sourced ethically. Entire sage fields have been wiped out in the United States to meet the growing demand. Click here to learn more.

I highly recommend either buying your smudge sticks from a small business owner that forages for the herb themselves, do it yourself, or skip the smoke cleansing altogether. Because of this political issue, I don’t personally burn sage all too often.

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2. Sound

This is my preferred method of energy cleansing. I feel like using sound results in a very thorough cleanse and it is really easy to do the entire house quickly. As well as all the items, plants, cats, and people inside the house! Everything gets a new lease on life with sound cleansing.

You could use a singing bowl of any size, finger bells, a mini gong, a tuning fork, or even your own voice. Any sort of instrument that makes a singular, pure sound frequency will cleanse the energy of your aura and your space.

3. Visualization

Altar tools are cool and fun, but we don’t always have the ability to use them. Our mind is powerful enough to cleanse energy without any additional help. It just takes some concentration and a little practice!

See yourself and/or your space in your mind’s eye completely encased in a big bubble of white, glowing light. Imagine the light is penetrating all areas of your body and of your home, dissolving any unwanted energy and replacing it with light. Do this for at least a few minutes, until your gut tells you everything is cleansed.

4. Salt

Salt is a handy spiritual tool! You can easily cleanse your space with salt in the form of a Himalayan salt lamp. Alternatively, you could create your own magical salt mixes to either scrub your body with, or place around the perimeter of your home. That’s as simple as blessing course sea salt with the intention of cleansing using a similar visualization technique as what’s listed above.

You could also line the salt along doorways and windows for cleansing and for protection.

Cleansing energy is the act of removing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. Energy is highly influential AND is easily influenced.

5. Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is very powerful in a spiritual sense. Our vibration is easily influenced by scent, so using aromatherapy to cleanse our space and aura is practically effortless. Simply inhale a calming aroma such as lavender or orange, or fill up your diffuser and let it run till the oil is all used up.

6. Crystals

Some crystals have the power to cleanse themselves, other crystals, people, and the space around them. Selenite and kyanite are excellent options. Their vibration is SO high that it transmutes negativity into positivity. The bigger the crystal, the faster the space will be cleansed.

You can use a selenite wand to cleanse your aura by using it as an energetic “comb.” Starting with your crown chakra, slowly pull your selenite down through your aura all the way to your root chakra. Repeat as needed.

7. Earthing

The Earth also has the amazing ability to transmute energy and change it to a different state. Whenever you’re feeling bogged down with icky energy, just go outside and get grounded! Give the unwanted energy back to the Earth so it can be transformed.

Reconnecting with the Earth raises our vibration while grounding our energy at the same time. Leaving us feeling rejuvenated and peppy.

8. Water

Showers can be a great way to ritually cleanse your aura. As the water washes over you, hold love and light in your heart and ask for the water to wash away anything unwanted. You could also swim in the ocean or a clean stream. Or a lake I guess, but lakes are gross.

To cleanse your home with water, I would first recommend creating sacred water. Either with moon energy or crystal energy. Dip your fingers into the water and flick it about the room until you feel the energy is clear. A little goes a long way!

Cleansing energy is the act of removing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. Energy is highly influential AND is easily influenced.

Energy cleansing doesn’t have to be an elaborate ritual every time. It can be as easy as taking a shower, or as complicated as banishing spirits from a home.

Sometimes the energy is so out of whack that only a formal ritual will do the trick. Most of the time though, keeping it simple will more than suffice. You don’t want to make things too complicated for yourself, especially as a beginner.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned something new. If you’ve never cleansed your aura before, give it a shot and be AMAZED at the difference you feel!


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