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Crystal Grids for Beginners

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Crystal Grid Frequently Asked Questions

Mesmerized by all the gorgeous pictures on Pinterest of crystal grids? Time to learn everything there is to know about creating these masterpieces! Honestly, crafting geometric grids is powerful way to connect with their healing powers.

They are like interactive pieces of decor that are conspiring with the Universe to manifest our desires. A lot of people want to create a crystal grid for their home, but don’t know where to start. Creating crystal grids is a fun way to talk to the Universe!

Crystal grids allow us to use crystal energy as a way of directing energy towards our specific intentions. These beauties are fully customizable manifesting tools that mystics use for a myriad of purposes. Energy flows where attention goes. All you need are some stones and a purpose.

A powerful intention is the key to a successful crystal grid. Choice of stone is important too, as certain crystals promote certain types of energies. Also, arranging the stones into geometric patterns is essential to making sure the message is clear.

In this blog post, I will be answering seven frequently asked questions regarding crystal grids. I will try to keep my answers concise because I don’t want to make things overly complicated.

Crystal grids are a fun way to talk with the Universe! Learn all the basics of building powerful crystal grids to supercharge your manifesting efforts.

1. How and why do crystal grids work?

Crystals themselves have a perfect molecular blueprint that brings about their energetic healing properties. When we place crystals in geometric patterns, we are amplifying what is already there.

Sacred geometry is the language the Universe communicates in. Geometric patterns form the foundation for everything we believe to exist within our reality. Right down to the atoms that compose of all matter. These perfect designs are stable, symmetrical, and hold many secrets. The idea is to mix the vibrations of crystals with the vibrations of sacred geometry. Ultimately creating a particular frequency that enhances our specific intention.

2. How long do I leave the grid up for?

The longer the better! The best thing about crystal grids is their long lifespan. Actually, you should consider making your crystal grids part of your home decor. They are beautiful, practical, and beneficial. Grids that promote things like abundance, health, and protection are most effective if they are permanent. However, your crystal grids do not need to be permanent to deliver incredible results.

For example, if you’re putting together a crystal grid for one specific event, there is no reason for it to be permanent. A good rule of thumb is to assemble the grid about a day before, and take it down about a day after it’s over. You could even make a crystal grid as a form of meditation, and disassemble it when you’re finished. The rules are not rigid here!

3. How many different crystals do I need?

Most grids typically use 3-5 different crystals and minerals. Usually, they are all used to promote one brand of energy, or their properties mesh really well together. But the number of different crystals in the grid is a matter of personal preference. If you have two dozen rose quartz, you could easily make a crystal grid of just rose quartz. And I’m sure it would be beautiful! That would be perfect if you were looking to manifest more love into your life.

So, you really only NEED one type of crystal to form a crystal grid. All the magic is within the intention anyway! But it’s worth noting that grids are more effective when built with at least two types of crystals. The message being delivered to the Universe is more dynamic that way.

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4. Do I need to follow a specific pattern?

Not necessarily. But, if you decide to not use a geometric pattern, you may not see the best results.

You could put together a “crystal array” instead of a grid; where all the crystals are arranged near each other. Displays like this allow for the crystal energy to flow freely in whatever direction. While more structured displays energetically connect all the crystals together, making them much more intentional.

When your grid is displayed in a geometric pattern, your message is clearly delivered to the Universe. Dare I say, it’s crystal clear! So no, you do not NEED to use sacred geometry for your grids per se. But most people in the spiritual community believe that a crystal grid has no purpose if sacred geometry isn’t involved. Personally, I arrange some of my crystals in a sort of array on my altar in my sacred space. Then I have a separate grids throughout our home setup for specific purposes (abundance, love, protection, etc.).

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5. How big do crystal grids need to be?

Again, this is something that is highly personal and situational. When using sacred geometry, it is best practice to have at least three “layers” of crystals. Depending on the size of the space, you could make crystal grids that are as big as people! Or as little as a coaster. Remember that the most important part of building a crystal grid is the intention behind it. I’ve seen crystal grids the size of dinner plates, entire backyards, and everything in between. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better in crystal grids and sacred geometry. The Universe doesn’t exactly need a massive grid to understand what your intention is. So go with whatever size you feel best fits the situation.

6. Should I use tumbled, rough, or pointed crystals?

Why not all three? Generally, tumbled stones give off more subtle and gentle energies. Rough stones tend to be larger, so they seemingly have a “stronger” energetic force. Pointed crystals are believed to direct their energy in a specific direction, wherever the termination goes. These are popular opinions of the masses.

Personally, I love incorporating all types of crystals into my grids. Some crystals don’t really come in tumbled form, and/or they can be difficult to find. You might find that rough stones work better for certain intentions over others. And terminated crystals can be helpful in supercharging the energy of the other stones in the grid. So all three have a place in grid making.

Crystal grids are a fun way to talk with the Universe! Learn all the basics of building powerful crystal grids to supercharge your manifesting efforts.

7. How do I make grids for other people?

Ah yes, a question that we always ask out of the goodness of our hearts. We feel incredible shifts that our crystal grids bring about, and we want to share that with our loved ones. Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to do this. Let me explain!

Just like in spell casting, you NEVER want to send messages to the Universe on another’s behalf. Even if you think you know exactly what they “need” or “want.” You can never really be certain because you are not them. They may tell you they want one thing, but really they mean another. So creating a crystal grid for their sake probably isn’t the best way to support them.

Rather than creating a grid to help someone else manifest their desires, create a grid that sends them ample amounts of love and abundance. That way, you are only telling the Universe to send them lots of love instead of what you think they are trying to manifest for themselves.

Realistically, no one will ask YOU to create a crystal grid for THEM and THEIR DESIRES. Even if you are an energy healer (like me!), you should refrain from doing this type of energetic work for others. If someone asks for your assistance in creating a crystal grid, then by all means help them out! They would greatly appreciate your expertise and input. But do not make all the decisions for them or on their behalf.

8. Where can I learn more about crystal grids?

One blog post could never truly cover everything there is to know about crystal grids. Plus, as a beginner, you may be looking for specific grid designs to follow before you feel comfortable making them on your own. I know when I first started making grids, I was quite confused and had a million questions with no clear answers. The internet can only do so much–so I decided to purchase a little book that ended up changing everything!

“Crystal grids permit us to easily tap into source energy, allowing us to communicate with energy across space and time.” — Hibiscus Moon

Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work: A Science-Based, Yet Practical Guide is exactly what every crystal grid maker needs. The author, Hibiscus Moon, is a crystal expert who offers a crystal healer certification program. Her guide to crystal grids is short and sweet, yet thorough. It’s just over 100 pages, and it’s less than $13 on Amazon.

I often reference this book because I love the simple language she uses. Hibiscus makes crystal grids easy to understand, especially for those people looking for more scientific information. Highly recommended!

Crystal grids are a fun way to talk with the Universe! Learn all the basics of building powerful crystal grids to supercharge your manifesting efforts.

Thank you for reading! If you have anything to add, please feel free to do so in the comments below. Do you have any other questions about crystal grids?


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