crystal reiki

private sessions

Ready for an intimate, energetic shift? A private crystal reiki session is just the container you need to experience expansion.


Your crystal reiki session will focus on your personal desires and dreams.


No judgements are ever made. Come as you are and you will receive healing.

Crystal Healing

Is incorporated through intuitive placement of stones placed within your aura.

beyond reiki

Reiki and crystal healing are both powerful energy modalities by themselves. When intuitively combined, energy is directed with a defined purpose into your entire being, for your highest good. Reiki is pure loving, universal life force energy channeled from Source. Crystals come from Mother Earth and carry individual frequencies that will enhance your specific healing intentions. 

I’m Sara Rae, a Certified Crystal Healer and trained Usui Reiki Master. And during our 60 minutes together, you will be held in an energetic space of love and acceptance. Healing, expansion, and revelations are just some of the magical results you can expect. I will also send you on your way equipped with the knowledge you need to continue expanding until our next crystal reiki session.

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