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Crystals for Pregnancy, Fertility, and Birth


Crystal Healing for Expecting Parents

Parenthood is such an incredible joy! It can also cause a lot of anxiety, stress, and sadness, among many other emotions.. The road to becoming a parent is full of twists, turns, challenges, and rewards. 

If there ever was a perfect time to work with healing crystals, it is on your journey to parenting a little human. 

In this blog post, we are talking about healing crystals for pregnancy, fertility, and childbirth. Three crystals for each category. This is an extension of another blog post about crystals for menstruation

And I think I might do a third installment about crystals for menopause. So stay tuned for that if that applies to you now or if you’re a healer looking to support others! 

In this blog post, we are talking about healing crystals for pregnancy, fertility, and childbirth. Three crystals for each category.

Fertility Stones 

Conception is most likely to happen when both partners are calm, healthy, loving, and trusting. Whenever we are working to manifest anything for ourselves, we must have faith in the Universe. What is for our highest good will always arrive. 

Whether you’re struggling with infertility or just ready to be a parent, healing crystals can help you tell the Universe you’re ready to conceive.

You can use healing crystals for both partners to either aid in conception, or boost levels of fertility. Keep them in the bedroom, and charge them up with intentions of bringing new little life into the world. Or put them over the reproductive organs during meditation to soak up their energies. 

Carnelian Fertility

Carnelian works well for fertility because of its deep connection with the sacral chakra, located right where all the reproductive organs are. Working to open up and balance out this chakra can help boost the health of these organs. 

Carnelian carries a high vibration and promotes active energy. It restores vitality, lifts motivation, and promotes courage. This is a stone of taking action and making decisions. 

This is a great stone for instilling trust; trust in the Universe, and trust in ourselves. We are more likely to make better choices that are more aligned with our wishes if we believe in ourselves. 

Rhodonite Fertility 

Rhodonite carries a softer energy than carnelian. This is a powerful heart chakra stone, filling us up with love and compassion. It dissolves emotional upset and helps heal our emotional wounds. 

These feelings are useful in our conception efforts because they bring us closer to our Higher Selves and the Universe (so we are more energetically aligned with the blessings coming our way). 

Rhodonite has the ability to help us gently work through our traumas so we can live up to our highest potential. If this version of ourselves includes parenting a baby, this stone will help the way. 

Red Jasper Fertility

There are countless varieties of jasper. I wanted to specifically call out red jasper to be used as a fertility stone. This is another crystal of the lower chakras–our centers of safety and security. 

Red jasper is very grounding and strong. It’s believed to be the stone of warriors. And parents are a special brand of warriors! It is also related to improving the health of blood and the circulatory system, which can create domino effects throughout the whole body. 

Because of its connection to the blood, red jasper is known for stimulating our life force energy. This can elevate your chances of getting pregnant. 

In this blog post, we are talking about healing crystals for pregnancy, fertility, and childbirth. Three crystals for each category.

Crystals for Pregnancy

Once conception has occurred and the little miracle of life is within you, it is time to focus on relaxation! For most expecting parents, there is a whirlwind of emotions throughout the entire 40 weeks of gestation. 

Crystals for pregnancy can keep emotions calm and steady as you prepare for this major (and exciting!) life change.

When I was pregnant, I intuitively wanted to be with crystals that were gentle and calming. I quickly learned that I didn’t want them on my body, however. I felt as though I had heightened sensitivity and didn’t need the crystals on my body to absorb their energies quickly. 

Unakite Pregnancy

Unakite is a pretty green/pink stone that is universally used during pregnancy. It specializes in this area and tends to focus its healing energy on reproductive systems. 

For baby, unakite helps promote healthy and easy development. It can help facilitate the developing body-vessel within the womb. At the same time, it can aid in connecting the body, mind, and spirit for the baby and the parents. 

This crystal is also good for recovering from chronic illnesses in general. A heart chakra stone, it can help us open up emotionally in our relationships. In the case of expectant parents, their relationship can grow more intimate and they can begin bonding with baby (or babies).

Rose Quartz Pregnancy

So many parents are naturally drawn to rose quartz, even after pregnancy is over. It’s the stone of universal and unconditional love–which most parents feel for their babies the second they come into their lives. 

Rose quartz creates strong relationship bonds. It’s also extremely soft, kind, compassionate, and understanding. No matter how the pregnancy goes or the emotions of the parents involved, rose quartz can bring a gentle sense of peace and optimism.

Rose quartz will also amplify all feelings of love from the parents being sent to their unborn baby. The baby will definitely feel the love, and send it back! 

Moonstone for Pregnancy 

Similar to unakite, moonstone is famous for its ability to aid in matters of the womb. It also has beautiful, gentle energy that supports all types of yin energies. This is an excellent stone to use during pregnancy for relaxation. 

Moonstone is also a stone of new beginnings. New life for the baby, and a new phase of life for the parents. There’s also a strong sense of hope and optimism in this stone. 

This white, flashy gem also soothes emotional instability, stress in particular. Again, pregnancy can be a roller coaster of emotions, all with different root causes. But moonstone can ease the tension and bring emotional balance.

In this blog post, we are talking about healing crystals for pregnancy, fertility, and childbirth. Three crystals for each category.

Crystals for Birth

The entirety of the birthing process is absolutely miraculous. There’s simply no other way to describe it. No matter how the birth of your baby manifests, know that the soul chooses how and when and in what manner to come into this world. 

Your birth experience is perfect and divinely guided.

This was the biggest lesson I learned during my own spiritual birthing experience. That being said, there are a few wonderful crystals to take with you into labor to help bring about the best results possible. 

Malachite for Birth

Malachite is the most well-known crystal for all things yin and reproductive. Menstrual cycles, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and menopause can all be assisted with malachite crystal. 

Known as the “midwife” stone, malachite works exceptionally well during labor and delivery. It facilitates transformation–is there anything more transformative than new life entering the world? 

Malachite also carries a joyous energy as it opens up the heart chakra. It absorbs all pain, physical and emotional, making it an unstoppable birthing companion. There’s also a sense of “taking action” within this stone, which is useful energy for the amount of work birthing takes. 

Lepidolite for Labor

There are three major stages of the labor and birth process. Lepidolite is the stone of transition, and can help ease the transition from one stage of labor to the next. It’s also sometimes referred to as the Grandmother stone–so it’s definitely appropriate to keep nearby during labor! 

Lepidolite has a lovely calming energy. Hormones are running very high during labor, and anxiety can as well if things aren’t going very well for whatever reason. Lepidolite can help ease that stress and keep labor progressing forward. 

Lepidolite would be useful during labor because of its ability to dispel negativity. Emotions are running high for everyone involved, and they might not always be helpful. Allow the lepidolite to calm their nerves and ward off their unwanted negativity. 

Black Tourmaline for Childbirth

If there was ever a time to be grounded and in the present moment, it’s during the birth of your beloved baby. Black tourmaline carries a significant grounding energy. It will help you stay in your body and focus on the task at hand. 

Black tourmaline also promotes inner and outer strength. Both are needed for birthing a human. It’s also associated with purification, which would resonate well with a new baby. 

And similar to lepidolite, black tourmaline will offer plenty of protective energy. Especially against unwanted negativity from other people present at the moment of birth. 

Crystals for Healthy Pregnancy

Crystals are a gentle, noninvasive way to ensure your journey from conception to childbirth is as seamless as it can be. This is an incredible time in your life–don’t let your stress or dis-ease rob you of joy. 

Remember to be cautious when placing the crystals directly on your pregnant body, especially right over the baby. You’ll probably find that you prefer the crystals to be nearby, rather than upon you. 

I used healing crystals all throughout my pregnancy, along with positive birth affirmations and clear communication with my doctor. I had a beautiful birthing experience and I hope you can too!


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