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How To Work With Healing Crystals Every Day

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Crystals are healing gifts from Mother Earth

Crystals galore! Most of us here in the metaphysical community love & collect healing crystals. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are powerful. Deep within their rich colors and sparkly rainbows lie the healing secrets of the Earth. All of which are accessible to anyone who consciously chooses to access them. Even you!

“You know the world is a magical place when Mother Earth grows her own jewelry.” *

In 2017, I completed Ashley Leavy’s Crystal Healer Certification Course and became certified in crystal healing. For the last several years I’ve been drawn to all sorts of crystals, and I’ve managed to collect some lovely treasures. Crystal energy is so magical and irresistible, I wanted to absorb as much knowledge as possible. And I want to share a bit of that knowledge with you today!

First of all, I just want to say that I am not here to try to convince you of healing crystal energies.

The goal of this blog post is not to convert you into a crystal loving fiend (mostly because there is a pretty good chance you already are one if you’re reading this!). Those of us that allow our reality to be flexible and magical WILL benefit from healing crystals.

Plenty of people around the world claim that any form of alternative healing (such as healing crystals, reiki, and aromatherapy) only produces a placebo effect on our brains. Therefore, it is the mind making these changes and not the therapies themselves. But, in my opinion, that is EXACTLY what makes alternative healing so incredibly powerful and effective. Energy healers don’t necessarily care how the ailment is healed, just so long as it is healed.

We just need to give ourselves the physical tools we need to facilitate our own healing. Tools such as essential oils or healing crystals can help us make positive changes in our lives. Who cares if there is no scientific “proof” of their magic? We have felt the energies ourselves, and we don’t need Big Brother validating our experiences.

So if you’re a skeptic just looking to pick a fight, I kindly ask you to bring your negative energies elsewhere. If you’re already on board the crystal-loving train, then I welcome you to continue reading!

The more you work with your healing crystals, the more beneficial they will be for you! Learn four different ways to work with crystals each day in this post.

Learn all about healing crystals

Crystals have subtle energies because of their perfect arrangement of molecules, known as their “molecular blueprint.” Every single molecule is perfectly aligned with all the other molecules. Because of these precisely stacked molecules, each crystal has a subtle vibration that determines what properties it promotes.

But there is so much more to crystal healing than just the molecular blueprint of the stones. Crystal healing is an art that can be easily mastered by anyone!

I want to teach you everything I know about these beautiful little gems. So I created my Crystal Healing Crash Course! For lovely people like you that want to absorb as much information as they can.

In this course, you’ll learn how healing crystals work, how to cleanse, charge and program crystals, how to balance the chakras with crystals, and how to conduct a self-healing session with crystals. 

Healing crystals are so much more than just decorative rocks. By the end of this course, you’ll have a better understanding of the geology, the science, and the theories behind how and why energy healing works.

You’ll also get two downloadable bonus booklets that compliment the lessons and are yours to keep and reference forever. Click here to get started!

How do healing crystals work? Is all this even real? Come discover their magic for yourself in this mini course.

4 Easy Ways To Use Healing Crystals

Why would you want to work with crystals every day? Taking the time to play with your gems every day helps you build a relationship with them, get to know their energy while they get to know yours. Just like humans, each stone is a little different, even if they are of a certain variety. Not all amethyst is going to be exactly the same. And just like any other relationship, it will take a little bit of time to build that trust.

Now that we have built a strong foundation for integrating crystals into our spiritual journeys, we can start using them every day! New crystal enthusiasts are often confused about what to actually do with their crystals. So here are four simple ways anyone can utilize the power within the crystals:

1.Crystal Meditation

During your regular meditation, simply let your crystals rest in your hands. Or if your crystal is quite large, you can sit beside it on the floor. You may also lay your crystals upon your body, right over the corresponding chakra, while you meditate. Make sure to thoroughly cleanse your crystals beforehand, and take note of any colors you may see in your minds eye, or any emotions you may feel.

2. Crystal Jewelry

Adorn yourself with your favorite crystals! This is my absolute favorite way to use crystals by far. So much so that I have opened an online shop to sell genuine crystal healing jewelry. I would be honored if you checked it out! Crystal jewelry is great because that crystal energy remains within your aura the entire time you’re wearing it. Even your diamond engagement ring can produce healing effects.

The more you work with your healing crystals, the more beneficial they will be for you! Learn four different ways to work with crystals each day in this post.

3. Crystal Sachet

Another thing I love to do to bring crystal healing into my daily life is to create a little pouch of crystals to carry with me. Right now, I have one crystal representing each chakra, with the exception of the heart and third eye where I have two crystals. Also, one piece of clear quartz. I find this little bag of goodies helps keep me feeling balanced throughout the day.

4. Crystal Grids

Probably one of the most popular use of crystals is to create crystal grids. This is a topic that can be as difficult or as complicated as you’d like, but definitely requires a bit of background knowledge. I recommend checking out Hibiscus Moon’s book on crystal grids so you can be mindful with your grid creation. Once your grid is created, take the time to meditate in front of it every day and tune into its energy. Bonus: this will enhance the intention of the grid!

Isn’t it about time you learn how to properly use your crystals? They are precious gifts from Mother Earth and have incredible gifts to offer you. Discover their magic with this course!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’re inspired to use your healing crystals just a little bit more. Don’t forget to claim your spot in my Crystal Healing Crash Course! Woohoo!


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