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How Does Reiki Work Long Distance?

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What is reiki healing? 

Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy channeled directly from Source.

This is slightly different from other kinds of energy healing because it’s a different channel being accessed. And that channel isn’t automatically “open” for most people, so reiki requires an attunement in order to fully tap into its potential. 

There are lots of energy healing modalities besides reiki. And plenty of gifted healers don’t use reiki specifically. Instead they just draw upon the energy that’s all around them to facilitate healing. 

I’ve had some incredibly powerful healing sessions over the years that I still remember vividly with spiritual professionals who had never been attuned to reiki. That did not diminish the quality of healing at all. I was guided to become an Usui reiki master, so that’s the technique I use, which is only one option. 

I believe reiki is very special because it is altruistically universal. All healers who channel reiki are experiencing, essentially, the same energy. The essential life force energy that flows through all things. 

As opposed to other energy healing techniques which leave much more room for interpretation or translation. Neither is right or wrong, or better or worse. In fact, all kinds of energy healing work beautifully together. 

Personally, I combine channeled reiki energy with crystal energy during my live group sessions and private client sessions. 


The most miraculous thing about reiki is the activation of the recipient’s inherent healing abilities. It’s like when your car’s battery gets jumped by another car. 

Then you throw in some crystals, which individually support specific intentions. Combining crystals with reiki gives us so much more to work with. The reiki energy can be seen as the “base” or the “background” where it’s general healing, pure love and light. Good for all things and any ailment. Crystals add a much more specific type of energy into the mix, which is where manifesting comes in. 

While the reiki gives us loads of loving healing energy, the crystals give us a more intentional energy, which helps us embody that energy, which, domino effect, helps us manifest things!

Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy channeled directly from Source.

Long Distance Reiki

Okay, at this point I hope you’re sold on the spiritual awesomeness that is crystal reiki. 

But I think you may also be wondering about how something like a pre-recorded guided meditation could possibly be infused with crystal reiki healing energy. 

Or how can you really receive a healing over a live video stream, or even a private video chat? 

There’s true beauty in channeling Divine healing energy straight from The Source Of All Things. It’s real magic. And I mean that genuinely. Nothing is impossible when it comes to the work of reiki, or working with Source in general. 

It’s all about the intention you set when you begin to open up the channel of energy. 

Every time I do this, my intention is to: “Offer the loving light energy of crystal reiki to all who wish and need to receive it across space and time. If it is unneeded or unwanted let it fall to the Earth.” 

This means that I can infuse the recorded sound of my voice with channeled healing energy, because space and time become irrelevant. 

We are all connected by a unified field of atoms. Something in my gut tells me this is the “secret” to channeled healing energy through one person to a recipient. But I think that’s a research topic best saved for another episode. 

The real question right now is this: does something in your gut trust the potential of distance reiki healing? 

If so, then you’re in for a spiritual treat! 

Every Monday morning at 9am CST, I go live in our free Facebook group to share weekly guidance and a 10 minute reiki meditation. We also do live Moon Circles and live Reiki Shares every week. Lots of opportunity to experience my style of crystal reiki infused meditation in our free group!

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An extra special thank you to all my monthly members and all those who have kindly donated to Spiritually Inspired this past week. Your generosity astounds me!

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