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Implementing Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual Inspirational Messages

So, we get all the spiritual guidance. We receive the downloads. We book the readings. We see the synchronicities. We hear the messages. We get intuitive hits. Okay….now what?

Your spiritual messages are yours, and yours alone. People like myself who are readers and mediums do not know what the messages truly mean. Only you can fully interpret and integrate your spiritual guidance into your journey. But how do you do that? 

One listener recently asked me what to “do” with the spiritual guidance she is receiving. All these “downloads” from Spirit, all these taps and nudges. How can we learn to speak this language? I want to talk about that today. 


Our topic: implementing spiritual guidance. Inspired by a lovely listener who brought up this struggle she was having. 

What do I do with all these messages?

And it’s a really great point of view that I want to explore. It’s not something I’ve approached in this way before. Mostly because it’s highly intuitive and personal. What we’re talking about here, “spiritual guidance,” is the essence of your unique spiritual journey and gifts. 

There are all kinds of spiritual messages we can receive. What we do with the information depends on the depth of impact the guidance has on us. As well as if the impact is short term versus long term. 

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Profound Messages

Some messages carry a strong sense of urgency. Some messages are much more subtle. How we react to them will depend on a whole bunch of different factors. Being mindful about our reaction will make the guidance more meaningful and less frantic, even if it actually is urgent.

What you “do” with the messages and/or guidance from whatever Divine conduit you received it from will vary wildly from situation to situation. From person to person, too. 

There will be times where you don’t physically do anything different, you just sort of spiritually “uplevel.” Consider the profound messages we can receive from Spirit. The ones we receive on a soul level. The ego might not totally understand it, but the soul does. 

This sort of esoteric download will likely cause an immediate transformation in your life. Big or small, everything will sort of fall into place where it’s meant to be. Mentally or physically, or in relationships or anything else, it will just click. An epiphany that keeps you up at night. 

In a way, this is the easiest kind of message to receive! It’s so incredibly Divine that you don’t even need to make a change in the 3D world. The “change” is fundamentally energetic.

Memory-Stuck Messages 

But what about the other kinds of messages? A tarot reading, for example. If you go to a reputable tarot reader such as myself, you will likely get a very heartfelt and insightful spread. It’s also relatively easy to implement this sort of spiritual guidance. 

First off, you’re paying money for it. For a lot of people, that is a fantastic incentive to take it seriously. Also, you’re likely to leave the reading with at least one or two magical moments stuck in your memory. Those are the messages you needed the most. They’re going to continuously ring the little mental dinner bell being stored in your brain until the message is implemented into your life. 

Let me promise you, those messages are going to keep surfacing again and again until they are dealt with. Getting a professional reading done is almost always insightful. Having an outside perspective, even a vague one, could help you finally get some traction in the situation. Again, one magic word or sentence could be the very thing you need to hear to uplevel your energy. 

So to implement these kinds of memory-stuck messages, I find it best to “catch them red handed.” When you find yourself in the very situation you had asked about in your professional reading, you can easily access those memory messages to use for implementation in that moment. 

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Repeating Messages

It’s difficult to come up with words to correctly describe the actual “implementation” part of all this. Messages are so diverse, and words are so limiting. Just know when I say “implement a message,” what I’m meaning is the action of you dissecting that message, applying it to the specific area of your life you had inquired about, and doing it full-heartedly. 

That last part is one of the big reasons why some people experience a lot of repeating messages. Every single tarot reading is the same. Every single reiki session is focused on the same area. There never seems to be any sincere transformations that last. They eventually stop listening to messages all together because they always say the same thing. 

At some point, you’ll begin receiving noticeably repeated messages from Spirit. Will you choose to embody it in your own unique way? Or will you stubbornly ignore it? 

It’s highly likely you’ll experience a moment where you can utilize your recently-received guidance shortly after receiving it. Catch it in the moment and remember the message. Heed any advice, open your mind and heart, drop the egoic tendency towards stubbornness. 

That right there is the secret to implementing the guidance you receive. The purpose of messages and guidance is to provide more information so we can make a more mindful choice. Our free will is retained because we are not getting forced into a decision or situation. We are simply getting cosmic advice and it’s our choice to take it or leave it. 

Which brings me to another point. No matter what the topic, or the source of the message, always take what resonates, but leave behind what doesn’t. Especially if this guidance involves a group of some kind. 

Every week in our free community, I do a live astrology, tarot and reiki session. The tarot cards drawn are intended to be messages of love and light to anyone who happens to be listening. So none of it will ever be harmful to you, but it might not all resonate with you. Or, it might ALL resonate with you! Whatever doesn’t, just lovingly drop it. 

Spiritual Help

And a lot of messages might not make sense in this present moment. So if it doesn’t resonate right now, just let it go because it might come back one day. Perhaps, one day very soon! 

Now, what about the relatively “smaller” intuitive hits? And the synchronicities we see on a daily basis? How do we implement these sorts of Divine messages?

One piece of advice I always start with regarding these more “mundane” messages from Spirit is remember as much about that exact moment as you can. If you’re safely able to do so, stop, drop, and breathe! Be fully present, take it all in, recall what you were thinking/talking about, how you were feeling, what colors are around you, what sounds you here, what your body is doing, all the things. There’s a reason you received that intuitive hit and/ro synchronicity in that moment. 

I’m not telling you to slam the brakes on your life every single time you see 11:11. But I am saying it would be very wise, and quite magical, to acknowledge the message in that very moment. Sometimes, I pronounce “ABUNDANCE!” Whenever something magical like this happens to me. Or I’ll simply smile to myself as I go about my business. Or I’ll have some kind of physical sensation to experience (ears ringing, slightly faint, body pokes, etc.). Or I’ll get lost in a spiritual download daydream. Allow that message to fully expand in the moment as much as you’re able. 

The more open you are to the message, the easier it will be to discern how to implement it. When you go into a professional reading, you’re committing to at least hearing the messages that will be delivered through the mystical professional. When you’re going about your daily life, you might not be as consciously aware of the potential to receive messages. But once the message starts coming in, start paying closer attention. 

Pay attention to as much of the message and the moment as you can. When you’re this energetically open to the message, you’ll understand what you need to do. 

There are all kinds of spiritual messages we can receive. What we do with the information depends on the depth of impact the guidance has on us. As well as if the impact is short term versus long term. 

When I read tarot for clients, I try my best to coach them into their next action steps based on the messages that came through. Sometimes I ask Spirit directly for action steps if I feel the messages are vague or the client doesn’t know what to do next. 

At the end of the reading, though, only the client is able to truly interpret and implement the messages. It’s not my job or business to know what your message actually means on your spiritual journey. In fact, I have a hard time recalling details of most readings I do because it’s not mine to hold onto. It’s yours! 

So when you get a reading, ask questions. Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. 

What about synchronicities though? Usually, we think of synchronicities as a kind of “micro” message from Spirit. We see or hear them in passing most of the time. And in my experience, they tend to be the same sorts of messages for a long time. 

Looking back at different phases of my life, I can see how the synchronicities I noticed related to where I was in my journey. I didn’t realize evolution was happening while in the midst of it.

Synchronicities can also come in quick succession. A burst of repeated messages could be a sign to take physical action. Reading a certain book, visiting a certain place, calling a certain person, etc. 

There’s also an element of personal symbolism with synchronicities. I have certain items/phenomena that represent angelic energy. So Spirit understands that as a good symbol to use to let me know of a message from the Other Side. You probably have plenty of associations perfectly suited to act as Spirit codes. 

Another form of spiritual communication we might experience is imagery, particularly while meditating. The infamous “downloads” we all want often leave us baffled. Or amazed, depending on your affinity with optimism. 

Here’s my take on “inner visual” type messages. If you’re the one seeing the visual, I’d suggest hyperfocusing on how you felt during the vision, as well as any bold details. At that point, no one will be able to interpret the message better than you. 

If someone else receives the inner visual message on your behalf, trust that they will be guided to provide only the most crucial information. Spirit may have a sense of humor, but won’t necessarily waste time or effort. The goal is for you to receive your message, therefore Spirit will speak as concisely and clearly as possible to the medium. 

Wrap Up

Regardless of how you receive your spiritual messages, how trivial or monumental they may seem, they have a purpose on your journey. I do not believe in coincidence, luck, or accidents. Everything crossing our path is divinely influenced.

Every message we receive is on purpose. Once the message is delivered, it is rightly ours to do with as we choose. We can ask for input from other humans, or even clarity from Spirit, until the Wheel of the Year stops spinning. Until we listen to our own interpretation of the message, the epic potential will remain unlocked.


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