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January 2022 Astrology Forecast


Weekly Astrology for January 2022

Overall, January 2022 astrology forecast’s biggest themes are surrounding work, money, relationships, and revisiting plans. Two major planets will be in retrograde, one will change signs halfway through, and the Lunar Nodes will change signs as well.

All of this is taking place in the context of humanitarianism and our personal career. We are redefining what success means to us individually and as a society.

Below is a week by week breakdown of astrological weather for January 2022. Bookmark this page to get weekly astrology updates every Sunday!

Weekly Astrology for January 1-8

This weekend starts off strong, with the New Moon in Capricorn and Mercury moving into Aquarius. These are influential alignments that are both happening on January 2.

Mercury Moves into Aquarius 2022

This is the beginning of the humanitarian energy. Mercury in Aquarius will have us considering the best ways to speak to large groups of people for maximum impact.

This can manifest in many ways. Social media, news reports, books and magazines, public speaking, mass emails, or any other situation where you are addressing more than one person at a time.

Consider what you want your reputation to be. We can’t pretend that we don’t care how we are viewed by our peers. At the same time, we cannot only focus on the views of others. Instead, think about how you want to contribute to the betterment of the collective, then act on that.

Our relationships with other people are being challenged now. Think about how you’re showing up in these relationships, and how you’re communicating with others. These are influential traits that can hinder or boost you.

New Moon in Capricorn 2022

The New Moon in Capricorn will reinforce this way of thinking because Capricorn loves structure and linear patterns. Now is the time to set ambitious goals for yourself, and for the group of people you work with.

But be sure to actually take inspired action on those goals! Capricorn quickly becomes stagnant and frustrated if progress isn’t being made. There’s a strong sense of discipline and “can do!” type attitudes right now, so take advantage.

Results may come slowly during this lunar cycle, but do not give up! Capricorn refuses to give up, or even change direction, until its certain there will be success.

Achieving success in your ambitious goals is likely going to require some new systems. Luckily, Capricorn is incredible and brainstorming, perfecting, and implementing ideas. Just be careful not to sit on these ideas for too long, otherwise you might lose that fire altogether.

Sun Conjunct Venus 2022

Venus is currently in retrograde. So when it conjuncts the Sun, it will be vital that you balance your intuitive guidance with external information.

Ask yourself to seriously reconsider what you love the most about yourself. I don’t want you to keep bullying yourself forever. On January 8, you’ll have the opportunity to release thoughts of victimhood and empower yourself through love.

This is also a great opportunity to revisit business partnerships. What do you love about your colleagues? Why do you get on well? Return to the root of why you’re in business with them. This will also bleed over into your relationship with money.

January 2022 astrology forecast has a focus on work, money, relationships, and revisiting plans.

Weekly Astrology for January 9-15

Things are slowing down this week with Mercury retrograde approaching. You might already be feeling it–kinda sticky and sluggish, maybe a little foggy.

But that’s okay, that just means it’s time to revisit, revamp, reconsider, and redo things that are calling your attention.

All the answers you’re seeking are already within you. For every problem that arises, especially in the realm of finances and career, go within to find clarity. The thinking mind is going to be active this week. Don’t let it overpower the intuitive mind.

Allow other people to be themselves without forcing them into your way of thinking or doing things. Avoid the temptation to manipulate situations or people. Control is an illusion anyway. Offer your assistance when asked for it, but don’t be forceful.

First Quarter Moon Aries January 2022

Those bold intentions made over the Capricorn New Moon last week are still on fire! Aries is a hard-hitting fire sign that never knows when to quit. Unless things aren’t going perfectly according to plan.

Don’t let perfectionism get you down. Your intentions and goals are still being manifested in your reality. Allow life to be messy right now. Your passion for your goals is infectious, and you are empowered to make your dreams come true.

If you catch yourself falling into the perfectionism trap, allow your intuition to speak up more. Quiet the ego thoughts for a bit, let your subconscious voice remind you that this is part of the process.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius 2022

Mercury retrograde isn’t a great time to make new legal agreements or invest in new technology. Mercury rules over these areas of life, and while in retrograde, these things might fall off the rails.

Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian. During Mercury’s retrograde through this water sign, we’re being guided to reconsider how we express ourselves on a global stage. And how we interpret the messages of others, especially world leaders.

What innovations, policies, guidelines, standards, or community norms can be reinvented? Are these things really serving the masses? How is the status quo causing problems, and how can we make changes?

During this time, work on what you’ve already committed to. Try not to add anything new to your plate if you can help it. Focus on making progress on what you’ve already been working on.

Make sure you’re leaving room on your calendar to rest and recharge mentally. Mercury rules over our thoughts and mind. All this rethinking could lead to burnout or discouragement.

January 2022 astrology forecast has a focus on work, money, relationships, and revisiting plans.

Weekly Astrology for January 16-22

Seriously, are you taking the time to rest and recharge? This is even more important now as we head into this heavy week. Give yourself permission to rest. If you have to tell yourself that rest is “productive,” then do it. Whatever it takes to make resting a priority.

That’s not to say you can’t still make consistent progress. You will make more progress if you’re well rested mentally.

Now is about the time where our intentions from the previous Capricorn New Moon are taking off, or they’re getting ready to pivot. Don’t resist transformation. Don’t tell yourself lies that prevent you from receiving blessings from the Universe.

Limiting beliefs that destroy your potential are coming into question this week. Which only means good things to you! Throwing away these stories might seem scary because they feel comfortable, but in the long run, you’ll be more comfortable (and successful and happier) without them.

Full Moon in Cancer January 2022

Cancer is the sign of emotions, connections, and intuition. With all the other cosmic energies swirling around, we’re likely to get a sudden knowing of what we need to release. And we’ll be ready to do it. Thanks Venus retrograde!

Think back to those limiting beliefs that are coming up for you now. These are being pulled to the surface by the Full Moon so you can let them go. They aren’t serving you.

And you’ll likely experience other heavy emotions coming to the surface that ultimately don’t serve you. Especially if they relate to other people and your bonds with them. These could be current relationships or past. If there are any hard feelings, time to let them go and move on.

Be gentle with yourself and your emotions. We only deal with our emotions (especially the heavy ones) as best we know how to in the moment. Your emotions are valid, regardless of your circumstances. Give them the space they deserve, then let them go because that’s what you deserve.

Uranus Station Direct in Taurus 2022

There’s going to be a bit of lightness midweek when Uranus finally goes direct. It’s been in retrograde since August, and I’m positive there have been a lot of major changes in your life since then. That’s the nature of Uranus.

There’s been a lot of changes in the collective as well, specifically in the realm of finances and business. This entire retrograde cycle has been about recreating humanity’s relationship with money, capitalism, and careers.

Think about all the talk about minimum wages, The Great Resignation, anti-corporations, and the like.

Any changes that have been made this past fall, individually and collectively, will start to be completed now that Uranus is moving forward. Taurus is a stubborn earth sign and doesn’t easily change its mind. Be extra certain that you’re moving in the direction you truly want to be in, because it’s getting reinforced.

Lunar Nodes Changing Signs

The Nodes are mathematically points in the sky that influence the energy we feel from the cosmos, albeit more subtly than the planets. The changes we experience from them are felt on a subconscious level.

The South Node represents our roots and what we have to contribute. The North Node destiny and the path we’re meant to follow.

Mid week, the South Node is moving into the sign of Scorpio. And the North Node is going retrograde in Taurus. The heavy energy is continuing!

The South Node in Scorpio will expose motives and secrets. Particularly ones from major life events of our past. Whether they’re your motives or the motives of others involved, it’s going to require some reflection before we can gain clarity.

The North Node retrograde in Taurus is moving us to explore our true values. Both collectively, and individually. Again, the emphasis is on money, career, business, and capitalism by extension. The pandemic and shutdowns have already triggered this sort of reflection, and it will continue as the North Node goes through its retrograde cycle.

Sun in Aquarius 2022

Aquarius is the type of rebellious air sign that would steal from the rich to give to the poor. It’s very future-oriented and socially conscious. Equality is very important and this energy aligns well with the North Node moving through retrograde.

During this Aquarius season, we are gaining a lot of fresh insight on important social issues. We are intelligently considering all sides of the issues and working towards solutions that are helpful to everyone.

They aren’t quick solutions, though. These are the types of problems that can’t be solved in a day, week, month, or even a year. It’s about creating a future without these issues rather than putting on bandaids.

We’re exploring alternative approaches to things, personally and collectively. We’re asking, “What if?” and fearlessly pursuing the answer.

There’s a much needed lightness of this Aquarius season that will keep us motivated and optimistic. Our intuition is telling us how to make the future brighter, and we’re heeding the call.

January 2022 astrology forecast has a focus on work, money, relationships, and revisiting plans.

Weekly Astrology for January 23-31

There’s a lot of discipline, business plans, and critical thinking floating around right now. All the Earth energies are heavily influencing us, making us think about the material aspects of our lives and society.

We are transforming our way of thinking and behaving in the corporate world. Both within it, and about it. More people are less willing to sacrifice important parts of their lives for corporate millionaires. This is a fantastic transformation aided by Aquarius energy.

A balance still needs to be found though. Corporations can still thrive, and “regular” people can still find fulfilment while being apart of them. We aren’t quite there yet, but we are headed in that direction.

Ask yourself, how are you contributing positively to this transformation within the workforce?

Mars in Capricorn 2022

This is where all the discipline, structure, and action-taking vibes are coming from. Mars is already driven, and Capricorn is also driven. So when these energies combine, you’re feeling unstoppable!

This is great energy for getting out of a rut. Be wary of starting anything totally new though, as Mercury is still in retrograde. However, Mars in Capricorn can make great strides, no matter the direction.

Perhaps you can use this energy to restructure your entire work schedule, workout routine, budget, or anything else that needs to be revamped.

Consider what “success” actually means to you? Don’t worry about how other people define it. What makes you feel happy, fulfilled, grateful, and successful?

Also, ditch the idea of “competition.” It is a myth. Your success does not take away someone else’s. This new mindset will do wonders for you as Mars moves through Capricorn.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn 2022

More Capricorn energy! Mercury is still in retrograde, but it’s changing signs from Aquarius to Capricorn. We’re going from air to fire. We spent the last week or so thinking about our communication, reviewing the plan, and noticing details.

Now, we’re transitioning to building the framework that will house all our new plans. We probably won’t see much progress yet. But, we will begin taking those first steps outlined in the plan. This is especially true in business.

Be aware of how you’re representing yourself. Our reputations are quite malleable right now with this retrograde. There might be some unintended consequences if we aren’t being careful with our words.

Venus and Mercury Direct in Capricorn

The last few days of January are going to be amazing! There will be such a lightness when both Venus and Mercury leave their retrogrades and station direct, both in Capricorn.

Now is the time to take inspired action! Everything will flow easily. Projects will come together beautifully. Relationships, personal and business, will blossom. Any secrets that were exposed are being worked through with confidence and without judgement.

Venus is the planet of love, relationships, planning, and beauty. Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, and agreements. These energies, combined with driven Capricorn, will likely spell out success in these major areas of life.

All the work we’ve been doing to change our minds around money, to challenge workforce norms, and to evolve our thinking around materialism is paying off now.

Throw out any notion of victimhood or disempowerment. If these retrogrades taught us anything, it’s that those feelings have no place in our lives.

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