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Justice Tarot Card


Justice Tarot Meaning

Fairness, equality, truth, revenge, oppression, advocacy 

The Justice tarot card represents just that, was well as fairness and truth. Balance is the overarching theme in this card–balance in life, and in the Universe. 

Every action has a consequence, and those consequences ripple out into the Universe. Eventually, those ripples come back to us. Similar to The Wheel of Fortune tarot card, there’s an element of karma in Justice. 

The Justice tarot card wants us to shift our point of view to be more mindful of how we impact the world around us. Our actions or words do not affect only our lives, they affect the entire collective.

From a Divine perspective, we are all linked together. What benefits the collective also benefits us, and vice versa. Justice wants us to acknowledge this fact and behave in a fair and impartial way. 

Wisdom and freedom have the opportunity to blend together beautifully. The Fool is learning how their actions go beyond their own lives, while maintaining the freedom to choose those actions. 

The Justice tarot card is also an advocate for important social politics. It is impossible for them to think small–their worldview is inclusive and very big-picture. They fight for the moral rights of all beings. 

At the same time, Justice is also concerned with universal order and structure. Without laws and regulations, the collective would descend into chaos–and we would likely see a lot more people being hurt than with the laws in tact. 

The Justice tarot card represents fairness, equality, truth, revenge, oppression, advocacy.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning

In a reading, The Justice tarot card is bringing up the virtue of righteousness. Integrity makes us stronger and more resilient. Doing the right thing isn’t just about your own karma, it’s about keeping the entire human race in good standing. 

Depending on the context of the reading, Justice might be calling you to detach emotionally from a situation so you can better analyse it. Emotions tend to distract us and cloud our judgement. 

In order to make the most logical decisions, emotions need to be set aside. The Justice card doesn’t want to make decisions based on emotions. 

We’re also being guided to consider the differences between fairness and justice. Sometimes what seems fair doesn’t always feel just. But what makes us feel that way? Our emotions, or the actual hard facts of the situation?

Laws of the state (and of the Universe) exist for the betterment and protection of the entire collective. Everyone is expected to follow these laws. And when they don’t, Justice (or karma) will be served. 

Justice Reversed

However, there is a major difference between justice and revenge. The lines sometimes get blurry between them, and the reversed Justice tarot card could indicate this crossover. 

In the midst of a revenge-driven rage, it is vital that we keep our heads–no matter how heinous the actions committed against us. 

The Justice card reversed could be signaling to you that you’re embracing the “eye for an eye” mentality. In the long run, seeking revenge will hurt the entire collective, not just the person who wronged you. 

You may have tricked yourself into believing that revenge is the only way to heal. But causing deliberate harm onto someone else, even if they harmed you first, will cause negative ripples out into the Universe. And those ripples will make their way back to you eventually.

The Justice tarot card represents nonviolent acts of fairness and advocacy. Honesty is always the best policy, as the cliche goes. 

Another interpretation of the reversed Justice tarot card could be total lack of accountability. Motivation is very low, even when the stakes are high.

The Justice tarot card wants us to shift our point of view to be more mindful of how we impact the world around us. Our actions or words do not affect only our lives, they affect the entire collective.

Justice Tarot Guide

The Justice tarot card represents law and order. Those laws may be oppressing you or others, even though they’re meant to keep citizens safe. 

We can all agree that not all government institutions have our best interests in mind when making decisions. Justice is calling our attention to this fact. 

Because the Justice tarot card shows up when we are meant to be taking a stand. Oppression of people greatly disrupts the balance of the Universe, and it is up to us to fight for the collective. When the collective wins, individuals win. 

Justice tarot card wants us to ask ourselves–how are these systems unfair, and how can I change them?


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