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Kyanite: Attuned & Aligned

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Why Love Kyanite?

Kyanite is unique in many ways. It is just as gorgeous in its raw form as it is when its polished. There’s a lovely pearly sheen to it, and I love how the color distribution varies throughout the stone. Every beginner crystal enthusiast should be using it for two main reasons.

First, it doesn’t hold onto negative energy, so cleansing is not necessary. Second, its high vibration almost instantly aligns and opens up all of the chakras.

Kyanite is affordable and readily available. Anything from large, uncut specimens to polished wands and palm stones. As jewelry, kyanite makes for a fabulous pendant or bracelet with its color gradient.

I’m a sucker for any crystal that always looks like it was just pulled from the ground! I love that this stone is so intimately connected with the powerful energy of the Universe. It helps me bring that connection into my everyday life.

A Brief History of Kyanite

The name itself means “deep blue” in Greek, which is the most common color. Also known as “disthene” which means two strengths. Kyanite is special in the sense that it registers at two different levels of hardness on the Mohs scale. Along the length of the crystal it’s 4.5, and across the width it’s 7. Which makes this mineral very tricky to polish and shape. Any metaphyiscal or rock shop should have it available in raw and polished form.

Kyanite has many industrial uses. Usually used in products that are required to withstand incredible amounts of heat. Factories that cast metal, automotive and railroad companies find this stone useful.

Way back in the day, blue kyanite that formed into a dazzling lustrous gemstone was sometimes mistaken for sapphire. Discovery of this crystal is relatively recent, with new colors having been discovered within the last generation. Usually, this mineral forms during the metamorphism of sedimentary rocks under the most extreme conditions–immense amounts of pressure and heat.

Kyanite is a beautiful healing crystal that can greatly enhance your spiritual practices. And the best part: it's self cleansing. Learn more in this post!

Energetic Properties of Kyanite

This is a stone of a very high vibration, and yet it feels very gentle. As mentioned above, this stone does not store any negative energy. Therefore, cleansing is not entirely necessary. Use this crystal to restore a healthy flow of energy to all of the chakras. Extremely versatile and useful for clearing any chakra or aura layer in need of our attention.

Much like labradorite, kyanite can act as an energetic plug to protect and seal the auric field. Say good-bye to those pesky aura leaks that allow unwanted energies to seep in! Wear this lovely stone as jewelry to establish your own personal protective bubble of energy.

To keep your crystals happy and full of energy, it is best practice to cleanse them regularly. Even stones that do not hold onto negative energy can benefit from cleansing. This helps to keep the energetic integrity high while building a personal connection with the stone. A little sound bath now and again can only mean good things!

Kyanite acts as a strong bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Excellent for stimulating intuition and connection with other realms. Alleviates stress, anger, and anxiety. During meditation, kyanite can help guide us towards our purpose and assist in communicating with our spirit guides.

A magnificent meditation companion because it easily relaxes the mind and establishes a connection to higher frequencies. Effortlessly dissolves energy blocks that prevent us from releasing old emotional baggage.

Metaphysical Attributes of Kyanite

Please keep in mind that metaphyiscal attributes are open to interpretation. The following information is based off what I have learned during my own experiences and research. There is no one right or wrong answer. Decide what resonates with you and feel free to disregard what doesn’t.

Chakra: Most closely connects with the three higher chakras; Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. All chakras are opened and activated with this crystal. 

Zodiac: Resonates with the airy energy of Libra. Supports Libra’s intellect while facilitating a stronger connection to other people and spirits. 

Elements: Vibrates with the frequency of air. Represents new beginnings, change, and accessing the ancient knowledge of the Universe.

Pairs Well With: Lapis lazuli, celestite, angelite, tanzanite, jade, herkimer diamond. 

Kyanite connects very deeply with our three higher chakras because of its relationship with the ethereal realm. Working with this gem regularly can help strengthen psychic abilities, making it much easier to call upon spirit guides and angels.

Awesome for channeling and dream-work. Stimulates productive dreams, assisting in lucid dreaming and astral travel. Emits a peaceful energy that combats whirlwind emotions, which gives us an opportunity to reflect calmly.

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Physical Characteristics of Kyanite

This crystal is very common. Mostly mined out of Brazil, but can be found around the globe: USA, Switzerland, Austria, Inida, and Italy. Blue is the signature color of kyanite, but it also comes in black, green, indigo, white, yellow, pink, gray, and orange. Some varieties are more rare than others. High quality kyanite will have a translucent appearance with a pearly sheen, and the color saturation will vary across the specimen.

Kyanite is part of the triclinic crystal system, which is the least symmetric of the seven systems. Because it has “perfect cleavage,” it is very brittle and will always break in long thin sheets. There are traces of aluminum in this crystal, so it is best to not place it directly in water. Has a striated structure with parallel grooves that run down the length of this stone. The texture of kyanite is similar to selenite; both have a sort of feathery look and feel.

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Kyanite is a beautiful healing crystal that can greatly enhance your spiritual practices. And the best part: it's self cleansing. Learn more in this post!

Thank you for reading! I hope you have learned something new. Sending you love and light,


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