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The Law of Attraction for Beginners

This post is a partial excerpt of my book Manifesting Abundance: Transform Your Money Mindset with the Law of Attraction, available now for $4.99 wherever you buy your ebooks!

Law of Attraction Manifestation

In the spiritual community, we define the Law of Attraction as a “universal law of energy that states like-energy attracts more like-energy.” This is where the basic idea of “your thoughts create your reality” comes from because your thoughts are pure energy.

So, whatever thoughts or attitudes we exude is what will come back to us as experiences with matching energetic vibration.

Everything (and I truly mean everything) in the Universe comprises energy. Including us! We carry an energetic vibration. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed or converted.

The Law of Attraction is one of the spiritual rules that govern the Universe. Learn all about its magic and how to manifest abundance for yourself here!

Manifesting Meaning

More often than not, when we wish to manifest a material thing, we want the feeling that material thing brings us.

For example, we might think we want a big, beautiful house in our ideal city. When in reality, we want an aesthetically pleasing house, with just enough room for our entire family, in an area that feels like home.

See how these things are similar, but different? The latter is focusing on the material thing, thinking we will get the feeling we want once we have that thing. The former is focusing on the feeling we want to feel, which results in us getting the thing that will help us feel that way.

The material items, including money, are only tools meant to bring us closer to a feeling, or a certain energy we wish to embody.

Manifesting Money

Abundance is the many blessings of the Universe. It is what we manifest when we truly believe in our hearts we are worthy of all the things we want and need in life, no matter what they are.

Abundance is so much more than money, but it can come to us in the form of money. We cannot deny the important role currency plays in our society, hence the close connection between abundance and money.

But abundance isn’t only about cash. Abundance is more about accepting the many bounties you already have and being grateful for them.

The Law of Attraction is one of the spiritual rules that govern the Universe. Learn all about its magic and how to manifest abundance for yourself here!

Abundance is also knowing you always have more miracles coming your way, and you only need to recognize them when they arrive.

People are funny about money. They don’t like to talk about it. They don’t want to appear gluttonous or expose their finances to the world. People associate having and wanting money with evil, corruption, and sin.

Therefore, they feel like money is icky and something they should avoid. Yet we all need it in order to live comfortably and provide for our families. So what good is it to us to believe money is malicious?

Manifesting Abundance

Money is neutral. It is our mental perceptions of money that make it either good or evil. If we believe money is evil, we likely believe anyone who hoards or wants money is also evil. If we believe money is good, we likely see money as a tool that can help us live our best lives, and help us help others.

Money still matters. Money has, and always will, matter in our society. But our money does not define us, no matter how much or how little we have, or how easily we get or spend it. Like literally everything else in the Universe, money is energy.

Therefore, it’s so important to realize abundance doesn’t just come in the form of money. Abundance energy is all around us, constantly waiting for us to accept it.

Law of Attraction Techniques

These techniques can help make our manifesting efforts a little more tangible. The more often we can partake in these techniques, the quicker we’ll transform our mindset, our vibration, and our lives.

Scripting Law of Attraction

A simple and super effective way to map out what you want to bring into your life. Scripting is a journaling technique where you narrate your own dream life, as if it’s happening right now.

You’re giving yourself a play-by-play of what your life will be like once you receive your manifestation, as if you are already living it.

Make sure you’re using positive, first person, active language. Avoid words like “when” and “if,” because they imply uncertainty.


Similar to scripting, visualizing is picturing your dream life in your head as if you’re already living it. Our thoughts become our reality.

So focusing our thoughts on how our lives will be once we receive our manifestation can help speed up the process.

You might find visualization much easier if you script first, then read through what you have written slowly. Picture what you have written in your head, as if you were reading a book.

You may use your imagination a bit here, but this is far from imaginary. It’s your new reality!

Abundance is also knowing you always have more miracles coming your way, and you only need to recognize them when they arrive.

Manifesting Affirmations

Affirmations are positive, active, “I” statements that we repeat to ourselves, either aloud, written, or in our head.

We know affirmations work wonders because we already use them, but chances are we’ve been using negative affirmations without realizing it.

Positive self talk in the form of affirmations can change our lives in so many ways. Our mental health will improve, which will have a domino effect on our lives. This concept isn’t “spiritual” per se, it’s a fact of life.

Setting Intentions

Setting intentions shapes our direction and helps us take action, while also keeping our hearts and minds open to changing direction.

Goals are very clear cut. We set goals when we want to achieve something very specific, such as losing a certain amount of weight. Intentions are semi-specific.

We set intentions when we want to change something about our lives with no quantitative result, such as improving our physical health. Both require action and planning. But one is pass/fail while the other is more free flowing.

With your manifesting intentions, you’re still creating and following an action plan. Rather than having a clear finish line (like with a goal), you’re adopting a fresh way of being.

The Law of Attraction is one of the spiritual rules that govern the Universe. Learn all about its magic and how to manifest abundance for yourself here!

Making a Vision Board

This is where manifesting can get fun and creative. Create a gorgeous vision board for your office, something that illustrates your manifesting goals.

You could also make digital vision boards with Pinterest. Create a new board (secret or private) and pin images or quotes that represent your new reality.

If you use a physical planner, you could also dedicate a page to a mini vision board, one that’s hyper focused and easy to visit.

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Law of Attraction Book

Thank you for reading! Now that you have some manifesting techniques to try, it’s time to dig deeper.

My newest book, Manifesting Abundance, is available now wherever you get your ebooks. If you feel inspired after this post, you’ll be amazed at how transformative the entire book is. I hope you enjoy, and thank you for your support!

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