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Manifesting for Beginners

What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is the deliberate act of co-creating your own reality with the laws of the Universe. Every single one of us can create anything we want to create in our lives.

We are all worthy of having what we want, and the Universe wants us to have what we want.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) and manifesting go hand in hand. Both terms have become rather trendy in the last few decades, but don’t let that fact scare you away. They are trendy for good reason; people all over the world are waking up and realizing the power of their own vibrations.

Vibrations we send out into the Universe will always come back to us stronger and more intense. Good or bad, harmful or helpful, they always come back to us, and they are reflected (or manifested) in our current reality.

Having a grasp on how the energy of the Universe operates will allow you to take full advantage and create what you wish to have. Anything from true love, to children, to a thriving garden, to good health, and so on. These things and more can be manifested into reality with the help of the energetic Universe.

Manifesting is the deliberate act of co-creating your own reality with the laws of the Universe. Every single one of us can create anything we want to create in our lives.

How to Manifest

There is no perfect “step by step” way to manifest. But it’s important to know there are a few components at work here. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet, you’ll figure out your own manifesting style. There are also lots of different manifesting methods to experiment with. 

Here are seven concise guidelines to manifesting, perfect for those who have never dabbled in manifesting before:

Get clear on your goals, intentions, and motivations

The very first step in both manifesting and goal achieving is to get specific on what you’re actually striving for. Goals are usually tangible and measurable. Intentions are usually more ambiguous, and revolve around lifestyle changes rather than destinations. 

To manifest either, you need to dig deep. Be as clear as you possibly can about what you wish to bring into your life. The Universe will have a hard time co-creating with you if you’re not specific enough. 

The second half of this is getting clear on your biggest motivations. The “why” behind your goals and intentions plays a big role in whether or not you succeed. Keep asking yourself “Why do I want that?” until you get to the root of your goals and intentions. 

Release any fear or limiting beliefs

Many people don’t even realize they’re afraid of their own success. They might deny this at first, until they start to recognize how they’re always standing in their own way. 

Excuses, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging habits are some of the ways people prevent their own success. Waiting for perfect circumstances, or believing things that are the opposite of what they’re trying to manifest, or clinging to things that no longer serve them. 

All of these are examples of what need to be released in order to manifest something new. 

These habits and mindsets have gotten you to where you are now. You wouldn’t be trying to manifest something new if you wanted to stay here. So you must let go of whatever blocks are keeping you where you are. Do this by journaling about it, enlisting the help of your Spirit Guides, and/or embodying a new mindset. 

Align vibrationally with your intention

Once you’ve completed the previous step, it’s time to fill up that energetic void with new habits and mindsets that are in vibrational alignment with your desired manifestation. 

Think about the version of yourself that has what you’re working to co-create. What do they do? What do they believe? How do they behave? 

Embody their energy, their beliefs, and their attitudes. Ask yourself, “WWMFSD?” What would my future self do? 

And be sure to maintain this new vibrational alignment, as well. Don’t slip back into old habits, even though it will be tempting. Remember that you must do and be something different in order to manifest something different. 

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Practice manifesting techniques that feel good

There are lots of different manifesting methods and exercises. My personal favorite is scripting, which is where I journal about my dream scenario in a narrative, present tense voice. 

“Every week, all my client sessions are fully booked with people who are excited to work with me. I wake up every day empowered and ready to serve them.” See below for more manifesting methods other than scripting. 

Take mindful actions towards goals and intentions

If you don’t take action, you’ll never receive anything from the Universe. Remember, it’s called “co-creating” for a reason. The Universe is working behind the scenes for you. So you have to run the show up front, doing what you have to do to make room for your manifestation to come into your life. 

Be sure that you’re taking inspired actions that are in alignment with what you want to manifest. 

For example, redoing your monthly budget can help you manifest more money. Not only will you cut unnecessary expenses, but you’ll be more mindful of where your money is going, therefore being more responsible with all money-making decisions. 

Have an attitude of gratitude

The inability to be grateful shows an inner belief that there’s always something better somewhere else. This may seem counterintuitive because the whole point of working with the LOA is to manifest something different that you want to have. However, we cannot manifest something that will make us happy if we currently do not feel happy. 

The Law of Attraction will always send us more of what we are, not necessarily something we want. Therefore gratitude is invaluable when manifesting. If we are happy with what we have, we will continue to receive even more blessings. 

Release attachment to the “what” and the “how” 

Take action, but also let go of expectations. Work towards your goals, while also being open to new possibilities. Follow your intuition wherever it guides you. 

The details aren’t your concern. That’s the Universe’s job! Your job is to focus on the destination. Your divine connection to Source will bring you there, so long as you’re not restricting yourself by believing you have to take a certain path to get there. 

Learn how to manifest your wildest dreams in just thirty days. Seriously, you’re only four weeks away from living abundantly!

Manifesting Methods for Beginners

As stated above, there are lots of ways to mindfully work towards your manifestation. Taking action is crucial because the Universe is not your magical genie. The Universe is your co-creator, and nothing will be created if action is not being taken by you. 


Scripting is a journaling technique where you narrate your own dream life, as if it’s happening right now. 

You’re giving yourself a play-by-play of what your life will be like once you receive your manifestation, as if you are already living it. 

Make sure you’re using positive, first person, active language. Avoid words like “when” and “if,” because they imply uncertainty.

Visualizing and Vision Boards

Visualizing is picturing your dream life in your head as if you’re already living it. Our thoughts become our reality. So focusing our thoughts on how our lives will be once we receive our manifestation can help speed up the process.

An extension of this is a vision board. Vision boards affect our subconscious brain, therefore changing our behaviors and beliefs so they’re more aligned with our goals and intentions. Creating vision boards is easy and fun


Affirmations are positive, active, “I” statements that we repeat to ourselves, either aloud, written, or in our head. Anything we consistently repeat to ourselves will leave impressions on our subconscious mind, regardless of how true it is. 

That’s why affirmations are perfect for manifesting. We help ourselves believe in a new reality by changing the core beliefs of our subconscious mind.

Here’s a situation that is all too common. In my experience, manifesting good things in your life “doesn’t work” because of only a handful of factors. Believe me, the LOA is a simple concept that often gets over analyzed.

Signs Your Manifestation is Not Working

Here’s a situation that is all too common. In my experience, manifesting good things in your life “doesn’t work” because of only a handful of factors. Believe me, the LOA is a simple concept that often gets over analyzed.

In every single moment, the LOA is working to manifest the next moment—so the vibrations you send out right now are creating your future.

Is what you’re feeling right now something you want to be present in your future? Your mindset is probably not where it needs to be if the LOA doesn’t appear to be benefiting you. You won’t attract what you want if you’re in a mental state of:

  • Not believing in deliberate manifesting altogether
  • Not believing you are worthy of what you want, or
  • Not believing what you want is realistic

The absolute number one component to manifesting is gratitude. Without an attitude of gratitude for what you’ve already manifested, you’ll never be able to manifest something new.

5 Manifesting Misconceptions

Because of all the buzz around manifesting and the LOA, there is a lot of skepticism out there. Understandable, especially if you’re someone who has tried to manifest positivity but only felt like they have failed.

Let me tell you, friends—failing doesn’t exist with manifesting. All the energy within you is being used to manifest something or other, it just depends on where you’re directing that energy.

Below I have listed five of the major misconceptions I have seen lately surrounding manifesting. Common blocks that people experience that prevent them from being able to manifest what they desire most.

Focusing too much on desire

If your affirmations sound something like “I will be rich, I will lose weight, etc.,” you’re only ever going to manifest more of the perpetual state of “I will.”

Rather than constantly thinking about how badly you wish you had this or that, act as if you’ve already manifested it. By only focusing on the desire, the Universe will only send you more desire because that matches your vibrations. It’s the Law of Attraction at work!

You have unlimited potential & worth, you will get what you desire most. Be happy and grateful in this present moment because you are getting what you desire.

Not being open to new possibilities 

Don’t limit your manifesting abilities to one very specific path. What we really care about is the outcome, not necessarily how we get there.

Being closed-minded in this way will not give the Universe space to work Its magic. Be specific about what you want, not how you want to get there.

You want to get married more than anything, so you take actions to manifest a diamond engagement ring from your partner who has known commitment issues. Then you’re frustrated, angry, and ready to give up when the ring never appears.

Instead, try manifesting a long, happy, and loyal marriage with a partner that loves and respects you. See how these intentions differ.

Learn how to manifest your wildest dreams in just thirty days. Seriously, you’re only four weeks away from living abundantly!
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Disregarding the good of all

“For the good of all, or not at all” is a motto that avid manifesters need to live by.

Acknowledging the mysterious ways of the Universe allows the energy to flow freely, which will cause fantastic manifestations for all people, not just for yourself. Manifesting is not a selfish act, but it becomes selfish if you don’t care how your reality affects other peoples’ realities.

Not being clear enough

If you think you know exactly what you want, dig deeper. Ask “Why?” to yourself continuously until you feel you have reached the true reason you wish to manifest this thing.

“I wish to manifest the winning lottery ticket.” Why? “So then I’ll have lots of money.” Why do you want lots of money? “So I can be financially free.” Why do you want to be financially free? “So I can quit my job and spend more time with my family.”

In this example, the manifester doesn’t want to win the lottery; they want to spend time with their loved ones, which is much more likely to manifest because it’s what they truly want.

Holding onto old energy from the past 

In order to embrace the future, you MUST release the past. Purge yourself of old ideals and limiting beliefs to unlock your manifesting abilities.

Remember: nothing changes if nothing changes. You want your future to differ from your past, so you have to do something different now. Forgive, let go, move on, and manifest your dreams.


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