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Manifesting Mindset


Manifesting with the Universe

What is holding you back from successfully manifesting with the Law of Attraction? It’s probably not obvious to you. And it involves a contradiction. 

It’s a black and white mindset. It’s keeping you from co-creating miracles with the Universe, which is your birthright. 

A black and white mindset has been conditioned into us through millions of years of evolution favoring logic and critical reasoning. And reinforced by societal norms and expectations. 

It’s not a bad thing inherently. In fact, we need our critical minds to think in black and white terms in order to complete most of our day to day activities. 

What to eat for dinner? How much to budget for groceries? What color to paint the walls?

Simple questions are easily addressed with a black and white mindset. But it doesn’t work for mindfully manifesting miracles. 

This is the topic of this post. How to shift from a black and white mindset and instead operate from the gray area in order to manifest miracles!

In order to manifest your desired outcome, you must take action, while simultaneously being open to new possibilities. You have to be willing to step away from the plan if you’re being guided somewhere else. 

Black and White Mindset

So this topic has been coming up within my coaching client conversations. And I realized there was a gap in understanding of how manifesting actually works. 

My clients come to me because they know the power of mindful manifesting. They just need a little help figuring out why the Law of Attraction isn’t yet working in their favor yet. 

Because everyone has the power to create their own reality. Everyone can utilize the Universal Law of Attraction to literally design their own lives. 

You are the writer of your own story. You are holding the pen, and whatever you write down will come to fruition.

But there is a catch with this whole manifesting business. A trick, if you will. A mindset hack, even. It’s shifting from thinking in black and white, to thinking in gray. 

Our black and white mindset stems from our plans and actions combined with our desired outcome. 

How I teach manifesting involves creating a strategy plan that will bring you closer to your desired outcome. Then you take mindful action on your plans. That’s the first half of it, and the second half of it is where the magic comes in, which is detachment. 

The first half alone is more aligned with “goal achieving” and not necessarily manifesting. And here’s where the contradiction comes in. 

Manifesting Contradiction

In order to manifest your desired outcome, you must take action, while simultaneously being open to new possibilities. You have to be willing to step away from the plan if you’re being guided somewhere else. 

Yes, you must make a plan. Yes, you must take action on that plan. Yes, you must clearly know exactly what you’re calling in from the Universe. Yes, you must detach completely from all these things in order for it to come into your life. 

And here’s why. The Universe doesn’t operate in black and white. The Universe operates in the gray. It needs plenty of wiggle room, otherwise it will be too difficult to send you precisely what you’re trying to call in. 

But at the same time, you must take some sort of action in order for the Universe to do Its part. So it’s a contradiction. Create a plan using our logical, black and white brain. Follow our intuition into the gray area when the time comes. 

This is where I was seeing the disconnect in my clients recently. They were having a hard time with the idea of creating a plan but also moving away from the plan. 

The plan is necessary. And detachment is also necessary. 

The plan illustrates multiple things to the Universe. One, that you’re ready and willing to do your fair share of the work. It is “co-creating,” after all. Two, that you have a clear direction that you’re headed and want to go in. 

Without a plan, you’re just making wishes. Wishes are the starting point, not the act of manifesting. Without you taking strategic action, the Universe has no direction. 

But detachment is what allows the Universe to work its magic. If we cleave to the plan and the specific outcome, the Universe doesn’t have enough room to move things around in our lives and in the world to make way for our manifestation. 

Detachment doesn’t mean not caring about receiving your manifestation. Detachment is about trust and faith. An innate understanding that letting go is what ultimately brings success. 

Hanging on too tightly to our action plans and our desired outcome is a mindset based in scarcity. Our black and white mindset is one that limits our potential and burns us out. It convinces us that without a clear path, we can never reach our destination. 

But this isn’t true. These are thoughts of the ego, thoughts that we have been conditioned to believe. That we can follow a specific formula and get the exact results we were expecting and be done with it. 

In order to manifest your desired outcome, you must take action, while simultaneously being open to new possibilities. You have to be willing to step away from the plan if you’re being guided somewhere else. 

Operating in the Gray

Manifesting is a journey. It’s not a formula with a neat step-by-step equation. While there are steps/phases to manifest mindfully, it’s not rigid by any means. 

Imagine a paint by number canvas. There’s a canvas with a pre-drawn picture on it. And each element of the picture is broken up into numbered sections. The picture comes with a corresponding, limited array of colors. 

The intention is to match the numbers in the sections of the picture with the same number on the pain bottle, and when you’re done you can step back and have a completed picture. 

This is like plain, unmagical goal achieving. Great for beginners, good to get the habits and self discipline cultivated. But for it to become art, you must paint outside the lines. Eventually, you have to create your own picture and fill it in with your own colors. You cannot rely on a predetermined regime forever. 

When you begin painting on your own canvas from your own imagination, you still go in with a sketch. There’s a general idea, or a feeling, you wish to capture. You have a color pallet in mind, a certain aesthetic you’re aiming for. 

But once you start painting, you allow yourself plenty of room to color outside the lines, let the muse take you, use any color you’d like. And in the end, you’re left with something even more beautiful than your original plan. And it still captures all the ideas and feelings you wanted to capture. 

That’s what manifesting is. 

You start with a plan, but you maintain a willingness to veer off course. You have an end-vision in mind, but you’re open to letting it evolve on its own. 

Always Dream Big

No matter how big you dream, the Universe has even BIGGER dreams for you. I am always reminding my clients of this. 

It is our egos, the black and white mindsets, that refuse to see our full potential. 

The ego is seeing our goal as the paint-by-number canvas. If we just fill in the right colors in the right places, we’ll be left with a completed picture. But how often does anything actually play out that way?

The Universe sees our dreams as the blank canvas. We approach the canvas with an idea, we let the muse take over, and we’re left with a full canvas that is much more miraculous than our original idea. 

The muse is not helping you fill in the paint-by-number. The Universe isn’t helping you achieve goals. The Universe is helping you paint a masterpiece on the blank canvas of your life! 

The gray area is where the Universal magic of manifesting comes alive. That is where the muse lives. That is where intuition meets up with our intention. 

Manifesting (and likewise, creating art) starts with an intention. In order to work towards that intention, we have to take some steps in that direction. After letting go of attachment and opening up to new possibilities, intuition begins to lead us. 

Successful manifesting means operating from the gray area, not from the black and white. Magic doesn’t like confines. It needs room to roam on its own free will. 

If the black and white mindset persists for too long, we might give up and think this whole “manifesting” isn’t working. But it’s so much more than just mindful action. It’s all about changing your mindset from strict problem solving to fluidity. 

In order to manifest your desired outcome, you must take action, while simultaneously being open to new possibilities. You have to be willing to step away from the plan if you’re being guided somewhere else. 

Free Spiritual Coaching

If you’ve been feeling like you’re painting by number and not free-flowing like an artist, I want to help you. 

I am offering you a free spiritual coaching session where I guarantee you will have a manifesting breakthrough! 

I can help you identify your thought patterns keeping you in the black and white, and I’ll help you transition into the gray. 

We will come up with an intentional action plan, as well as techniques to help you build trust as you learn to co-create with the Universe. 

It’s amazing how much 45 minutes can transform everything. Allow me to show you! Go to spirituallyinspired.co/freesession to book yours! 

Now that you know the culprit is a black and white mindset, it’s time to banish it for good. You don’t have to figure out how to do that on your own. Book your call with me and we will work on it together!


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