Manifesting Bundle

How to manifest for beginners, how to use the law of attraction

What if we could systemize


Armed with this Law of Attraction roadmap, you’ll finally be able to tap into your inner manifesting master. Discover the power of the four manifesting phases and how to use them with intention. Then rinse, and repeat!

This Bundle Includes:

✓  60 Minute Manifesting Workshop

✓  Practical Manifesting Ebook

✓  Manifesting with the Law of Attraction 30 Day Workbook

You'll Learn:

→ About my exclusive four phases of manifesting approach taught to all my private clients

→ How to pinpoint exactly which phase you’re currently in, and what you need to do to move forward 

→ The unspoken truths about the Law of Attraction

→ Your own manifesting style and how to use it to your personal advantage

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