Ready to finally manifest your DREAM life?


Uncover a systemized method to manifesting with the Universe using the Law of Attraction.

4 private sessions - endless transformation

This is the program where you learn the lifelong skill of manifesting mindfully. 

Think about the possibilities! 

Do you feel the truth of the Law of Attraction in your soul, you just need to hammer out the details? THIS IS THE SYSTEM FOR YOU! 

Are you exploring your unique style of spirituality, possibly for the first time, and want to transform your life this year? 




And yes, this is a manifesting system beyond just “thinking” your way to change. 


Any time you want to call in something new through the infinite magic of the Universe, THIS is what you need to do:

Find your perfect starting point within the four manifesting phases and curate a personalized manifesting plan, including techniques and practices to integrate into your daily life. 

A manifesting system


in this program you will discover...

  • How to cultivate your personalized spiritual practice that supports your growth and manifesting
  • What your hidden subconscious limiting beliefs are, and how to dispel them for good
  • The unique ways your team of spirit guides are communicating with you 
  • Your soul’s purpose and how to fully embody it
  • How to finally release emotional baggage holding back your manifesting power 
  • Physical relief from symptoms of dis-ease in your energetic body. Less muscle and joint aches, improved chronic symptoms, and more. 

Manifest On Purpose

A flexible manifesting roadmap tailored to your specific intentions, intuitive gifts, and healing journey.

program details....

  • Four consecutive 75 minute crystal reiki + coaching sessions to hold space for integration, exploration, healing, support
  • Personalized Crystal Reiki Meditation at the start of every single session, for as long as you need. Sometimes it’s 15 minutes, other times it’s 45. Your sessions are whatever you need them to be
  • Tangible action items and take-aways from each coaching session, along with messages from Spirit as they come 
  • Spiritual healing and personal epiphanies through the power of crystal reiki from a Certified Crystal Healer and Usui Reiki Master

A $1,200 VALUE!


If you're struggling to manifest, START DOING THE DEEP INNER WORK!

Hi friends! My name is Sara Rae and I have created a repeatable manifesting system. After years of working in tandem with the Law of Attraction, I’ve manifested my dream life and have helped other women do the same. 

After experiencing repeated manifesting success (beyond my wildest dreams!), I began to recognize the phases we move through while working with the Universe. 

This is exactly what I will teach you during Manifest On Purpose

But this program goes beyond lessons and coaching. With the addition of crystal reiki in all sessions, you’ll be changing your energy, healing, growing, and transforming from the inside out! 

Because like energy attracts more like energy. If we want to change what we’re bringing into our lives, our energy has to change. And this happens through crystal reiki + coaching. 

We approach healing in a truly holistic way! Energetic healing for the body and soul, coaching for the mind. 


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