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Monthly Astrology for February 2022


February 2022 Astrology

February may be the shortest month of the year, but there is no shortage of astrological opportunities and developments. February of 2022 has us turning our attention to things that have been uncovered recently. We can’t un-know what we are now aware of. 

Taking the time to work through these things will pay off greatly for you and your loved ones. Whether it’s trauma, secrets, shadows, limiting beliefs, or anything else, it’s nothing you can’t handle. And it’s nothing you’re meant to hang onto forever. 

Our intuition will be heightened and extra sensitive in February. All the magical planets and zodiacs in astrology are active. Which is good for us because we won’t have to worry too much about logistics if we pay attention to our intuition. 

There’s also a lot of drive and ambition coming up over the next few weeks. We are meant to take action, finding new opportunities and collaborations. However, we don’t want to stretch ourselves too thin, be overbearing in our collaborations, or avoid them altogether because of fear. 

Overall, February is a month that might bring some intensity into our lives and work. Depending on your point of view, that could be exciting or terrifying. New beginnings and new thoughts are gracing us with the chance to change. Will you explore them? 

February 2022 astrology includes Pisces season beginning, the Full Moon in Leo, the New Moon in Aquarius, Imbolc, the US Pluto return, and a lot more.

Weekly Astrology Forecast February 1-5

This week is exciting because there’s a sabbat to kick things off! Imbolc is happening on February 1-2, accompanying the Aquarius New Moon. We also have Mercury stationing direct, Mars sextile Jupiter, Sun conjunct Saturn, and Moon squaring Venus. 

Most of this week will have us looking at innovative ways to reinvent ourselves. Not in a “I’m disregarding everything I’ve done so far,” kind of way. But rather, in the kind of way that illustrates your most authentic self. 

Set aside time in your schedule for just yourself. The weekend energies may feel a little tense, and you may feel a little defensive. 

That’s okay–we’re only being guided by the Cosmos to consider who we are as people and how we want to be remembered by others. That’s a touchy subject for most people. 

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly come up with the most brilliant idea you’ve ever had this week! If you do, bring it to life through actions you wouldn’t normally take. A unique idea requires unique execution. 

New Moon in Aquarius 2022

Ahh, new beginnings abound! Imbolc is a season marker, exposing the first signs of springtime. This energy pairs very well with the New Moon in Aquarius. 

All New Moons are a good opportunity to start again. With the seasons slowly starting to shift at this particular New Moon, whatever gets started now will blossom in the coming months as spring replaces the winter (Northern Hemisphere). 

Aquarius is humanitarian, so we’re going to feel an itch to make the world a better place. Somehow…but how? Our thoughts are feeling rather practical now with Saturn’s influence. We can take advantage of this energy to make concrete action plans regarding how you contribute to humanity. 

Consider your unique set of skills, interests, passions, and natal planets. All these things can help you figure out how you support humanity as an individual.

What changes do you want to see in your immediate circle of people? Your local community? The state or country you live in? And the world as a whole? Everything you do contributes in some way, so contribute mindfully. 

Mercury in Capricorn 2022

Sigh of relief! Influential Mercury will leave its retrograde on February 3 and begin barreling forward. If you’re feeling like an unstoppable CEO and your thoughts are flooded with business/career growth ideas, thank Mercury in Capricorn. 

Mercury and Mars are both in Capricorn right now, making you feel more ambitious than you probably have in a while. Take advantage! But avoid burnout and hone your focus. It would be wise to only work on your biggest, most important goal for 2022 right now. 

Themes around self discipline and self worth are going to come up as you try to move forward. You cannot ignore them and also make lasting progress. Sure, you can try, but whatever you work towards without addressing these inner issues will not be rooted in a strong foundation. 

Do this by communicating clearly and honestly with yourself about your inner fears. The struggles you’re facing regarding your work and passions are valid. 

Give yourself grace, and counter those feelings with positive affirmations and self reassurance. No need to wait for someone else to say “Good job!” to you when you can simply say it to yourself, and believe it.

Weekly Astrology Forecast February 6-12

Have you been listening to your intuition lately? Because that skill will come in handy this week. There’s some intensity going on in the skies over the next few days, and it will be helpful to have our Higher Selves guiding us. 

We have Moon conjunct Uranus, the First Quarter Moon, Mars trine Uranus, Moon trine Saturn, Mercury conjunct Pluto, and Moon opposite Mars.

So it’s not all bad, but there are some planets that can get easily frustrated in challenging positions this week. That’s not inherently bad, it just means we adopt a different mindset to work through the energy. It’s always for our highest good. 

Do what you need to do to disengage when you need to. Cultivate enough self awareness to recognize when things are becoming too stressful. This advice is going to be repeated in next week’s astrology forecast, so practicing this skill will work in your favor. 

Our values, our motivations, and our methods are being reviewed now. Nothing major is happening (yet), we’re simply examining what’s there from all angles. 

You might find it helpful to consider the paths your ancestors took to get you to where you are now. Consider what was going on with your family several generations ago. If you don’t know that information, consider the previous generations of people that share the same heritage. 

Watch your mood and temper this weekend. Aggression will come all too easily if you give into every unfavorable impulse. 

First Quarter Moon in Taurus 2022

On February 8, the First Quarter Moon will shift into Taurus. We were likely feeling really good about the direction we were headed. And now, the Universe is playing devil’s advocate, in the most loving way. 

Are we really going where we want to be going? Is this the best route to get there? Why do we want to go there, anyway? The stubbornness of Taurus will want to throw a wrench in our progress, only to get our attention so we can consider these important questions. 

Even with Taurus being difficult, this is still great energy to work with. You’ll likely still see progress towards the New Moon intentions you set last week. 

On the same day, Mars will trine Uranus (also in Taurus). Mars in Capricorn is effectively moving us towards our goals, especially if we stay focused and continue to work hard. Uranus in Taurus is disrupting how we would normally do things–which ultimately will work out better than we imagined. 

Weekly Astrology Forecast February 13-19

We often talk about setting boundaries and saying “no” as forms of self care. This week, that is especially true. Take it to heart. There’s a new transit and/or planetary shift happening every single day this week, as well as a strong full moon. 

Ready for it? We have Moon trine Neptune, Mercury entering Aquarius, Moon square Uranus, Venus conjunct Mars, Full Moon in Leo, Jupiter sextile Uranus, Sun entering Pisces, and Moon trine Mercury. 

You may feel called to review your values and morals–what is really important to you? Where do you stand? What’s your agenda? And how do you feel about your convictions? 

They’ll probably get questioned and rattled around this week. Either commit and stand your ground, or reconsider your opinions and take a new perspective. Then, there will be a refreshing sense of balance and alignment. By the weekend, you’ll be able to clearly articulate what’s in your heart as your new values settle in. 

Expect that your reevaluation of your values gets reflected on the global stage. The citizens will continue to stand up together and demand change. This feeling of impending transformation in society is growing stronger by the day as the USA approaches its Pluto return (more on this next week). 

Mercury in Aquarius 2022

Mercury is the planet of communication. Aquarius is the humanitarian. When these energies combine, we’re better able to speak directly to large groups of people about what’s most important to us. 

Now is a great time to finally start that podcast, write the first chapters of that book, set up that important meeting, and even survey the people you’re leading. Speak outwards on behalf of others in order to inspire others. 

The way you form your sentences, verbally and written, is unique to you. And your worldview is unique, too. That’s why it’s so important that you get your message out into the world because no one has quite the same take you have. 

February 2022 astrology includes Pisces season beginning, the Full Moon in Leo, the New Moon in Aquarius, Imbolc, the US Pluto return, and a lot more.

Full Moon in Leo 2022

I love Leo energy! It’s so creative and vibrant. Even during a Full Moon, Leo is eccentric and lively. This Full Moon will feel creative in the most relaxing and rejuvenating way. 

Moons in Leo pull all of our emotions to the surface. Expression is an absolute must. Use your preferred method of creativity to let out all the emotions you’re feeling, whatever that looks like. Otherwise, you’re at risk for angry outbursts directed at the wrong people. 

Leo is generous, so find a midway point between serving yourself and serving others. Jot down all inspired ideas that come to mind, and see how you can apply them to your personal and global goals. 

Discipline and structure provide the most freedom. When there’s a framework, our minds are free to focus on other things within the framework, rather than concerning ourselves with the framework itself. Build those frameworks, and appreciate the structure. 

Sun in Pisces 2022

Dreamy, intuitive, compassionate Pisces becomes the star of the show this week. As the Sun moves into this watery sign, we’re all going to soften up a bit. There’s a mystical feeling in the air. People are fantasizing more than ever–and it feels great. 

Until it becomes too much. We want to be careful not to use our dreams as escape. Pisces often struggles with being grounded. It would rather float on Cloud 9 all day. But at some point, we have to face the current state of our reality. 

Luckily, Pisces has many excellent qualities that we can embody as we deal with our Earthly lives. Most notably is the intuition. Pisces always has a strong connection to the higher vibrational energies, which is helpful when we need guidance or need reassurance. 

Pisces is also extremely compassionate and empathetic. Pour these skills into your passions. Use these skills whenever something gets disrupted. Remember what and who matters most to you when things get difficult.

Weekly Astrology Forecast February 20-28

There is a lot of tension coming up this week, both internally and externally. Now, more than ever, we are being guided to cultivate a spiritual practice that brings us closer to Source energy. 

If you already have a steady spiritual practice, do more of it. This will bring enormous amounts of comfort during some of the inevitable upheaval. 

This week includes Moon squaring Mars, Moon squaring Saturn, the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius, Mars sextile Neptune, Mercury square Uranus, Venus sextile Neptune, Moon sextile Sun, Moon conjunct Mercury, and the USA Pluto return. We’ll talk about the USA Pluto return in more detail in a moment. 

Our personal brand of spirituality is so special and important to us! That’s why my entire brand, Spiritually Inspired exists–to help mystics cultivate their unique spiritual beliefs and practices. However, pushing our beliefs onto others never results in anything positive.

We love our spirituality. It brings us so much joy, comfort, and understanding. We only want to share that with others, so our intentions usually aren’t inherently bad. But it’s a fine line between expressing our spiritual self, and forcing our spiritual self onto others. 

Be careful not to cross that line. Answer questions politely and lead by example, but don’t let your words become spiritual weapons of conversion. 

Use that vigorous desire to share your spirituality with others to nurture it within yourself more. Others will notice and follow suit if it resonates. Make all those connections for yourself first, and if someone else is meant to see those connections too, they will. 

In the same regard, don’t be disempowered if someone is questioning all you believe and value. If this happens, know that they are simply a mirror of your inner world. Explore the triggers they brought up with an open mind and heart. The Universe will guide you through the questions and complications. 

February 2022 astrology includes Pisces season beginning, the Full Moon in Leo, the New Moon in Aquarius, Imbolc, the US Pluto return, and a lot more.

United States Pluto Return 2022

Pluto is a very slow-moving planet. It has been almost 250 years since Pluto was at this exact degree and sign, which is 27 degrees of Capricorn. The last time it was in this place, we deemed the USA an official nation. Thus, it’s the United States’ Pluto return. 

Pluto is the planet of destruction, rebuilding, transformation, collapse, foundation, power, rebirth, and mystery. Honestly, it gets a bad rap. There’s nothing inherently “bad” about Pluto. It simply provides us the opportunity to start again, by destroying everything that’s already been built. 

The effects of this return began a year ago when Pluto began approaching the 27th degree of Capricorn. There has been reform left and right in our country since then. 

Systems that aren’t serving the country anymore around health care, education, public services, the workforce, the government, and the economy of business are all falling down at mind-blowing rates. And there is a TON of resistance. We can’t blame the US citizens for resisting change, because we do that on a personal level, too. 

Change is hard, especially on a national scale. I firmly believe what we are calling the Great Resignation is resulting from this Pluto return. People are standing up, refusing to be idle cogs in a machine that doesn’t care about their humanity. It’s absolutely amazing. 

There will be a lot of other repercussions as well, thanks to our Pluto return. All the foundational values America has been “built” upon are being questioned. This will continue over the next two years (at least) as Pluto moves through this position. 

The effects of this return began a year ago when Pluto began approaching the 27th degree of Capricorn. There has been reform left and right in our country since then. 

Pluto is ruled by Scorpio, which is the sign that loves the mystery, the darkness, the shadows, and the secrets. All these secrets and revelations are being exposed. We cannot unlearn or unsee things now, so we as a nation are required to take action and rebuild using the new information available to us. 

What will this look like? On a national level, expect to continue to see mass strikes, protests, and workforce reform. People will continue to boycott and vote with their hard-earned dollars. Not since the birth of our nation have our values been our number one priority. We’re reinventing our society with the same determination the founding people had. 

I also suspect that awareness and interest around crypto currency and NFTs will continue to grow as everything we ever knew about economics is being challenged (basically obliterated). Our nation is entering a new way of life, and ultimately it will be better for all the citizens. 

What about individually? If you’re a US citizen, your soul chose to come into this life at this particular time, so on a cosmic level you signed up to experience this rare transit. As such, on a personal level you’ll likely feel this Pluto return as a reevaluation of all the things you’ve been taught to value (or not taught at all). 

The first few years of the 2020s have made almost everyone reconsider what’s most important in their lives, as well as the role they play in society. And it’s happening on a subconscious level, slowly over time.

 We’re not all going to wake up tomorrow and only have crypto currency in our economy. But the landscape will certainly look different two years from now. 

Created by Sara Rae Hoaglund. All rights reserved.


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