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Moon Astrology for Manifesting


Moon Astrology

The Moon is incredibly special. We don’t even need to talk about astrology to admire its stunning beauty. But of course, we are going to talk about astrology! Because Moon Astrology is one of my favorite things

You might not have realized that the Moon has its own little subcategory of astrology. And that it opens up this whole world of magic, feminine power, intuition, emotional intelligence, and subconscious exploration. 

Moon astrology shows us how each of the Moon’s position in the zodiac wheel, plus its current phase, brings our attention to our biggest expansion opportunity. Basically, the Moon’s astrological position in the sky at any given moment can help you shatter your manifesting ceiling, and completely heal what needs to be healed. If you choose to be open to it, of course. 

The Moon and Earth are so intimately connected. The seasonal cycles of nature would not be possible without the Moon’s influence. And this is also true for our own seasons of life on this Earth. And I want to talk about how you can tap into the wonderful, magical lunar energy so you can easily manifest your dream life. PLUS some super cool Moon facts that will help you feel more connected to our celestial neighbor in a very physical way.

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Moon Facts

So let’s put astrology aside for just a moment, and simply marvel at how cool the Moon really is, just hanging out there in space. If you listened to episode 158 about crystal healing and quantum physics, you got to listen to some pretty cool space facts. Like the fact that there are 100 billion stars in each of the 2 trillion galaxies in the Universe. Pretty fucking wild, right?

I have some more super cool space facts for you about our Moon! And before you fast forward or click away, just hear me out. This is about grounded spirituality. The Moon is both mystical, and scientifically fascinating. 

Just because we have scientific explanations for MANY of the miracles of the Universe, doesn’t mean they aren’t ALSO Divine. I believe that science helps us better understand the miracles of God. They can be both! 

For starters, the Moon is “only” 1/6th the size of Earth. It is 2,159 miles in diameter, which is hundreds of miles less than the distance from Los Angeles, California to New York City, New York. And yet, the Moon stabilizes Earth’s orbit around the Sun and creates the tides that influence all life forms. Even though its relative size is SO much smaller! 

As you know, the Moon is by far our closest celestial neighbor. It’s only 238,855 miles from Earth. That is a crazy high number, for us mere humans. You would have to travel from LA to NYC at least 85 times to travel that many miles. But in terms of the COSMOS, it might as well be within arms reach. 

Maybe that’s part of the reason we’re so fascinated by it–it’s accessible in comparison to everything else “out there.” Kinda weird to think of something almost a quarter of a million miles away from us as being “close,” yet that’s the reality we live in within our beloved solar system. 

The Lunar Cycle

The Moon travels in an elliptical orbit path, meaning that at times it’s closer to Earth and at other times it’s farther away. This leads to variations in the Moon’s apparent size in the sky, and why sometimes you’ll see a GIANT orange moon hanging low in the sky, and other times you’ll see just a little sliver of a crescent. 

It takes about 29 and a half days for the Moon to move through all eight of its cycles. This is a regular, predictable pattern. And if we pay attention to our moods and energy levels, we’ll certainly notice a pattern that syncs up with the Moon phases. All humans and animals naturally move in tune with the Moon, no matter how subtle, even for those who aren’t as spiritually aware. 

In fact, this is true with all astrological planets in our solar systems. However subtle, they all have energy that radiates outwards that affects us here on Earth. But today we’re focusing on Luna. 

The angle between the Earth, Moon, and Sun changes as the Moon orbits Earth. This shifting perspective is what creates the different phases. 

It’s important to note that while we observe the moon’s changing appearance, the moon itself doesn’t physically change—it’s always the same spherical body, and we only ever see the same side of the Moon. 

It’s the amount of sunlight we can see reflecting off the moon that varies. There are four primary moon phases: 

  • New Moon: This occurs when the moon is positioned directly between the Earth and the Sun. The side of the moon illuminated by the Sun is facing away from Earth, making the moon appear as a dark, featureless disk from our perspective. This marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This is when we set intentions, plant seeds, and often we feel invigorated during this phase. 
  • First Quarter (Waxing Crescent): As the moon continues its orbit around the Earth, the right half of the moon becomes illuminated by the Sun. This is called the First Quarter because it’s one-quarter of the way through the lunar cycle. From Earth, it looks like a half-moon shape. Around this phase is when our intentions are starting to ramp up and solidify. Momentum is happening! 
  • Full Moon: This phase occurs when the Earth is positioned directly between the Sun and the Moon. The entire side of the moon illuminated by the Sun is visible from Earth, giving it a round, full appearance. In this phase, we reap what we’ve sown since the New Moon. We reevaluate, let go of what isn’t working, and rest as needed. 
  • Last Quarter (Waning Crescent): After the Full Moon, the illuminated portion of the moon gradually shrinks. The left half of the moon becomes visible from Earth, creating a Last Quarter appearance. We use this phase to continue to rest as needed, make tweaks to our plans and intentions, and enjoy what we’ve worked hard for. 
  • And then the cycle repeats!

Of course, there are four additional phases besides these primary ones. You can think of them as the smaller stepping stones between the four primary phases, so it’s a more gradual cycle rather than steep drop offs over the course of 29ish days. 

Moon astrology shows us how each of the Moon’s position in the zodiac wheel, plus its current phase, brings our attention to our biggest expansion opportunity.

Lunar Eclipse

And don’t forget about eclipses! Physically, they are a celestial event that occurs when the Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth or the Sun. Energetically, eclipses are powerful amplifiers and have the potential for huge transformation. 

A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. For a total solar eclipse to occur, the apparent size of the Moon must be large enough to completely cover the Sun. This is possible because, although the Sun is vastly larger than the Moon, it is also much farther away from Earth (about 92 million miles to be specific). The Moon’s diameter is about 400 times smaller than the Sun’s, but it is also about 400 times closer to Earth than the Sun. 

Some might call it a “coincidence” that the apparent size and distance of these celestial bodies can make total solar eclipses happen. But you and I know that there is Divine Intelligence at play here. 

There are also partial and annular solar eclipses, where the Moon only partially covers the Sun due to differences in alignment. 

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, causing the Earth’s shadow to fall on the Moon.

To have a lunar eclipse, the Earth’s shadow must be large enough to cover the Moon. The Earth’s shadow is divided into two main parts: the outer penumbra and the inner umbra. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth’s umbra, while a partial lunar eclipse happens when only a part of the Moon enters the umbra.

Similar to solar eclipses, lunar eclipses also require a specific alignment between the Earth, Moon, and Sun. And every year, many eclipses take place during Eclipse Season, adding more depth to Moon Astrology and our inner transformations. Was that enough super cool Moon space facts for you?? There’s loads more. But maybe I’ll save those for another episode. Let’s dive deeper into the actual astrology of our Beloved Luna.

Moon and Astrology

So let’s circle back to astrology. Now that you have a more tangible grasp on the Moon, let’s throw in some esoteric goodness. 

Moon Astrology is just like any other form of astrology, except it’s highly niche. The reason why the Moon gets its own subcategory of astrology and the other planets typically don’t is because of its cozy proximity. I mean, it’s practically on top of us! Am I right?! Like, give us some space MOON. 

Just kidding. That would be absolutely detrimental to all life on Earth. 

The Moon affects us so strongly because of its relative closeness. Yes it’s tiny, for a celestial body. But Earth and Moon have a special, intimate relationship. Their gravities intertwine, creating a Cosmic dance that’s lasted over 4 and a half billion years. It’s encoded in our DNA as beings of Earth to love, admire, and respect the Moon. Especially on a spiritual level. 

Spiritually, the Moon represents our deepest emotions that swim in our subconscious. It’s often associated with the element of water, which also spiritually signifies emotions, intuitions, and ebbs and flows of life. 

In general, the Moon represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth. This ties into the idea of the moon’s phases representing change and transformation as it changes before our eyes each night. 

The Sun can bring out the masculine energies we all have within us: movement, logic, strength, protection, independence, consciousness. Similarly, the Moon can bring out the feminine energies we all have within us: acceptance, nurturing, intuition, creativity, evolution, subconsciousness. 

You can think of these energies as the “background” energies that get layered with the energy of the zodiac sign and phase the moon is currently in. 

Zodiac Moon Sign

The zodiac is a metaphorical “wheel” in which the Sun, Moon, and all the planets travel in throughout their orbit around the Sun. Because all the major bodies in our solar system orbit the Sun in more or less the same plane, they’re always shifting between the zodiac signs as the Sun’s gravity pulls them around their orbit. 

The zodiac wheel is divided evenly into twelve sections, named after long-observed constellations. In order, the zodiac signs are:

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius 
  • Pisces

As all the planets travel within the wheel, they switch signs. Some planets take many Earth years to change signs and complete a full turn around the zodiac wheel. Others change signs every few weeks. Or in the Moon’s case, every few days. 

While all planets, celestial bodies, and nodes in our solar system are important in astrology, Moon Astrology helps us focus on the celestial orbit that impacts us the most. 

And personally, I think it’s much easier to stay in tune with the Moon’s energy as it waxes and wanes through the zodiac than the planets that are much further away. Those energies are much more subtle, and take lots of practice to recognize in your life. Moon Astrology is great practice for this, and also promotes our own inner transformations. 

See, as the Moon moves through its phases every month, it’s also passing through each of the zodiac signs. So every few days, the Moon has a new zodiac flavor. That’s why each month, the new and full moons are in different zodiac signs that don’t repeat until the year is over (generally speaking). 

Moon Astrology is the practice of tapping into these energies (however often you’d like) so you can feel more connected to nature, go with the ebbs and flows of life easier, and of course disband blocks that are keeping you from manifesting your heart’s desires. 

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Moon Phase Astrology

So how can we use Moon Astrology to manifest the FULLEST expression of our dream lives? I have some tips for you:

  1. Find a reliable resource for moon magic 

First, it’s imperative that you find a trusted source for astrology and moon magic information. If you’re here to take my recommendation, you know I’m going to say the Energy Almanac is the best resource out there. And you can get yours for 2024 right now

What’s great about this book is that it breaks down the astrological influences by month, week, and new/full moon. Completely eliminating the need to Google astrology information the day of. You can actually prepare ahead of time for the energies washing over us, and use it productively for manifesting awesomeness. 

And in case you didn’t know, I am the one who wrote the astrology articles for ALL new and full moons for 2024! And I promise that I infused every single one with practical manifesting tactics that actually align with the astrology of that Moon. My intention was to take you through an entire manifesting journey for the whole year, and I think I accomplished that, which I’m very proud of. So if this sounds like the reliable astrology resource you’ve been looking for, you can get yours using my link at spirituallyinspired.co/almanac. 

Another great resource is the app Time Passages, from the people at astrograph.com, which I have no affiliation with but use personally. 

  1. Pick a frequency that works for you 

Are you the type of person that wants to tap into Moon Magic every single day? Or maybe it would be easier to just check in during the four primary phases? Or perhaps you really love going all out for the new and full moons? 

It may take a few cycles to decide what feels good for you, but I suggest starting with only doing moonwork around the New and Full Moons. If you have your Energy Almanac, the moonwork is already written there for you! These are things you can actually do that are in alignment with the Moon’s astrology and that can bring your manifestation to you faster. 

If you set intentions at the New Moon, and release what doesn’t serve you at the Full Moon, you’ll be knee-deep in astrology awesomeness! Over time, as you get more sensitive to the Moon’s ebbs and flows, you might feel compelled to elevate this practice. 

  1. Feel into the energy of each phase and sign 

A daily meditation practice will make it much easier to feel the energy of the Moon. The more you meditate, the more sensitive you are to energies, and the easier it will be to notice patterns. Journal your experiences if that helps you. Your goal here is to see how the shifts in Moon phases and zodiac signs affects your energy. 

For example, you might realize that whenever the Moon is waning, you feel the urge to get things done quickly that you’ve been putting off. You might also notice that the Moon in Leo makes it much easier for you to set boundaries in your relationships. 

Astrological energies all affect us differently, so I encourage you to explore your own intuitive interpretation of it. There are no rules! 

Personally, I often feel invigorated during the Full Moon, while it’s common to hear people feeling very lethargic, which is quite the opposite. Find what the phases mean to you.

  1. Compare those feelings to the four phases of manifesting (#80)

After this episode, I definitely recommend going all the way back to episode 80 and learn about the four phases of manifesting if you’re unfamiliar. This is how I frame the Law of Attraction for people who want to learn to manifest on purpose rather than on autopilot. 

Real quick, the four phases are mindset shifting, intuitive planning, purposeful action, and letting go. If you want to use Moon Astrology for manifesting, pay attention to what zodiac signs and moon phases trigger specific reactions in you. 

You might notice that when the Moon is in Capricorn, you’re doing all the things and you’re compelled to knock off everything on your to do list (purposeful action). You might also notice that the Moon in Pisces makes you want to get lost in a good novel (letting go). These are just quick examples. 

Go with these ebbs and flows. You won’t know what feels good in your soul and body until you start practicing. Moon Astrology and monthly moonwork has been a beautiful part of my personal spiritual practice for many years. It feels like I always have a guide nearby to keep me on track when I work with Moon energy. I may get lost sometimes or distracted, but I can always check back with the Moon. I see the phase and the zodiac, and I know it’s the Universe’s way of showing me where to place my attention next. 

That’s one of the main reasons why I am so excited to have contributed Moon Astrology articles for the Energy Almanac for the second year in a row. I truly believe that anyone can tap into the Moon’s magic to supercharge their manifesting efforts. As long as their heart is open, they have a reliable astrology resource, and they trust their own intuition, the Moon will show up for them in marvelous ways that cannot be predicted. 

Are you a Moon lover?? I sure hope you are at least moon-intrigued now after this episode. And don’t forget to snag your copy of the 2024 Energy Almanac using my link in the show notes! It’s spirituallyinspired.co/almanac.

Created by Sara Rae Hoaglund. All rights reserved.


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