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Most Common Manifesting Blocks and How To Remove Them


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I have asked over 300 people the same question. What is your biggest manifesting block right now? The answers aren’t nearly as diverse as you might think. 

Our Facebook community is growing all the time. And each person who requests to join for free answers this question, plus two other really simple questions. But it’s this one that I’m calling out today, because the answers I get are always interesting to me. 

Let me just tell you what the most common manifesting roadblocks are, in your own words: 

  1. Navigating through trauma 
  2. Not having enough money 
  3. Not enough time 
  4. Me (myself) 
  5. I don’t know what’s next or what to do 
  6. Family judgment issues 
  7. Lack of discipline and being consistent 
  8. No balance 
  9. Living in fear & anxiety 
  10. Not sure 

These are the 10 most common responses that you all have directly shared with me. And I can confirm that most of my clients work through very similar limiting beliefs wearing different disguises. We’re going to talk about the first five in this post, and the second five in our next post.

Roadblocks show up differently for everyone. But we all experience similar feelings of trauma, scarcity, confusion, judgment, anxiety, and countless other things, in some way during our lives. 

We’re all part of a Collective Consciousness. We’re all connected to each other through the Law of One. We all pretty much want the same things: to feel abundant, free, loved, fulfilled, accepted, grounded, safe, healthy, and creative. These beautiful experiences and more are essential to the human experience. The roadblocks that show up and prevent us from these things are, for better or worse, they are also part of the human experience. 

Our job as Divine Beings existing in human form is to expand our self awareness to rediscover our true nature of Divinity. 

In other words, it’s our job as human beings to work through our “stuff” so we can learn and grow. 

If you ask me, that’s the meaning of life. To learn and grow. 

I wanted to make this episode about the most common manifesting roadblocks that we face because I was struck by how universal the struggles we face are. And I continue to be as our mystical community grows. 

This episode is intended to show you that you’re not alone if you are facing these manifesting roadblocks too. I also wanted to give you some practical, spiritually inspired guidance to help you dismantle these blocks piece by piece.

Navigating Trauma

This is such a delicate and highly personal topic. And it might be comforting for some to realize that there are lots of other people who suffer trauma similar to theirs. 

Trauma is a universal human experience. Just like all these roadblocks. Albeit, trauma comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We have micro traumas, we have phobias, we have triggers, we have major traumas, we have childhood trauma, we have PTSD, and that’s not even scratching the surface. 

Many holistic, healthcare, and medical professionals are becoming trauma informed. Which is a new way of working with their respective modalities through the lens of a person who has suffered extreme mental and/or physical perils and their bodies and minds are still stuck in that trauma energetically. 

Navigating trauma takes a lot of courage. And it’s your duty to find that courage. This is my way of telling you, as your manifesting coach, in the most loving and gentle way possible, that you must find the strength within yourself to work through your trauma, no matter how traumatic it was. 

There is so much life beyond the trauma you experienced. You deserve to live that life, without being at the mercy of your pain from the past. 

Move past the roadblock of “trauma” for manifesting

To move past this block, you have a few options. Mindfulness is the best place to start in my personal opinion. Becoming aware of all your thought and behavior patterns uncovers so much about your reactions to the things you’ve experienced. 

By recognizing your patterns, you’ll eventually see how that past trauma continues to inform your present moment through your thoughts and actions. Mindfulness teaches you this skill. 

Of course therapy is always an option, which is a topic that is much beyond the scope of this podcast episode. I think you’ll know best for yourself if this is an option you should pursue. 

Regardless, pain exists. If you were to sit around and do nothing about the trauma, or if you work through the trauma, it can be a painful experience. Remove this roadblock by choosing to work through the trauma with spiritual healing and self exploration. 

Not Having Enough Money

At some point, we’re all going to relate to this feeling of not having enough money. For many of us, that’s how we grew up, and that’s how we continue to live. It causes a painful roadblock because we feel so helpless when we feel “broke.”

I’ve done many episodes about manifesting abundance and changing your money story. I’ve also recommended many books on this topic, and I’ve taught masterclasses and given talks about manifesting more money.

Episode 93 is all about the different ways the Universe sends us abundance beyond money. Episode 97 is all about transforming your money mindset. As is episode 96, they pair very well together.  

There are resources out there, yet we still feel like we don’t have enough money. Why aren’t those things “working?”

Move past the roadblock of “money” for manifesting

The roadblock here has nothing to do with money itself. It has everything to do with how we perceive the energy that manifests as money. And how we define abundance. As well as how safe we feel being around money and associating with money. 

Episodes 93, 96 and 97 are the best place to begin this work. 

There’s a lot to unpack here, and indeed we might even have trauma involving money. Don’t feel the need to get over these roadblocks tomorrow. There is no deadline. Only Divine Timing. 

Speaking of not having enough money…we also feel like we never have enough time! 

Humans created money as a way to barter goods and services. We conceived of time to keep track of the hours and seasons to more logically tend to our physical bodies. 

Not enough time

It seems like everything would be completely solved if we just had more time and money. All kinds of people feel limited by time and money. 

And we’re supposed to feel motivated by fake inspirational quotes like “Beyonce also only has 24 hours in the day.” Implying that you’re somehow lazy if you’re not one of the single most famous and successful women in the world?! Out of BILLIONS? 

Okay, here’s the honest truth about feeling like you don’t have enough time. The issue isn’t how many hours exist in a day. The issue is not using your time more wisely and productively. 

Feeling blocked by limited time might seemingly stem from working one (or multiple) full time jobs while also having family and relationships and side hustles and houses and self care and sleep, all of which take up the precious minutes of your waking hours. 

Working on this belief myself and with clients, I’ve learned that more often than not, feeling like you don’t have enough time actually stems from feeling like you don’t have enough freedom. 

The fiddler on the roof says if he were a rich man he’d do nothing all day. Doesn’t that just speak true to what we all want? Choice in how we spend our days. 

Move past the roadblock of “not having enough time” for manifesting

Prioritizing all the things and responsibilities in your life is imperative to regaining time freedom. What do you really need to be doing with your time? What are the things that actually align with the dream life you want to manifest? 

And if you’re here to take my advice, I highly advise you find a job or an area of study that you actually care about. You need to find a way to feel joy and fulfillment in the way you earn a living. 

I think the real goal of every per son is to make an abundant living doing something they love and are passionate about and are intrinsically invested in (and not just motivated by money). 

Another reason why people feel blocked by time is family obligations. The best way to work through that particular block is open and honest communication with the other people involved. Communicate your needs and what you need help with. Consider things that can change or rearrange. 

Me (myself)

You might be surprised at how many people wrote the word “me” or “myself” as the answer to the question of “what is your biggest roadblock.” 

I know I was. 

There’s a lot of emotion and implication in that one word: “Me.” 

Perhaps people didn’t get more specific because it’s a text field with a character limit. Perhaps they also truly believe they are the “problem.”

To address this roadblock, I want to ask a follow up question. If your answer is “me,” then who are you?

“You” are a soul having a human experience. The “you” you think you are is actually called the ego. It’s only one small part of you, it just appears to be the entire you because of how loud and boisterous it is. 

“You” may very well be the roadblock to manifesting. Meaning the ego is the one causing the block. 

Move past the roadblock of “me” for manifesting 

This is what mindfulness will teach you. You are not your ego. You are so much more than the thoughts in your head. You also have a subconscious mind, a soul, and a body. 

People who have just discovered the world of mindfulness are often blown away by the profundity of realizing these truths. 

The “me” roadblock could potentially be the easiest to maneuver around. Once you realize there’s a quieter voice deep inside, you won’t be so inclined to listen to the ego anymore. And that’s when “you” will cease to be a block. 

I don’t know what’s next or what to do 

It’s all fine to understand what I’m saying here, but what if you just don’t know what to do next? What’s the point of moving past “me” if I don’t know where I’m going? 

The unknown can either feel very intimidating, or very exciting. Some people thrive on the mystery of what’s waiting for them. Other people shy away from it for fear of bad things happening to them. 

Am I going to deny that bad things can happen? Never! In fact, I want to turn this one on its head. I want you to embrace the unknown because bad things can happen. Because hard things can happen. 

I want you to charge forward into the unknown because it might be a challenge you can face and overcome! I want you to face that challenge, because overcoming it is what will boost your confidence. 

I know you can do it. 

Move past the roadblock of “I don’t know what’s next” for manifesting

It’s time to reconnect with your heart, the seat of your soul, and ask your Higher Self directly what the next steps are. Tarot cards are a great way to get some clear answers from your Higher Self and Spirit. 

Self reflection is so important when dismantling this roadblock. I have a few questions here to prompt self reflection to get the wheels turning for you:

  • What am I missing by choosing to worry or be afraid? 
  • What is the most important thing to me and why? 
  • What does your ideal day look and feel like? 

Start journaling. Start focusing on things that bring you pure joy just for the sake of the joy. Experiment if you don’t know where to start. No wrong answers! 

Thank you so much for reading. As you go on your way today, know that I am sending you an abundance of love, light, and inspiration! Blessed be!


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