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Imbolc is a beautiful time of year. We can see the first signs of spring, and we feel rejuvenated. It’s all about embracing the fresh start that nature is offering us! In this blog post, I’ll share some of the elemental information regarding the meaning of Imbolc. Plus eight fun & simple ways to enjoy the day.

Imbolc: New Life Beginning

Kyanite is unique in many ways. It is just as gorgeous in its raw form as it is when its polished. Its high vibration almost instantly aligns and opens up all of the chakras, and it doesn’t hold onto negative energy, so cleansing is not necessary. Learn more about kyanite in this blog post!

Kyanite: Attuned & Aligned

Mesmerized by all those beautiful crystal grid pictures? Time to learn everything there is to know about creating these masterpieces! All you need are some stones and a purpose. Learn step by step how to design and construct a powerful crystal grid for your sacred space.

Crystal Grids for Beginners


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