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Group Coaching (Private Invite)


Yay! You’ve been invited to our next closed group coaching session.



Our next invite-only group coaching workshop is coming up! Spots are limited. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to receive personalized coaching and learn from & with mystical friends in a group setting at a discount. 

Everyone will have the chance for a 15 minute “hot seat” to receive personalized coaching and a mini card reading regarding whatever they need help with the most right now. And you get to benefit from hearing the stories, struggles, and epiphanies of others in the group.

After all the hot seats, we’ll share in a special crystal reiki session intended to solidify your vision within your mind and body so it can manifest as soon as possible.

It will be absolutely amazing to get us all together on a group coaching call (reiki infused, of course!) with the intention of clearing major manifesting blocks and whatever other healing your Soul needs at the moment. I truly feel we could all benefit and learn from each other if we are together in a safe, open space.

Group Workshop Details

  • Date and time of the group workshop will be voted upon to best suit everyone’s schedules. Current possible dates include: Saturday, Sept 30 / Sunday, Oct 1 / Tuesday Oct 3 / Saturday Oct 7
  • Replays will be available!
  • Video conference call
  • Maximum 2 hours long

Congratulations on being invited to our next group coaching + healing workshop! If you’ve been wanting a coaching tune up, or looking to get some massive blocks moved on a budget, this workshop is for you. You’ll fit in perfectly!

Yay! You've been invited to our next closed group coaching session.


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