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Pyrite Crystal Properties

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Pyrite Crystal Meaning

Pyrite is probably most well-known for bringing good luck and prosperity. The vibration of this crystal is high, yet extremely grounding. A bringer of abundance. Also greatly enhances the energy of any space.

Another impressive attribute of pyrite is its ability to act as a shield. Keepers of this stone are protected against physical and energetic harm. Negativity within the home and aura gets deflected quickly and easily.

There’s a unique blend of energies here that help us connect with the Higher Consciousness, then bring those energies back down into our own reality. Pyrite is just as esoteric as it is grounding. As a meditation buddy, pyrite can help open up the doors of possibility mentally so abundance, luck, and wealth can flow freely.

Pyrite is the ultimate stone of abundance, prosperity, luck, and manifesting. Plus, it is absolutely gorgeous and really sparkly! Learn more here.

Pyrite Crystal Benefits

Much like labradorite, pyrite is perfect for people who are highly sensitive to energies. Use pyrite to bring financial abundance into your life or business. Those of us who may feel a bit unlucky can work with pyrite to invite in good luck.

Pryite is surberb at treating any type of viral infection within the body. Especially lung disorders such as bronchitis. Can help to reduce swelling and fevers. Overall, this stone is a good choice for purifying the various systems of the body. Relieve anxiety with this crystal’s assistance. Please refer to the disclosure at the bottom of the page.

Pyrite Meaning

Pyrite is an incredibly beautiful and powerful crystal. I adore the way it sparkles without any sunlight. Any rock shop or metaphysical store will have a variety in stock. Pyrite carved into spheres and hearts always catch my eye. But you can get small tumbled or rough pieces easily.

My little pieces are great, but I love having a rough specimen that is big and brilliant. This crystal is also effortlessly found in the form of cabochons and beads. Which makes pyrite jewelry quite popular as well.

Its famous metallic gold color has earned it the nickname “fool’s gold.” That twinkle we love so much could easily look like the shiny gold to the untrained eye. Unfortunately, many businesses have taken advantage of this fact. It may not be as rare as real gold, but it’s just as valuable energetically. And I don’t even need to mention the difference in affordability!

Fool’s Gold Crystal

Pyrite was named after the Greek word pyr which means fire. Ancient people learned that sparks will fly when two pieces are struck together or against a hard surface. Passions run wild with this crystal, as it promotes masculine-type energy.

Throughout time, this crystal has been used maliciously by gold miners and sellers. People who didn’t know any better would often be tricked into thinking they had purchased real gold. When really, it was fool’s gold. Old mining companies would regularly plant pyrite chunks towards the front of their mines. Hiding the fact that they were tapped out of real gold.

When consumers caught onto the “fool’s gold” phenomenon, they quickly spread the word around. Everyone was on the look-out for pyrite disguised as gold.

For the most part, these types of practices are nonexistent in the industry today. Most people are now aware of what real gold looks and feels. If you were to examine the two side by side, you would notice that gold is more yellow in hue.

Pyrite looks a little more industrial, with a slightly darker hue. Always purchase from a reputable business. That way, you’ll know you’re actually getting what you’ve paid for.

Pyrite Metaphysial Properties

Please keep in mind that metaphyiscal attributes are open to interpretation. The following information is based off what I have learned during my own experiences and research. There is no one right or wrong answer. Decide what resonates with you and feel free to disregard what doesn’t.

Chakra: The Solar Plexus also relates to vitality and manifestation. The Sacral chakra connects with abundance energy, which this mineral enhances.

Zodiac: Resonates with the fiery energy of Leo. Supports Leo’s passion while keeping energies grounded.

Elements: Besides connecting with Fire energy, it also connects with Earth energy. Combined, these energies help us feel empowered and prepared.

Pairs Well With: Citrine, jade, lear quartz, moss agate, aventurine.

Pyrite is excellent for crystal grid work. Especially if the intention relates to bringing abundance, or protection. There is probably no better pocket stone out there for defense. Perfect to keep in offices and work spaces. The surrounding energy will get ramped up! Wear as a piece of jewelry for an extremely effective shield. Keep in a pocket to prevent energy leaks in the aura. And to harmonize all of the chakras.

Pyrite is the ultimate stone of abundance, prosperity, luck, and manifesting. Plus, it is absolutely gorgeous and really sparkly! Learn more here.

Pyrite Stone Meaning

This crystal is very common. A brass-yellow colored mineral made of iron disulfide that crsytallizes in the isometric system. See official definition here. Pyrite’s isometric structure gives it that iconic cube shape.

This metallic gem is about a 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Meaning it is fairly easy to polish. Mined mostly in Canada, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Spain, and Namibia.

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