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Reiki Healing with Crystals


Vibrational Healing

Crystals have a very special molecular blueprint that makes them resonate at specific frequencies. These frequencies resonate with various emotions and traits and remedies, etc. So each crystal promotes certain qualities based on its molecular blueprint. 

Reiki is Source Energy, the deepest resonance with the Universe. It’s as pure love and light as you could ever possibly get. It’s the energy that radiates from the Heart of the Universe. 

Reiki healing is a form of energy healing in which the practitioner channels universal life force energy through their body into the body of the recipient. This triggers the flow of the recipient’s own life force energy, resulting in healing and restoring balance within their body. 

The most miraculous thing about reiki is the activation of the recipient’s inherent healing abilities. It’s like when your car’s battery gets jumped by another car. 

So combining crystals with reiki gives us so much more to work with. The reiki energy can be seen as like the “base” or the “background” where it’s general healing, pure love and light. Good for all things and any ailment. Crystals add a much more specific type of energy into the mix, which is where manifesting comes in. 

If we’re trying to manifest a dream job for example, I would probably mix in crystals that support that type of energy. Such as tiger’s eye, pyrite, green aventurine, perhaps citrine as well. So while the reiki gives us loads of loving healing energy, the crystals give us a more intentional energy, which helps us embody that energy, which, domino effect, helps us manifest things!

Reiki healing with crystals is a powerful way to break through manifesting blocks and be intentional about transforming your life.

Reiki Attunements

Getting attuned to reiki definitely opened up a lot of uncovered psychic abilities. For a year or so after I had SO many awesome mediumistic experiences that were “random.” 

Practicing crystal reiki healing for myself, I love to pick crystals that support psychic mediumship, like labradorite, iolite, celestite, to reinforce my intention to develop those skills. 

And really anyone can do that with crystals, that’s actually how we work with crystals PERIOD. It’s so easy! 

But then you throw in some reiki healing along with your crystals, and your experience is amplified! And possibly accelerated. 

Reiki and Manifesting

Back when I first started house hunting, over 3 years ago now, I created a crystal grid that I infused with reiki and the intention to buy the perfect house for us at the time. Which happened! 

So that was more of an ongoing energy in the background, rather than having specific crystal reiki sessions for manifesting a house. That was just easier for me at the time.

But you could do it both ways, either set up crystals with an intention, or bring crystals into your spiritual practices to bring you the energy of whatever you’re manifesting

Manifesting Blocks

For my Facebook group where I go live multiple times a week to give free crystal reiki, I ask this very question to everyone who requests to join. What is your biggest roadblock right now?

So these mystical women are directly telling me what their blocks are. And I will tell you, the most common ones are fear, time, and health. They all boil down to those. 

In my work with clients, it seems like most people don’t genuinely believe that their ultimate dream life is POSSIBLE. 

Whether it’s a self worth thing, or a money mindset thing, or various other conditioned beliefs, most people who find me wanting to manifest their dreams subconsciously think their dreams aren’t actually possible. 

So then we use crystal reiki and other coaching techniques to dissolve those old patterns of behavior, those mindsets, and those beliefs because they aren’t serving you. 

Then we work to discover and instill new ways of thinking, being, and creating! Learn more here.

Some people need different modalities/methods to manifesting and healing.  I think this is because we are all intentionally very different. 

We all have completely unique natal charts, human design, karma, past life experiences, this life experiences, all of which AND MORE influence our worldview and how we process emotions. 

All of these also contribute to our energetic blueprint. The energy we radiate that the Universe responds to, which results in whatever we manifest. To change what we manifest, we have to change our energetic blueprint.

This might mean changing our worldview, working through karma, healing ailments, #allthespiritualthings. 

Because our energetic blueprints are incredibly diverse, we all require unique manifesting methods. Which is what I strive to empower women to figure out! I aim to give a basic foundational knowledge, and teach the skills needed to develop their manifesting methods that work for their energetic blueprint. 

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Beginner Manifesting

My biggest piece of advice for beginners is to MEDITATE. 

If you are not meditating at least 5 days out of the week for at least 10 consecutive minutes, you need to start there. 

At this point, there really is no excuse. There is ample scientific and ancient evidence of meditation essentially being the elixir of life. So why not do it? There are so many ways to meditate no one has any reason NOT to try and build a meditation practice. 

There’s a lot of resistance to meditation because we intuitively understand that a lot of expansion opportunities come from a simple meditation practice. Some of us may not be ready. But if you are, that’s where you start, and you’ll be amazed at how much growth can happen. 

Reiki Therapy

When you’re ready to dive into crystal reiki therapy, come to your session with an open heart. Don’t be so gung-ho about your specific intentions, allow your session to be what it will be. That will make it the most impactful that it can be.

Also, when you come to a session, Spirit will give you what you need to know if something is extremely pressing. So sometimes your questions/intentions might take a backseat if Spirit feels there’s a bigger situation to address. 

Either way, you will get the EXACT guidance and healing you need in that moment and you must trust that this is so! 

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this was helpful in explaining the power of crystal reiki. As you go on your way today, know that I’m sending you an abundance of love, light, and inspiration. Blessed be!


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