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How to Create a Sacred Space

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Why Have a Sacred Space

Having a sacred space in the home just for ourselves is often regarded as a luxury. People think that marking their own spiritual territory is selfish and/or impossible for their living situation. But committing to your spiritual development means creating both space and time for yourself.

Dedicating a special place for your spiritual practices is a major sign of self respect. Showing the world that you make self care a priority helps create boundaries–something that a lot of modern mystics struggle with.

Thanks to pictures all over the internet, people tend to think that any sacred space worth having needs to have a certain aesthetic. “I can’t create a sacred space in my home because I don’t have the physical space/decor that everyone on Instagram has.” But these sorts of mental blocks just hold us back and enable excuses.

A “sacred space” is really subjective. Any place where one can engage in their spiritual/personal development activities (sometimes called self care) can be deemed a sacred space. It can be as elaborate as an entire building, or as simple as our very own body.

So what makes a sacred space? Is it the size, the physical items, the people, the view, the energy in the space? Is it permanent, or mobile? Does it need to be off-limits when not in use? Is anyone other than yourself forbidden to enter? What actually goes on in the space? We’ll discuss it in this blog post today!

Having a sacred space just for yourself is magical. Committing to your spiritual development means creating both space and time for yourself. Learn what makes a sacred space in this blog post!

The 3 Most Important Things in a Sacred Space

Decorating and designing a sacred space is definitely fun, but it’s not the most important thing. I don’t want anyone to get hung up on having the “perfect space” before truly committing to their spiritual practices. Perfect doesn’t exist. And it is much better to seize the moment NOW rather than wait for “perfect” circumstances.

So regardless of where you find yourself now, know that you have the power to set aside an area of your home just for yourself. Believe that you are worth it because you are!

There are three very important aspects to have in a space in order for it to become sacred. These things are:

1. Your Intention

What makes a sacred space is simply the intention. When we come to our sacred space, no matter what shape it takes, we set the intention to return to our center. This can literally happen anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

Our sacred spaces are as diverse as our spiritual paths are. What makes your sacred space special is your own unique personality. Your specific worldview and core values will determine how you set your intentions, and how you go about your spiritual practices.

2. Repetition

I don’t believe sacred spaces need to be permanent per se, however there is something magical about returning to the same place again and again. This is part of the fun of having a sacred space!

Spaces hold energy. And if you always return to the same spot for spiritual rituals, the energy of that space will begin to absorb that intention. That one corner of the home will suddenly become very calming all the time without any extra maintenance on your part.

3. Mementos

Now here is where the fun decorating begins! Gathering mementos for your sacred space should be exciting and easy. You probably already have plenty of items around your home and yard that would feel at home on your altar.

It’s important that you pick sacred mementos that actually mean something to you. Each item in your sacred space should serve a purpose. That purpose can be purely aesthetic, but I think focusing on items that have a deeper meaning is more beneficial.

You are 100% unique in this life. What makes your sacred space YOUR sacred space is you, of course! Creating your own altar is a personal journey that cannot be done for you or replicated by anybody else.

Having a sacred space just for yourself is magical. Committing to your spiritual development means creating both space and time for yourself. Learn what makes a sacred space in this blog post!

How to Create a Sacred Space

Sacred spaces do not need to be anything elaborate or fancy to be effective. We want to feel safe, comfortable, and inspired as soon as we enter our dedicated space. Whatever it takes for us to feel that way is what will create our optimal sacred space.

This will look slightly different for each one of us. I don’t want to tell you that you need anything specific on your altar because I am not inside your head. But I will tell you that your sacred space should feel like you, look like you belong in it, and feel organic to your lifestyle.

I’ve seen sacred spaces ranging from fireplace mantels, shelves, side tables, desks, balconies, gardens, and even entire rooms/attics. Each one beautiful and divine in its own special way!

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To find the right spot in your home for your sacred space, ask yourself:

• Where do I spend most of my time?

What do I plan on doing in my sacred space?

What tools do I need to perform my spiritual rituals? (journal, pen, yoga mat, meditation cushion, books, herbs, reiki, art supplies, etc.)

Is there any place in my home is under utilized that I could revamp?

How can I lovingly set boundaries with my housemates so they respect me and my sacred altar?

Having a sacred space just for yourself is magical. Committing to your spiritual development means creating both space and time for yourself. Learn what makes a sacred space in this blog post!

My sacred space is my fireplace mantel. It might be right in the middle of my living room, but it looks so beautiful all decorated with crystals, statues, and incense. When it’s time to be in my sacred space, I just pull my favorite comfy cushion off the couch to sit on and do my thing!

I’ve also had altars in hallways, inside cabinets, and on window sills. Even when we lived in a motor home, I had a little spot set aside that I could return to again and again. It’s not the size that matters–it’s the intentions that we set that make a space sacred.

Listed below are a few ideas to help spark inspiration for your own sacred space! Consider including all the senses to really embody that holistic healing approach:

1. Sight

Keep the space clean and not overly stimulating. Incorporate your favorite colors. Have items that you think are pretty. Bring in things that represent something for you–heirlooms, statues, gifts, etc. Perhaps switch up the decor to match the seasons. Be near a window if possible–have it be well lit with either candles or soft lamps. Or maybe you prefer the curtains drawn?

2. Sound

Play gentle, wordless music over speakers or headphones. Or try playing the sounds of nature. Bring in bells, chimes, cymbals, and/or singing bowls. Hum your favorite songs. Chant “Om!” Whatever sounds naturally occur in the space, listen to them carefully. Quiet your inner voice whenever you’re in the space. Maybe bring in a small water fountain for ambiance.

3. Scent

Learn about the divinity of scent and aromatherapy in this blog post. Have essential oils and herbs nearby so you can enjoy their healing benefits. Use long-burning incense during your rituals, either cones or sticks. Make sure they are nontoxic. Use ethically sourced sage sticks or palo santo to cleanse the air. Keep fresh flowers or plants in the room.

4. Sensation

Have comfy pillows and blankets close by. Set the temperature of the space mindfully. Maybe you like a heater, fan, or humidifier. Invite in your angels and spirit guides to help raise the vibration of the space. Keep altar items within reach just in case you feel compelled to pick one up and hold it in your hands. Be open to feeling new energies in the space and your body.

5. Flavor

Herbs can be eaten as well as smelled for their medicinal properties.
Prepare a nice cup of herbal tea with the herbs if you don’t want to eat them plain. Drink crystalline water that you keep in the space. Rumor has it that licking salt lamps brings good luck. Make your own tinctures and elixirs to consume during your rituals.

Having a sacred space just for yourself is magical. Committing to your spiritual development means creating both space and time for yourself. Learn what makes a sacred space in this blog post!

Just Have Fun With It!

The goal is to create a special place in your home that you can return to again and again, where you can safely partake in your favorite spiritual practices.

Whatever shape your space or practice takes is perfect for you. Just go with what feels most natural and fun for you. Start small and work your way up. Experiment! Try new things. See what works best for you.

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know in the comments what you like to have in your sacred space! I hope you feel inspired to find a magical place to call your own.


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