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Scarcity Mindset to Abundance Mindset


What Does Scarcity Mean?

Abundance is every good thing the Universe sends us to meet our needs as well as fulfill our desires. Scarcity is a hindrance to these blessings. 

These are conflicting ideologies. Most people heavily lean towards one or the other, with some blurring of the lines. In this post, we’re going to talk about an abundance mindset versus a scarcity mindset, and how you can shift between the two to manifest more miracles for yourself! 

Only you can really know where you sit on the scarcity/abundance spectrum. There’s no shame in meeting yourself where you are right now. You’re willing to self reflect in this way, which means you’re ready to grow as a person by transforming your mindset. 

This will definitely take some practice—we didn’t adopt a scarcity mindset overnight. Give yourself grace and the best chance at overcoming these scarcity-based obstacles. 

Abundance is every good thing the Universe sends us to meet our needs as well as fulfill our desires. Scarcity is a hindrance to these blessings. 

Abundance Mindset

We must maintain a healthy amount of faith and trust when manifesting with the LOA. Without these two things, we risk being stuck in a scarcity mindset. You’ll notice that this episode references “trusting” the Universe. 

This is important when you’re first working to shift from scarcity to abundance. Living in scarcity gives us a false sense of security and control. And when we need control, we lack trust. 

Organization and planning are important too, because there are some things we can influence and control immediately. It only becomes a problem when we obsess over the amount of actual control we have. 

Ask yourself, “How do I react when my plans don’t go exactly as I wanted? What is my motivation for planning in the first place?” 

Scarcity Mindset

Most of us need to plan to a certain extent. Knowing our general direction can ease anxiety and prepare us for different outcomes. 

But staying so rigid in our planning does not give the Universe enough wiggle room to send us our fair share of abundance. 

Now let’s work through some of the simplest mindset shifts we can make to begin adopting an abundant state of being instead of living in scarcity! 

Abundance is every good thing the Universe sends us to meet our needs as well as fulfill our desires. Scarcity is a hindrance to these blessings. 

Thinking Big vs. Thinking Small

When we’re abundant, we believe the stars are the limit. And reaching the stars is easy! Limitations and obstacles don’t matter because we can easily overcome anything. 

We tend not to focus too much on the minuscule details of things because we trust they will fall into place. Instead, we embrace the biggest picture we can fit our arms around. We know in our hearts there is a greater destiny. 

Dreaming big is the secret to living a full, beautiful, abundant life. 

When we’re scarce, we focus way too much on tiny details. We believe these details can make or break our plans. And when our plans don’t work out, when we lose control, we give up. 

Not being able to control every little thing gives us great anxiety because we feel control is the path to happiness. Faith and trust seem so hard. Thinking small doesn’t require us to have faith because we have honed in our focus. 

We see only what’s right in front of us, but then can’t figure out why we’re unfulfilled or not achieving our goals at all. 

To make this mindset shift, zoom out your lens and focus on the overall big picture of your goals. Trust that you will get there, know what it is you have to do to get there, and believe all the details will fall into place on their own (thanks to the Universe). 

Plenty vs. Lack

When we’re abundant, we have plenty to go around. More than we need sometimes. This has nothing to do with privilege, or even current circumstances. 

We believe there is plenty, and so there is. We know we will always meet our needs, so long as we do our fair share of work. We have plenty of food, water, clothing, money, love, ambition, opportunities, or whatever else we can dream of. 

Our reality reflects this truth, allowing us to recognize and embrace all forms of abundance.

When we’re lacking, we constantly worry about not having enough, especially money. We scramble to make ends meet, to figure out solutions, to achieve our goals. Living in lack will always mean perpetual struggles in all areas of life. 

We can lack anything and everything, just like we can have plenty of anything and everything. No matter how the core belief of “lack” came to be, understand there is really no such thing. It’s just our perception towards certain things that make them either lacking or plentiful. 

Money is a splendid example—there isn’t a lack of money in the world by any means. It just appears to be lacking because of greed, hoarding, wage limitations, and things of that nature.  

To make this mindset shift, follow your intuition. It will take you where there is plenty to go around for you, your family, and everyone else. Be careful not to count every single penny, or eat every single crumb. Be careful not to be wasteful and ungrateful. See how you already have all you need right in front of you, and trust it will stay that way regardless of what happens. 

Happiness vs. Resentment

The search for happiness is short because happiness is an internal feeling towards our external worlds. Most people search for happiness in their external world before they can feel it in their internal world. Gratitude makes all the difference in our happiness levels. 

If we’re not grateful with what we have now, we’ll never be grateful for anything we’ll have in the future. Happiness is not circumstantial. Happiness is a choice we all can make. We can also be happy for other people, even our enemies, when they achieve great things. 

Their success does not affect our success in the slightest. Our happiness for them does not take away from our happiness for ourselves. 

Resentment is a cancer. It eats away at us until there is nothing left but bitterness. When we refuse to express forgiveness (to ourselves or others), we deny ourselves inner peace more than anything else. 

This is where resentment festers. If we want lasting happiness, we have to learn to forgive and let go. Forgiveness is not about justifying behavior, it is about not allowing past events to affect our emotions today. 

It is about our own inner freedom and happiness. Clinging to resentment creates a solid brick wall around ourselves, preventing the flow of abundance.

To make this mindset shift, please, for the sake of yourself and your family, learn to forgive. Let go of past pain and be careful to not allow that hurt to shape your future. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for conditions to be just perfect before you finally allow yourself to feel happiness. 

Manifesting can be broken down to four cyclical phases: mindset shifting, intuitive planning, conscious action taking, and releasing attachment.

Embracing Change vs. Fear of Change

One of my all-time favorite proverbs is, “Change is the only constant.” There are two different ways of looking at this universal truth. One is optimistic, one is pessimistic. I bet you can guess which one is more likely to lead to abundance? 

Being afraid of change stems from hardcore resistance, fearing the unknown and needing excessive control. To reject change is to reject growth and cycles. 

What if Mother Earth rejected the changes of the seasons? She wouldn’t be able to flourish at all. If we reject our natural life cycles, we will only live up to a fraction of our true potential. This is true on a personal and collective level. 

Resenting generational changes in society only makes it harder for society to grow and improve. 

“Change” has a stigma of being a bad thing. It sometimes seems like we are at the zenith of our success, so there’s nowhere else to go but down. So any change will surely result in something lesser than what we have now. 

But this is a myth! These labels of “good” and “bad” are all a matter of opinion. And even if our opinion of the change is “bad,” there is still something “good” in the change that we can be grateful for—I guarantee it. 

Being grateful in this current moment makes embracing change so much easier. Being able to recognize the amazing things we have right now will help us to not miss them so much, if they were to go away. 

We still might miss the “good ole days,” or we might look back on our lives and notice peaks in our happiness levels. But that doesn’t mean the changes that occurred were evil. Or intended to take our happiness from us. Change is natural, it happens to everyone, it’s constant, and it’s not something to be afraid of. 

Embracing change helps open doors for abundance to flow. Perhaps we’ve outgrown a certain aspect of our lives, so the Universe helps dissolve that aspect, so there’s room for something new to arrive. 

And when we’ve cultivated an abundance mindset, that hole in our lives fills up with abundance. Isn’t that magical?

To make this mindset shift, make expressing gratitude a part of your daily life. If you’re eager for things to change, slow down and take a moment to appreciate where you are now. If you’re afraid of change, start small. 

Take an alternative route to work, try some new recipes, watch a different channel. Break those routines so you can become comfortable with change—and with all the possibilities that await outside your comfort zone. 

Learning vs. Knowing Everything

The Universe loves to learn. That’s the reason so many life forms exist—so the Universe can express Itself in infinite ways and experience infinite experiences. There’s always something new to learn, even in just one lifetime. 

An abundant mindset will most definitely include a love of learning. And not just in the form of school or books (even though these things are excellent tools). 

Everything we experience in life teaches us things, shapes our perceptions and values, and ultimately helps us become who we are. We are always learning, even if we’re not consciously doing it. 

A love of learning new things in any form will keep our eyes, our minds, and our hearts open to all the possibilities. 

We will never know everything, even if we dedicate ourselves to one particular topic of study for decades. And if we ever truly believe we’ve “mastered” a topic, then we haven’t dug deep enough. 

We haven’t talked to enough people, asked enough questions, or explored enough angles. Believe it or not, a desire to “know everything” comes from a scarcity mindset because of the notion that there’s a finite amount of information to consume. Once we’ve consumed it all, we know it all. 

But the information and the experiences never cease in a good way! This goes hand-in-hand with being afraid of change. Discovering new things requires us to explore change, even if we resist it. 

To make this mindset shift, approach new discoveries and experiences with an attitude of, “What am I going to learn from this?” Actively pursue topics that interest you, even if it’s just a hobby (for now). Value quality education and mind expansion. You’re never too old to learn new tricks! 

Manifesting can be broken down to four cyclical phases: mindset shifting, intuitive planning, conscious action taking, and releasing attachment.

Abundance and Guilt

Do you feel ashamed for accepting your abundance? Do you feel guilty climbing into your warm, cozy bed at night with a belly full of food and enough cash to pay all your bills, because you know there are plenty of people out there who aren’t as fortunate? This is a matter of self worth, not a matter of “wanting to help others.” Abundance and guilt cannot coexist together, and there are a few reasons.

It’s imperative to remember that abundance is abundant! There is no limit to the amount of abundance available for everyone in the Universe. There is more than enough wealth, success, love, food, water, happiness, opportunity, peace, and everything else to go around. That’s why we refer to these blessings as “abundance.” 

Feeling guilty for what you have because other people don’t have it is a toxic mindset. In the long run, that mindset will only hurt you and your family, while all the other people who have less than you will still have less. If you feel guilty for accepting your abundance, the Universe will take notice. It will be as if you’re telling the Universe, “I have too much, please don’t give me all these blessings.” And then the blessings will stop coming. Is that really what you want?

Having a cozy bed, cash in the bank, and plenty of food does not mean someone else goes without. It means you have welcomed these blessings into your life while other people have not. That is not your fault. Nor is it your responsibility to ensure other people accept their abundance.

You can give them advice, you can give them cash, and you can give them food or shelter. But you cannot give them abundance. The Universe Itself cannot give them abundance, either. It merely sets abundance down at their feet, and it is their choice to pick it up or not. It is up to them to receive their gifts. Just like it is up to you to receive your gifts.

You can live comfortably and do what you love. If you don’t truly believe this, you can never live abundantly. This applies to every single human being on the planet. I can write book after book about how you are worthy of abundance, but it won’t make a difference if you don’t allow yourself to believe it. The only thing stopping you from living abundantly is you. That can be a tough pill to swallow, so don’t blame yourself if it doesn’t come easily at first. 

Most of us want to help others and to be of service, but we cannot make changes for other people. All we can do is share our thoughts, give our support, and perhaps share our abundance with them. But it is up to each individual to make their own ends meet. Don’t blame yourself if other people are not ready or able to receive abundance, prosperity, and success in their lives yet.

Now, that doesn’t mean we should place ourselves above those less fortunate than us. Rather, we should aim to recognize that they are still learning to accept abundance. It’s an opportunity for us to lead by example, to trust in Divine Timing, and to share our abundance with those who are happy to accept it (without taking advantage of us). In this way, those people are accepting abundance through us! 

Along these same lines, we cannot shame wealthy people who don’t appear to be sharing their abundance in the way we think they should. That is still placing ourselves above others, which will stop the flow of abundance. Again, their abundance is not taking away someone else’s abundance. They are free to make their own choices, just as you are. 

You do not have to want to help others to accept your abundance, or to be worthy of it. The desire to assist others in need is not a prerequisite for manifesting wealth and prosperity. Regardless of what you intend to do with your wealth, you are worthy of it. If you want to donate to charities, fantastic. If you just want you and your family to live comfortably for many generations, fantastic. Again, there is more than enough abundance to go around. What you do with your abundance is up to you. And frankly, it’s no one else’s business but your own.

Manifesting can be broken down to four cyclical phases: mindset shifting, intuitive planning, conscious action taking, and releasing attachment.

We’re All Worthy of Abundance

If you feel more comfortable manifesting abundance intending to help others, then so be it. Karma will thank you! Just know your manifesting efforts will go unheeded if you still don’t believe you are worthy of the abundance, regardless of your humble intentions.  

Money isn’t the most important thing, however it is important to the functionality of our society. Having money doesn’t automatically make anyone a bad person, and we shouldn’t judge people who seem to have a lot of money. The problems arise when people are greedy towards money. Greed often stems from a scarcity mindset as well as an inner belief that they are more important than others. However, that doesn’t mean these sorts of people are not worthy of abundance. They are simply working through their own internal struggles, just as much as anyone else. 

As a living embodiment of Universal energy, you are worthy. As are all the other living embodiments of Universal energy. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to be good and loving, it just means all life is valuable and important. All living beings are worthy of love and abundance, regardless of their karma. You’ll hurt your own karma if you believe someone else is not worthy of the abundance you think they have. Don’t do that. Their karma is their own business. You worry about your own karma, and how you want to impact the world. You can only control your own actions. 

Seeing other people being “careless” with their money can infuriate us. We may think, “I can’t believe they have all this money and I don’t. I would be smart with it while they are being stupid with it. How come they get the money and I don’t? I am way more deserving!” But guess what? That is still putting yourself above someone else morally, therefore you will not receive your abundance if you think this way. There’s no need to be bitter, you’re only hurting yourself. Instead, why not look at them and think, “Wow! Good for them for being so abundant in that way!” Compassion will always take you further than competition. Love will always trump hate. And the Universe will reward you greatly for your loving attitude.

Manifesting can be broken down to four cyclical phases: mindset shifting, intuitive planning, conscious action taking, and releasing attachment.

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