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Selenite Properties


Selenite Meaning

There really is no better stone for mystics than this satin gem. It’s the most powerful clearing crystal we have, with the ability to energetically cleanse just about anything.

Known as Liquid Light, selenite is believed to exist in between the spiritual and physical worlds. Because of this, it carries a very high spiritual vibration and helps us connect with Spirit almost instantly.

Love and light energy becomes anchored in our physical world in the form of this crystal. The energy it carries is pure, bright, and very harmonious.

A tool for enlightenment, mystics all over the world are drawn to this crystal for its proximity to Spirit. This crystal literally radiates divine light!

This is a stone of truth, honesty, and love. It encourages physical and emotional flexibility, and carries a nice feminine quality.

Selenite Crystal Benefits

This stone can help improve your chances of conceiving a baby because it promotes the libido and fertility. Also a good choice for pregnant women because it can protect them and their unborn child.

Selenite helps to dissolve any confusion, stimulates brain activity, and offers mental clarity.

Due to its spiritual nature, it also enhances any and all psychic skills. Can help stabilize erratic emotions, alleviate fears, and gives us a stamina boost. Energetic blocks get removed and we have a renewed sense of excitement and adventure!

Can help treat health problems related to the spine, and skeletal system. Really good for relieving sore muscles. I like to let it rest on my hip flexor, the outside of my hips, and my hamstrings.

Place selenite under your pillow or beneath your bed or on your bedside table so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated. A lot of people get good results by resting their feet upon this crystal while sitting down.

Selenite helps to dissolve any confusion, stimulates brain activity, and offers mental clarity.

Selenite Crystal Properties

This pearly crystal is well-known for its self-cleansing abilities. It’s actually one of the few crystals that can cleanse and charge other crystals as well.

Similar to malachite, it has the ability to absorb negative energy completely. But then it transforms it into positive energy, then releases it back into the world to help heal and raise the collective vibration.

As mentioned above, this gem can cleanse just about anything. Place it in the home or office to clear away gloomy energy. Brings us mental clarity and instills a deep sense of peacefulness.

Use selenite as an energetic “comb” for the aura so it can get stagnant energy moving again. This simple trick will purify the subtle body while aligning you with your highest good.

Selenite is the perfect choice to meditate with if your goal is seeking angelic guidance or working with spirit guides. It raises the vibration of the subtle body, which is why it’s so wonderful for inner work. When we vibrate at a higher frequency, it is easier for us to connect with Spirit. And this crystal really wants us to connect with Spirit!

Many people don’t realize this, but this crystal is also very protective. Especially against psychic attack or energy vampires.

Selenite helps remove the negativity forced upon us from other people and promotes a peaceful atmosphere. If you are constructing a crystal grid for protection, be sure to include this stone!

Place four pieces at the four corners of your home to block unwanted intruders. I like to have a piece by my front door to prevent outside influences from getting inside. It invokes protection from the Spirit Realm, which I always find to be the most powerful protection energies we can ask for.

Selenite Metaphysical Properties

Please keep in mind that metaphyiscal attributes are open to interpretation. The following information is based off what I have learned during my own experiences and research. There is no one right or wrong answer. Decide what resonates with you and feel free to disregard what doesn’t.

Chakras: Resonates the most with the Crown Chakra. But all of the higher chakras can be stimulated and activated with this crystal.

Zodiacs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all affilations. Taurus is also considered to be a correspondent in some cultures.

Element: Water and Spirit. This is exactly where the nickname “Liquid Light” originates from.

Pairs well with: Literally any crystal. Especially clear quartz, rose quartz, amazonite, amethyst, kyanite, fluorite, and malachite.

This is a crystal of consciousness. It can help us expand our spiritual awareness and understand the workings of the subconscious mind. A better and stronger connection to our Higher Selves is inevitable when we consistently work with this stone. Also, it helps promote wealth, prosperity, and abundance while giving us the motivation to achieve these goals.

Similar to quartz, selenite will amplify the energy of other crystals. But the opposite is also true, other crystals tend to amplify its cleansing powers. It works to melt away overwhelming emotions so we can focus better.

Selenite helps to dissolve any confusion, stimulates brain activity, and offers mental clarity.

Selenite Crystal

The most important thing to know about this gypsum crystal is that it absolutely cannot get wet. I repeat: DO NOT ALLOW THIS CRYSTAL TO GET! It will dissolve away completely.

On the Mohs hardness scale, it registers at a 2, which is very fragile. You could even bend it slightly without it breaking. It is believed that this crystal will break or crack when it is in desperate need of an energetic release. This restores the stone to its natural esoteric state.

This crystal is found on every single continent. Most pieces are mined in the USA, Greece, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Austria, and Europe. It has perfect cleavage, which refers to the way minerals break along certain lines of weakness in their structure. Similar to kyanite, there are striations (a series of ridges) that serve as a pathway to the spirit realm.

Appears white and/or translucent. Sometimes it’s completely transparent where a light can shine through it. Also comes in orange, blue, brown, and green although those colors are much less common.

One of the few crystals that won’t get sun bleached. Usually I feel the need to supervise my crystals when they are charging in the sun so they don’t get damaged, but it does not need a babysitter! The color won’t fade, and the stone itself will love it.

A Brief History of Selenite

In 2000, two miners were creating a tunnel in Chihuahua, Mexico when they accidentally found the most incredible crystal cave on Earth. Saying that these gypsum crystals are “giant” is a serious understatement. The entire Cave of Crystals is awe-inspiring, something that seems to only exist in movies. But they are real, they are massive, and they are ethereal. The largest specimen is about 36 feet long and estimated to weigh over 55 tons!

The Cave of Crystals has some of the largest natural crystals ever discovered. Experts believe that growth of the crystals started over 500,000 years ago. And we only just recently discovered its existence. Isn’t it incredible how much we are STILL learning about crystals in today’s modern age? And these crystals are continuing to grow!

The crystals have been growing to epic proportions thanks to a prime combination of conditions over the past 10,000 years. Inside the cave, temperatures can reach up to 136°F, with 90 to 99 percent humidity. The air is acidic and there is no natural light. Groundwater laced with calcium sulfate swam into the caves and, heated from magma below, began to form the gigantic assembly of crystals.*

Some believe that these unbelievable crystals are encoded with secret knowledge of our planet and our universe. It’s possible that this cave acts as an energetic anchor for the Earth’s crystalline grid (the global energetic network that connects all beings). What if there are more caves just like this around the world, just waiting to be discovered? I encourage you to do more independent research on The Cave of Crystals!


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