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Private Session

Coaching + Crystal Reiki + Tarot Reading. One private video chat that includes coaching, crystal reiki, and tarot wrapped into a magical 75 minute session. Option to record the video session. All sessions begin with a tarot card reading to help guide the coaching and crystal reiki healing.


Ready to finally manifest your dream life? This private, weekly program will teach you the lifelong skill of mindful manifesting. Tarot readings, crystal reiki, and Spirit messages included in each session! Click to learn more.

you're meant for more

Hi friends! My name is Sara Rae and I help mystical women manifest on purpose. After years of working in tandem with the Law of Attraction, I’ve created a flexible, repeatable manifesting system that takes a holistic approach. 

Manifest On Purpose teaches you this system.

All sessions begin with a tarot card reading to help guide the coaching. Your Spirit Guides have profound things they can’t wait to tell you!

With the addition of crystal reiki in all sessions, you’ll be changing your energy, healing, growing, and transforming from the inside out! 

Because like energy attracts more like energy. If we want to change what we’re bringing into our lives, our energy has to change. And this happens through implementing spiritual guidance we receive. 

We approach healing in a truly holistic way! Energetic healing for the body and soul, coaching for the mind, and channeled messages for the soul. 


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