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Welcome to a transformative journey tailored just for you! At Spiritually Inspired, I offer three unique pathways to guide you towards inner harmony, alignment, and manifestation. 

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Crystal Reiki

By combining the gentle healing power of reiki with the intentional energy of crystals, there's potential for a powerfully transformative experience.

Tarot Reading

Whatever your question(s) or situation, the tarot can provide plenty of clarity for you to make empowered choices moving forward.

Full Session

Can't pick between crystal reiki, a tarot reading, or coaching? Get the magical benefits of all three in one full length session!

about your session

Crystal Reiki Meditation: Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of crystal energy and Reiki healing. Let the gentle touch of crystals and the universal life force energy of Reiki work in tandem, clearing blockages and revitalizing your being. Experience a serene flow of healing, aligning your energies for holistic well-being.

Tarot Insight Sessions: Seek clarity and guidance through the ancient art of tarot reading. Explore the symbolic language of the cards, unraveling insights into your life’s journey. Gain perspective, embrace opportunities, and navigate challenges with newfound wisdom and foresight.

Manifesting Alchemy: Unveil the magic of manifestation through personalized coaching sessions. Delve into the art of intentional living, mastering the principles of manifestation to shape your reality. Cultivate abundance, clarity, and purpose as you manifest your dreams into tangible, beautiful realities.

Each session is crafted with care, tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Embrace the opportunity to explore, heal, and evolve on your personal growth expedition. Book your session today to unlock the infinite possibilities waiting for you!

I’m Sara Rae, and I created this magical brand to help modern mystics all over the world discover and embrace their own Divine Truth–what resonates with them on a soul level. What brings them joy and raises their vibrations. What makes sense to them on a cosmic level. We are all waking up to the sound of our souls calling out for something more. In our own time, in our own way, we will all live spiritually inspired every day!


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