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Spiritual Awakening Stages


What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is a period of intense soul searching, often accompanied by major life changes.

The phrase “spiritual awakening” doesn’t adhere to a strict definition. Diverse mystics experience diverse awakenings. But there’s always a common thread of questioning what you’ve previously accepted as the “truth.” Lowercase T. 

We can think of a spiritual awakening as a personalized process of asking Questions (capital Q), analyzing Answers (capital A), and coming to our own conclusion of the Truth (capital T). 

Okay, let me explain what’s up with all the capitals real quick. Words that are nouns are capitalized. And I’m choosing to capitalize these words as if they were nouns now (Question, Answer, Truth, and many more to come) to better illustrate the mindset around these things. 

When in the context of a spiritual awakening, these things all come to life. The Truth breathes, the Questions race, the Answers reach. The questions and answers we’ve asked up until now have been superficial. The truth we’ve adopted is someone else’s interpretation. 

A spiritual awakening is a quest for Truth! Capital T. 

Upon closer examination, mystics realize things in this world are so much more magical than they were initially led to believe. A spiritual awakening is the examination, as well as the integration of what’s been discovered on the quest for Truth.

A spiritual awakening is a period of intense soul searching, often accompanied by major life changes.

Spiritual Awakening Stages

Let me preface this with saying that there truly is no right or wrong way to experience spirituality. When I say “stages” in this context, I mean the different ways we might go about “rebuilding the tower.” 

I am not totally convinced that there is a specific order to the stages. Similar to my own concept of the four manifesting phases, I prefer to think of them all as interchangeable. 

At some point, you’ll likely move through all these stages. And you’ll probably double back on a few, or even rotate through them all multiple times. Just know that I’m not presenting you with a step-by-step framework of how your spiritual awakening “should” be. 

The only thing your awakening “should” be is supportive for you. Yay! The spiritual awakening stages are: 


This could be in the form of a single intense psychic experience that cracks your third eye chakra wide open. 

Or this could be much more subtle, such as casually hearing about the same topic in passing multiple times in one week.

Thanks to all your spirit guide helpers on the Other Side, these little hints are being deliberately placed in your path consistently. 

You’re getting invited to explore something entirely new to you (in this life). It’s your choice if you want to RSVP to the invite or not. 

What you need for this stage: 

  • A curious mindset: Wanting to explore new ideas that are potentially the exact opposite of what you’ve always been taught. Approach everything with a curious mindset by letting go of any judgments or preconceived notions or biases. 
A spiritual awakening is a period of intense soul searching, often accompanied by major life changes.


This is the stage where most of my listeners find me! You’ve RSVP’ed “yes” to Spirit’s invitation to explore metaphysics. And you simply cannot devour enough information fast enough. 

In many ways, this is the most intense stage of spiritual awakenings. Some people have never felt this obsessive over anything else before. Some people have never loved learning or been interested in studying anything. But now that’s changing, and it’s exciting! 

If this is your first time listening because you’re obsessively learning as much about spirituality as you can, WELCOME TO THE CLUB WE LOVE IT HERE

I highly encourage you to study spiritual topics that interest you the most. Whatever is calling your heart, follow it. No matter how obscure it seems to be right now. Soon, it will likely become part of you! 

What you need for this stage:

  • Reputable resources: My podcast is a great place to start for trustworthy content on metaphysics. You can also check my books and recommended reading at spirituallyinspired.co/books. Also check your local new age stores, bookstores, yoga studios, message clinics, and even chiropractic offices to find even more reputable information. 


Naturally, after learning becomes implementing. Once you’ve gained some knowledge, you’ll want to put those theories into practice. 

It’s very easy to get stuck in the learning stage and never move onto the implementing stage. For some, the interest might fizzle out. For most, the fear begins to overpower any desire to keep going. 

And this makes total sense. At this stage, implementing means tearing down the tower. Most people are very reluctant to do this. But remember, once the tower is flattened, you can rebuild a new and improved tower. One that’s in alignment with the Truth you’re uncovering. 

This is the stage that my clients most often come to me. My role as a spiritual manifesting coach is to help you rebuild the tower, based off all the research you’ve done so far. 

What you need for this stage:

  • A consistent spiritual practice. This is such an important thing to have as a mystic going through a spiritual awakening. Refer to podcast episodes 121-123 to learn about why practice is important, and ideas for cultivating a personalized spiritual practice for yourself. 
This complete guide will take you on the journey of cultivating a magical lifestyle! This complete guide includes five total books.


Here’s were the magic finally starts happening! While implementing all you’ve learned from your spiritual explorations, you’re likely going to discover so much more than I could ever predict in a podcast episode. 

We already have an idea of what to expect thanks to our studies. But we’re the only ones who can do our own soul searching. Our soul keeps many secrets until the time is just right. It’s your job and pleasure to uncover them! 

And once you do discover them, you’re probably to be inspired to keep learning. And you’re definitely going to have more Questinos come up. And so we continue through the stages of spiritual awakening, going deeper each time. 

What you need for this stage:

  • A spiritual support system. I don’t want you to feel lost or lonely while on this journey. In reality, there are millions of mystics who are also doing the magical work of soul searching. They understand much better than those who aren’t. Spiritually Inspired listeners gather in our free group to support each other and share experiences. Come join us if you need a spiritual support system still! Go to spirituallyinspired.co/freegroup

Thank you so much for reading. And as you go on your way today, know that I’m sending you an abundance of love, light, and inspiration. Blessed be!


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