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3 Divine Downloads That Shaped My Spiritual Practice


Spiritual Awakening Journey

I am a believer in concise messages that resonate deeply. I do my best to avoid Spirit guidance overload. But there are three consistent themes weaving their way through every aspect of my personal spiritual journey. So I know these are bigger than just passing messages. 

For episode #111, I wanted to share with you the most important aspects of my personal spiritual journey. These three things bring me closer to the Universe than anything else. Perhaps they do for you too, so you can share in the mutual love of this magic! Or maybe you’ll be inspired to try one, two, or all three for yourself. 

Spiritual Exploration

Spiritual exploration is what a spiritual journey is. It’s highly individual because no one else can search your soul but you. Soul searching is a strictly solitary activity. But we do love sharing our experiences with others who are soul searching too! 

I love when I get to talk about what sparks our spiritual interests with each other inside our free group. A lot of us share spiritual interests, so it’s fun to bond and chat about it! Come join the conversation at spirituallyinspired.co/freegroup. We go live every Monday morning to connect with each other, pull some tarot cards, talk astrology, and do some reiki.


The first thing that brings me closer to God is both timeless and ancient: prayer. This is by far the best way I’ve found to connect with the Universe. 

And in case you’re new here, you might notice me interchanging the following words: God, Universe, Source or Source Energy, among others. I personally favor God because it seems more human-like to me. Universe is my second favorite because of the ambiguous, scientific quality it carries. I also like Source because it’s a single word that captures the idea that everything/everyone emanates from the same consciousness. 

So, praying for me is the best way to have a conversation with God. Because I’m human, talking is the easiest way for me to communicate clearly. Talking to the Universe via praying is a must for me on a daily basis. It helps me feel grounded and brings my focus back to what’s important. 

Like meditation, there’s formal and informal praying. All prayer is communicating with a Higher Being. I see formal prayer as either reading a prayer, reciting a memorized prayer, and/or having ritualistic elements to it. I have gathered pre-written prayers over the years, and I love reading those as a spiritual prayer practice. I enjoy formality and the structure it provides. In structure is liberation! 

I see informal prayer as the spontaneous, dear-diary style of talking we do with God. This is what makes prayer feel like “talking to an old friend.” This style is so approachable. 

There’s no right or wrong way to pray by any means. Just know that it’s a powerful spiritual practice that eliminates all barriers between you and the Universe. We don’t have to live so separated from It. Which brings me into my next point.

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Being in nature is so important to me. That’s where I feel a connection with the Goddess the most. Whenever I think of spiritual nature energy I picture a Goddess, it just feels right to me! I crave this connection so badly, and I know I’m not alone in this. All of the women I work with already know the power of Nature, or they quickly discover it after we start working together. 

Recently winter started. Literally overnight. Temperatures near freezing and almost four full days of snowfall happened out of the blue. I pouted about it for a few days by staying inside and refusing to brace the cold…but I got so antsy and agitated that I had to go spend time outside. Even though it was freezing cold and gloomy and not at all my favorite weather, I spent some quality time outside in order to reestablish my ever important connection with nature. 

This is why I love indoor plants so much, and nature inspired decor in general. It brings the outside in and has a timeless appeal. I spend as much time as I can outside no matter the weather, even if I’m a baby about it sometimes. Without that connection, I don’t feel complete. 

So I’m trying to get better at bracing the colds in the winter. Early on it’s truly not that bad, it’s more the sudden shock of temperature difference that is unappealing. Over time my desire to hang out outside will override the cold. Also bonfires! I cannot easily go a full day without taking in multiple lungfuls of fresh air. 

I love all the seasons. They each have their own magic, and the consistent, predictable turning of Nature’s wheel helps guide me through my own cycles. Winter triggers a journey inwards, while summer triggers a journey outward. I would love to dive more into this in future episodes! And on my YouTube channel, which is currently getting a make-over. I would say “glow up” but I’m not sure I’m hip enough to use that word, and I’m also not confident that it applies in this context. Anyway I hope to have more “spiritual diy” type projects in video form, with a more creative tag name for them. So be on the lookout for that! 

Letting Go

In letting go, it all gets done. I heard this phrase in a guided meditation I listened to on Spotify in 2016. It’s really stuck with me ever since, and I refer to it often. Myself and the spiritual women I work with find this particular affirmation profound. Perhaps it’s the way it’s worded, it feels more like a statement of fact rather than something about yourself. 

Letting go allows for so much more. There’s a deep sense of liberation and trust when you’re finally able to loosen your grip on whatever you’re hanging on to. Whether you’re clinging to something you’re meant to have or something you’re not meant to have, letting it go allows the Universe to work Its magic on your behalf. 

I’ve talked about the power of letting go in more detail in episode 85 all about the Law of Detachment. Letting Go is one of the four manifesting phases I bring all of my private coaching clients through. I never get tired of seeing the heartfelt changes these spiritual women experience through letting go. 

Refusing to let go is the easiest way to stay exactly where you are and block your manifestation from coming to you. There is no limit to what you can let go of: items, thoughts, habits, people, worries, phobias, grudges, beliefs, ideas, values, the need for control, the need to know details, among much more.

Anything and everything takes up space in your life. You have to be mindful of what you grant space to, because that’s the easiest way to tell the Universe what you want more of. 

In my 20s I was learning a lot about manifesting. And I realized that all the instances I manifested exactly what I wanted or something better had a common thread: I had faith in the Universe and I let it be. 

There needs to be this sense of inevitability in your manifesting. The truth you hold is that your manifestation already exists, or is already on its way to you. And because of this unwavering assurance of success, it’s easy to let it go. 

I’ve come to realize the deep-rooted truth of the affirmation “In letting go, it all gets done.” Some of the most wonderful experiences of my life have been the result of letting go and trusting the Universe to be on my side. 

Thank you so much for listening. I hope you’re inspired to see for yourself what is possible within prayer, nature, and letting go. And as you go on your way today, know that I’m sending you an abundance of love, light, and inspiration. Blessed be!


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