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The Fool Card Tarot

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

Beginnings, optimism, possibilities, ignorance, naivety, risk taking

The Fool card tarot is the first card in the tarot deck, even though it is listed at number zero. It represents the archetype of being young, excited, ready for adventures, and perhaps a little naïve. They do not yet have any significant life experience, so they are extremely optimistic. 

The major arcana represents the journey through life The Fool takes. So before The Fool begins their journey, they are filled with possibilities and wonder. The whole world is laid out before them, beckoning them forward with promises of love, excitement, adventure, passion, success, and fun. 

The Fool is often depicted as a jester or clown of sorts. This represents the silliness and whimsy that is core to their character. The person is filled with a lust for life, and makes their decisions based on what feels good in the moment. 

Very “YOLO” in the sense that they’re eager to experience everything life offers. Nothing sounds like a bad idea to them. They will not say “no” to anything, completely disregarding the consequences for the sake of the experience.

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The Fool Tarot Reversed

But, there is a reason this card is called The Fool. They are literally foolish with decision making. One could argue that they are completely clueless about the true nature of the world. They have rose-colored glasses stuck to their face. They cannot see the world in any other way, therefore they are at risk of being bamboozled. 

There’s a really good chance The Fool is going to get their spirit crushed, but they have no idea.

Ignorance is bliss for The Fool. They know they’re about to embark on a life-changing journey, but are willingly ignorant of the potential pain and hardships involved. 

This archetype applies not only to the youth. The Fool appears in a tarot card reading when the sitter (the person the cards are being pulled for) is just beginning a journey. A journey that is going to be significant in many ways, with lots of plot twists. The sitter likely knows this in their soul, and typically they are not afraid of the journey or of what lies ahead. 

Fool tarot card resonates with Uranus: planet of anarchy, nonconformity, ingenuity, and originality.

The Fool tarot card meaning: Beginnings, optimism, possibilities, ignorance, naivety, risk-taking. #majroarcana #thefooltartocard #tarotreading #tarotcards

The Fool Tarot Meaning

As far as The Fool is concerned, the crazier the adventure, the better! They are not risk averse in the slightest. In fact, The Fool is quite reckless. To the point where they might accidentally put themselves in danger. 

Innocence is The Fool’s claim to fame. Because of their lack of life experiences, they have done nothing wrong. Think of a child who just became a teenager and their parents allow them to go out with their friends for the first time. They have no frame of reference to guide them (yet).

The Fool is a free spirit. They long to roam, to fly, to dream, to live a colorful life. That’s why they’re here, at the start of the Major Arcana.

This airy card represents beginnings and spontaneity. This archetype has a thirst for life they are desperate to quench. 

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The Fool card tarot represents the archetype of being young, excited, ready for adventures, and perhaps a little naïve.

The Fool Tarot Guide

The Fool’s voyage is one we all take, eventually. Or perhaps many times. The Fool card tarot depicts someone who is a catalyst for change, even though they don’t realize the extent of their own potential.

They see possibilities in the world, but they don’t yet see the possibilities in themselves. They’re empty in this way. They’re ready to grow into a human being with a role to play in the world. 

Throughout the rest of the Major Arcana, The Fool will encounter many archetypes. Each archetype has an important lesson to teach The Fool–and The Fool is you.

We are all The Fool, and we all have many lessons to learn as we adventure through life. How will we be different when we reach the end of the journey–the end of the Major Arcana?


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