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The Magician Tarot Card

The Magician Tarot Meaning

Learning, inspiration, training, resourcefulness, taking action, latent talents

In a reading, The Magician tarot card meaning may represent someone in our lives that acts as a mentor. Someone we respect and trust, whose opinion carries much weight. We may be that person to other people, if we identify with this archetype. 

Alternatively, The Magician tarot card may represent our expansive list of talents, calling us to capitalize on them by focusing on our strengths.

The Magician acts as a mentor to The Fool. Instead of simply giving orders, The Magician seeks to give instructions with the intention of teaching new skills. This card represents the very beginning stages of our journeys, where we’re absorbing and processing information. 

Once we have learned the skills and gathered our information, we begin planning our next move. Even if we’re a little stuck and not sure where to go, The Magician guides and inspires us. So long as we demonstrate our own will and discipline. Our role as a student is equally as important as their role as a teacher. 

The Magician sees our hidden potential and talents, but does not directly point them out to us. Instead, they design their lessons in such a way that we discover our own talents for ourselves. 

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Magician tarot card meaning is about talents, learning, mentorship, and gaining momentum on your journey towards your goals. #THEMAGICIANTAROTCARD #TAROTCARDREADING #TAROTCARDS

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

Our ability to learn and grow is always within us, even in old age. Or during dark times. Our need for a teacher does not cease when we reach adolescence and beyond. If anything, the older we get, the more teachers we require. 

The Magician wants us to be resourceful in our problem solving. We must analyze the situation, consider the impact on others, our emotional stakes, the physical consequences of our actions, and how to overcome adversities. 

A sitter who pulls The Magician tarot card is likely headed down a path with many choices. Or, they’re currently dealing with a problem they’ve never faced before. They would greatly benefit from any advice given by someone older and wiser. 

A sitter might also pull The Magician tarot card if they’re not open-minded enough to learn from others. It encourages curiosity and critical thinking, pulling our subconscious conclusions to the surface so we can better understand the world. 

Take inspiration as it comes. Be creative in your problem solving. Respect the wisdom of people who have gone before you. Take thoughtful action and be deliberate in your planning. You already have all the tools you need to reach your goals and/or improve your situation. 

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The Magician Reversed

Someone who resonates strongly with The Magician is a powerful manifestor. It’s very easy for them to get what they want, even if they aren’t always completely honest about it. The dark side of The Magician shows up as greed, power, and manipulation.

We tend to trust our mentors whole-heartedly. This power can easily go to someone’s head. And it’s not always a malicious thing, but rather a result of placing too much emphasis on personal gain. 

A reversed Magician tarot card could represent your own latent talents that have not yet been discovered or nurtured. Perhaps you have many skills and talents, but you’re not living up to your full potential. It could also represent your need for a tutor, or even you not fulfilling the role of a tutor when you’re meant to be doing so. 

Magician tarot card meaning is about talents, learning, mentorship, and gaining momentum on your journey towards your goals.

The Magician Tarot Guide

The seeds that have been planted are already sprouting. The ball is just starting to get rolling. Soon, we will gain immense amounts of momentum–as long as we stay dedicated to the path we’ve chosen. 

But, getting those seeds to sprout was hard work. It might be tempting to take a break because we’ve “earned it.” Now is not the time to stop, though. Even if the road ahead is covered with fog and we have no idea where to go, we have to keep going. Otherwise, our little seedlings will never grow into mature plants.

The Magician knows that we all have unique talents and skills. How can we nurture our own talents, problem solving skills, and curiosity so we can live up to our fullest potential? 


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