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The Tower Tarot Card


The Tower Tarot

Collapse, destruction, rebuilding, change, courage, opportunity

The Tower tarot card represents destruction for the sake of rebuilding. This metaphor can be applied to all areas of your life; thoughts, relationships, projects, work, etc.

Something is no longer working and has to come crashing down. There will be rubble to sort through, but in the end the drastic change is going to be better for everyone.

The Tower is associated with immense amounts of chaos and disaster because that’s how we feel the moment the tower falls. Everything is crumbling around and beneath us. We weren’t ready for it, and it’s leaving us feeling vulnerable.

The changes can come in many forms. Either literal destruction within your environment, or perhaps a revelation of some kind. Whatever it may be, it will result in drastic upheaval.

Is The Tower inherently bad? As with all tarot cards, there is no “bad” or “good” energy. We can perceive the collapse however we choose.

In the end, things have been destroyed because the Universe needed more room for something better and more aligned with your personal energy.

Tower Card

In a reading, The Tower is likely to show up in the midst of great change, or right before sudden change occurs. This change will always be for the better.

There’s a lot of hindsight within the energy of this card. We might not be able to see or understand the benefits of the total destruction as we’re going through it. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

At this time, a practical, methodical, day-by-day approach is needed. Baby steps will be very beneficial right now. This period of chaos is temporary. The dust will settle and you will realize how much better off you are now.

The Tower also marks a grieving process. Whenever we lose something in our lives, we grieve. Even if we wanted it gone and are glad it’s gone, we still mourn the loss.

While grieving, The Tower is bringing us hope and courage. It’s helping us to see the new opportunities that are right in front of us now.

If we allow ourselves to open up to new possibilities, we will likely be inspired. Whatever was holding us back before is gone. We have the chance to live more in alignment with ourselves now.

The Tower Card Reversed

The Tower shows up reversed in a reading when we are refusing to embrace the inevitable changes. The chaos is happening regardless. Destruction has come (or will come soon). But our stubbornness is causing even more problems.

The Tower wants you to move forward. You cannot move forward if you’re clinging to the rubble of the old building that has just collapsed.

It’s time to let go. There is something even better for you waiting just on the other side of the sudden change. All you have to do is let go of the old.

Change is hard for a lot of people. Especially the unexpected change of the world-shattering variety. The ego wants to feel safe, and change does not feel safe.

The ego fears the unknown. And even though the familiar surroundings are nothing more than dust now, the ego is still refusing to let it go. But this is holding us back!

The Tower card reversed is an indication that you are standing in your own way. You’re the only one keeping bigger and better things at bay. You can easily choose to embrace the unknown at any time. You’ll soon realize there’s nothing to be afraid of.

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The Tower tarot card represents destruction for the sake of rebuilding. Something is no longer working and has to come crashing down.

The Tower Tarot Meaning

The Tower is filled with hidden optimistic energy. Among the craziness lies endless potential. There’s also a tremendous amount of relief.

Whatever has fallen was unstable and not serving your highest good. This could be assumptions, worldviews, relationships, circumstances, or anything at all.

Without that thing in your life (or person), you have so much more room for something that does serve your highest good. It might be hard to see in the moment, but you are much better off without that thing that has fallen.

Deep down you already knew this thing couldn’t go on much longer the way it was. And now you have the means to create something else! Just be careful not to follow the same patterns as before, or you’ll likely experience another “tower moment” later on.

The Tower tarot card wants us to ask ourselves–what about this situation wasn’t/isn’t serving my highest good? What can I build instead that will support me better?

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