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Vision Boards for Beginners


What is a Vision Board?

Vision boards are visual representations of our specific goals, intentions, wishes, and values. They can be physical or digital, and any size you want. 

Typically, you’ll see vision boards (also known as action boards) as collages that hold symbolic meaning to the creator. Words, images, and even physical objects can be part of the display. 

The best time to create a vision board is right now! No reason to wait for circumstances to be “perfect.” Or for a certain time of year. You have the power to manifest anything you wish, and a vision board can help guide your manifesting efforts. 

Vision boards are fantastic tools for maintaining our enthusiasm for our desires. 

However, vision boards are not the finish line. Simply setting goals is never enough. We need to make sure we don’t forget why we set the goals.

And just slapping some pretty words and pictures on the poster board isn’t enough either. We must take action to see genuine changes, and we must stay motivated in order to take action.

Also worth noting–vision boards are not the place for impossibly high expectations. You deserve all you wish to have in this world, but do not haphazardly slap any old picture onto your vision board. 

Pictures of multi-million dollar houses, fancy sports cars, the winning lottery ticket, and designer clothes aren’t meant for vision boards. Rather, focus on putting up pictures that represent how you want to feel, because that’s how manifesting works

There is a delicate balance between reaching for the stars and being practical. Take the time to reflect on what you actually envision for your life. We’ll talk more about how to create your vision board in this post. 

Vision boards are visual representations of our specific goals, intentions, wishes, and values. They can be physical or digital, and any size you want. 

How Does a Vision Board Work?

Vision/action boards work on a subconscious level. To understand how they can help you, you must first understand how the Law of Attraction works. 

Our subconscious beliefs and thoughts create neural pathways in our brain, and these pathways become more pronounced the more we engage in those particular thoughts and beliefs. 

Thanks to these deep neural pathways, our brains will continuously look for opportunities to reinforce them. This is how we attract more of what we already believe, think, and feel into our lives. 

To change what you are attracting into your life, you must change the neural pathways in the brain. Do this by reciting affirmations and creating a vision board that accurately represents what you wish to attract. 

When your vision board gets hung up in a place that you can easily see, your subconscious neural pathways will change. Even if you’re not directly staring at your board every day, your brain is still analyzing the data upon it. 

Vision boards act as reminders of our goals and intentions, while also reprogramming our brain. Therefore it’s so important to be mindful while creating your vision board. 

Vision boards are visual representations of our specific goals, intentions, wishes, and values. They can be physical or digital, and any size you want. 

How to Make a Vision Board

Vision boards come in all shapes, sizes, and complexities, always reflecting the style of the person who created it. Look around for inspiration, but never try to replicate someone else’s vision board exactly. 

You can be happy and content where you are now, while also striving for a different/better future. 

Before you even collect your supplies, it’s vital that you express gratitude for all the blessings you already have. This is the most important part of manifesting.

Below are some basic steps to follow to create your exceptional and effective vision board: 

Get specific

In order to create a vision board with intention, we need to have a really good understanding of what we actually want out of life. Think back to the million-dollar house example. Do you want the house, or do you want the emotion you think the house will give you? 

Use the form below to receive a free list of journal prompts that will help you get specific about what you’re trying to manifest! Thank you in advance my friends.

Gather supplies and get crafty

Whether you’re cutting images out from magazines, printing them from the internet, or using things you already have, it’s a good idea to have everything ready to go in one spot. That way, you won’t get distracted from holding your intentions as you construct your collage. 

Create the space to focus on manifesting your vision. The more energy you put into your vision board, the more effective it will be overall. Make it as small or as large as you need to illustrate your vision fully.

Display and plan

Pick a spot for it to be displayed! Then, sit down and create an action plan that will bring you closer to your goals. Perhaps make a list of mini-goals or tasks that will contribute to the larger goals. 

Dreams will always be dreams if you never take any action to make them come true. Everything you do after you create your vision board should have clear direction and focus.

Release attachment

Trust that the Universe wants you to have what you want, and is conspiring to make your dreams a reality. Keep an open mind, because blessings can manifest in unexpected ways. 

Know that your message is being received by the Cosmic Intelligence, and it will come back to you. Or, something even better will happen. “For the good of all, or not at all!”

Pay attention and take action

Synchronicities are happening all around us, all the time. Our level of awareness affects how well we receive these little clues from the Universe. 

Once your board is created, it’s important to keep your eyes open for synchronicities that may be telling you to keep doing what you’re doing. This is extremely validating and wonderful to experience.

And now is the time to take action on the plans you’ve made! Remember, manifesting is about co-creating with the Universe. The Universe is not your genie. 

Revisit and revamp

Once a goal on your vision board becomes reality, it’s time to replace it with something else. Maybe a more refined version of the original goal. 

The idea is to not let your vision board go stale. Remake it as often as you intuitively feel you need it. Reflect upon your progress often. Keep things relevant.

Book Recommendation – The Source by Dr. Tara Swart


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