Manifest On Purpose

Hey you! 

I’m launching a brand new private coaching program that is going to utterly transform the way you manifest. 

Dozens of women have successfully manifested their dreams using my unique Law of Attraction system over the last year, and you’ll be next. 

What you can expect from Manifest On Purpose:

  • Four consecutive 75 minute crystal reiki + coaching sessions to hold space for integration, exploration, healing, support
  • Personalized Crystal Reiki Meditation at the start of every single session, for as long as you need. Sometimes it’s 15 minutes, other times it’s 45. Your sessions are whatever you need them to be
  • Tangible action items and take-aways from each coaching session, along with messages from Spirit as they come 
  • Spiritual healing and personal epiphanies through the power of crystal reiki from a Certified Crystal Healer and Usui Reiki Master

BONUSES being offered during the presale:

  • EXCLUSIVE digital box set of all six of my books on spiritual awesomeness!
    • Manifesting Abundance 
    • Mindfulness Made Easy
    • Crystal Healing Crash Course 
    • Self Worth Secret
    • Magical Moon Phases
    • Practical Manifesting
  • A FULL TAROT READING as part of your first session!
  • MANIFESTING WORKBOOK designed to call in your manifestation in the next 30 days

The doors to Manifest On Purpose are open NOW through January 6, 2023! Join now for the limited-time early bird presale! 


We’ll chat very soon! Thank you!



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