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Weekly Astrology: August 1-7

Mercury Opposite Sun

The first week of August starts with lots of movement between some major planets all at once. But it lightens up quite a bit by the end of the week. So just take everything one day, one moment at a time and it won’t cause any huge upheavals. 

Mercury is opposing the Sun on August 1. The Sun represents our individual personalities and how we choose to express ourselves. And Mercury is the planet of all communication. 

So when they oppose each other, we might have a hard time clearly expressing ourselves in a way that isn’t inherently selfish or disregarding the impact of others. 

To combat this energy, think through every single thing you want to say before you actually say it. The start of August is not a great time for “off the cuff” speaking, especially in front of a large group.


Also on August 1 is Lughnasadh, or Lammas, a Greater Sabbat on the witch’s Wheel of the Year. This is a celebration of the first harvest, and if you want to learn all about it click here to read more

Sun Opposite Retrograde Saturn

Another alignment that could potentially cause some discord this week. On August 2 the Sun will oppose Saturn. Also on this day, Venus will Trine Uranus, which we’ll talk about more in a minute. 

Saturn is the no-nonsense teacher with a reputation of challenging all that we believe. Even when not in retrograde, Saturn is one tough cookie. This might seem a bit intimidating because the Sun represents how we show up to other people–who we choose to be in this life.

During this opposition, those personality choices are going to be put to the test. Something is likely to happen externally that will make us doubt ourselves, or stand in our way of expressing ourselves. 

To combat this, willingly take the test. It will not be a pass/fail test. No matter how you handle the situation, it’s presenting you with an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Revisit other times where similar scenarios took place. What can you do differently now?

Venus Trine Uranus 

Trine alignments bring harmony, peace, and support. The energy of trines is very comfortable, bringing out all the good so we can admire them and be grateful. On August 2, lovely Venus will trine intuitive Uranus. 

Uranus is all about innovation and inspiration, often bringing the unexpected. Venus is the planet of beauty and pleasure, with an emphasis on relationships. When these two planets trine, we can expect some beautiful sparks of insight on how to bring more harmony into our relationships.

We’ll likely feel inspired to try something new and unique that will bring us lots of enjoyment. Be open to all the different things you will feel inspired to try out today! 

Sun Square Uranus 

Here is another planetary alignment that might cause some issues this week. On August 6, the Sun will Square Uranus, which is likely to throw us all off balance. 

The Sun represents who we are and how we present ourselves. Uranus, again, is all about innovation, moving forward, and uniqueness. Square alignments tend to cause some tension. So as it pertains to these two astrological planets, we’re being guided to find some resolution. 

We’re probably facing some sort of conflict between growing as a person and hanging onto who we’ve always believed we were. To overcome this conflict, understand that we are meant to grow and change. And that doesn’t mean we have to disregard who we were before. We’re simply moving through a new stage of life. 

Weekly Astrology Forecast 

This energy forecast might seem a little bleak at times, but there’s no need to fear! Or to even see it that way if you don’t want to. All these planets and the things they stir up are meant to help us grow and expand. 

Even if it comes off as gloomy, the clouds will clear away soon enough, and we will clearly see the beauty that was hiding on the other side. 

The epic Lionsgate Portal is coming on the same day as the Leo New Moon, so all these energies are preparing us for some major energetic upgrades next week. Stay tuned for that!


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