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Weekly Astrology: August 15-21

Venus into Libra

Another amazing astrological even to start off the week! Venus is moving into one of its ruling signs Libra on August 15. All the work Venus has been guiding us to do in our relationships lately is finally paying off. 

We’re probably going to feeling blissful, peaceful, and harmonious in our relationships. Especially when it comes to any rough patches we’re moving through currently. They’ll suddenly feel less painful and more like blessings. Or they may even fade away and heal completely. 

All energy that resonates with Venus is pouring over us today. Love, abundance, passion, beauty, bliss, and serenity. Embrace it! Take advantage of the extra boost of romance today, in your own special way. 

Additionally, Venus rules over our finances, and Libra is the sign of justice. Combined, this energy is helping you to accept your fair share of abundance in the Universe. If you want to learn more about manifesting abundance, see my book aptly titled Manifesting Abundance

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio

The moon is growing larger in the sky every night. Also on August 15, we have the first quarter moon in Scorpio. This part of the moon phase is when we are most motivated to take action towards our intentions.

If you recall last week’s astrology forecast, the previous New Moon in Leo had extra potent manifesting energy thanks to the Lionsgate Portal. Now, our intentions are likely manifesting rapidly, even if it doesn’t seem like they are from your vantage point. There is a lot going on behind the scenes as the Universe works Its magic!

Scorpio is all about working behind the scenes. This energy doesn’t like to explain itself–it just wants to do its thing and be outstanding at it. Combining this with First Quarter Moon energy might make us feel like we don’t have the time (or the desire) to get other people up to speed with what we’re doing.

It might just be easier to strike while the iron’s hot and answer questions later. But when the time comes to answer questions and express our thought processes, be careful not to come off as too abrasive.

Other people are inquiring because they want to be supportive. Scorpio usually prefers to stay in the shadows and remain mysterious, only letting a select privileged few beyond their protective walls. But do let them in at some point!

Mercury Conjunct Mars 

On August 18, talkative Mercury will conjunct fierce Mars. Be very careful to watch your tongue today! It might be all too easy to blurt out whatever pops into your mind without thinking it through. 

This planetary alignment has the reputation of being judgmental and bitter. But as always, there’s always something good in every astrological event, no matter how “negative” it appears. 

Whatever ideas we have that are lacking clarity and support will be highlighted today. We might be lacking support from loved ones (hence our subconscious desire to snap at them with our words), or we might be depriving our ideas of our own support. Do we really believe in what we’re pursuing?

Consider this question, while also understanding that being overly critical causes even more stress. This conjunction between Mercury and Mars wants to act quickly. So getting stuck will be rather uncomfortable. 

Allow your direct and rapid communication to manifest in your business settings. But everywhere else deserves a thorough think-through before you say anything at all. 

Sun Opposite Retrograde Jupiter

Another opposition against retrograde Jupiter. A lot of work needs to be done in areas of purpose, abundance and joy. The Sun represents our will to live–what keeps us going. This compliments Jupiter energy well, as Jupiter represents our hopes and dreams.

While in retrograde, Jupiter wants us to revisit our dreams and discern if what we’re shooting for is actually in alignment with our purpose. On August 19, the Sun will oppose retrograde Jupiter, making this call even louder within us.

Take extra care to listen to others today. Being overly confident is useless if we think we know everything and we don’t need help. Be wary of unrealistically high expectations. I know Jupiter is making you feel optimistic, but the retrograde energy might over-emphasize this trait.

Uranus Goes Retrograde

Uranus is the planet of awakening and intuition. On August 19 it will go retrograde in the sign of Taurus until January 18. Normally, Uranus is very innovative and forward thinking. But during retrograde, we’ll probably feel like we’re lacking new insight and inspiration.

Instead of bringing us brand new ideas like it normally does, Uranus in retrograde will be bringing us deeper revelations of already existing ideas. We’re given the opportunity to explore what has already unfolded so far this year more deeply.

There might be sudden change happening during this time, especially if you’ve been working with the Universe to manifest something totally different than what you currently have. Be on the lookout for that. And if you don’t see it coming yet, revisit the reasons why you wanted to manifest that thing in the first place.

Taurus has a nice grounding energy. It’s patient, but also stubborn. There might be this fear of change that stems from Taurus being inflexible and overly attached to old materialistic views. But changes are inevitable during this retrograde. Big or small, the Universe is presenting you with changing structures and challenging your beliefs.


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