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Weekly Astrology: August 22-28

Second Aquarius Full Moon

The second Aquarius Full Moon in a row! You might recall last month’s Full Moon in Aquarius, it called us to consider what concepts can be let go, reshaped, or built upon to make the world a better place. This Aquarian Full Moon on August 22 will be similar. 

Expect a lot of the same themes to show up again for you as last month. Instead of putting your head down to do the work like last month, gently move forward with respect and patience. 

Once again, we are being guided to move against social conditioning. The time has come for the collective to unite against injustices and inequalities that have plagued humanity for millennia. 

But these changes will not happen overnight, or possibly over the next year. These systems took years to build. They will take years to undo. So we must be patient and persistent. 

There’s a good chance we’ll all feel a nice mood boost over the weekend with this Full Moon energy, instead of the usual sluggishness. This is a great opportunity to implement process changes. Look within your life, your workplace, and your community. Are there things you can challenge and change?

This second Aquarius Full Moon is very expansive and much more gentle than last month’s. The theme of humanitarianism is still strong though. The Universe is deepening the connection between all of us, reminding us that there is something bigger than ourselves out there that we all have in common. 

Sun in Virgo

The Sun is moving into earthy Virgo on August 22. Virgo energy is wonderful. Lively and outspoken, but not quite as fierce as Leo energy. Fire and earth compliment each other nicely. 

Virgo is strong, independent, analytical, loyal, and grounded. While the Sun moves through Virgo, we’re likely going to adopt all these qualities. For the next four weeks, look inwards and connect with your own source of personal power! 

Ask yourself, what’s your motivation? And what’s your game plan? These two questions can help you hone in on your reason for working towards your goal, and the details of how you’ll get there. 

Virgo has a tendency to downplay their abilities. Be extra careful not to put yourself down this month. You’re much more capable than you think, so don’t be afraid to go after those big goals! The Sun is working in your favor this month–you’ll have all the will and organization to make it happen. 

Virgo strives for perfection and can be overly harsh sometimes. Hence the tendency to not go far beyond the comfort zone. But perfectionism holds us back from reaching our fullest potential. We are our own worst critics, and Virgo is definitely critical. 

Try to view yourself, your goals, and your progress as objectively as you can this month. Don’t be afraid to congratulate yourself and take pride in all you have accomplished! 

Venus Trine Rx Saturn

Here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for in your relationships. Kind words go a long way to heal wounds and mend bridges. Romantic Venus trines safe Saturn on August 23. It will disassemble whatever walls you built that make you feel safe. 

Venus trine Saturn is an opportunity to lay firm foundations to build upon within your most important relationships. It might not be easy or painless, but it will be worth it. But you never know! It might actually be totally easy and completely painless.

Whether this relationship is new or old, there will be a sense of maturity and advancement. Commitment and loyalty will come easily. The natural next step is fairness and loyalty. Together, you’ll grow and deepen your intimacy, which will feel rewarding for each of you. 

This will be a fun and simple show today, because we're going to explore the magical energy of rose quartz crystal. This is one crystal that is almost universally loved, so I thought it would be good to discuss it in more detail.

Mercury Opposite Neptune

Curious Mercury opposes creative Neptune on August 24. You might recall earlier this month, Venus opposed Neptune, and this opposition might be reminiscent of that energy.

Mercury represents how we communicate and analyze the world. Neptune is our imagination and illusions. When these energies oppose each other, there’s a good chance we’re going to find ourselves easily seduced by other people’s ideas. Especially those of a creative nature (think collaborations and business endeavors).

Wishful thinking and hollow optimism might make these ideas seem irresistible, even if they don’t actually resonate with us. Combat this energy with radical vulnerability within the relationship. Voice any doubts you have, even if they seem small. 

Stay focused. We’ll likely be easily distracted today. We all have goals we’re pursuing, but Mercury oppose Neptune will beckon us to some place unrelated but seemingly amazing. If it’s something worth pursing, it will show back up again later on. 

There’s no need to automatically assume all communication with others is unreliable. However, it would be wise to use your discernment and be cautious of things that sound too good to be true. Take off those rose-colored glasses and objectively evaluate what is being told to you. 


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