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Weekly Astrology: August 8-14

Lionsgate Portal

The annual Lionsgate Portal and the Leo New Moon are on the same day this year! What fantastic, high vibrational energy to start the week out with. 

The Lionsgate Portal opens up every year on 8/8 when the star called Sirius rises up in the sky to meet the Sun in its ruling sign of Leo. The numerology behind the date 8/8 is significant as well. Together, these energetic forces send down high vibrational energy that assists in the ascension of all souls currently on Earth. 

Sirius has been tracked and admired since ancient cultures ruled the world. It has always believed to be a gateway to heaven. It has always been a doorway that opens up to flood Earth with light codes and energetic downloads. The veil is thinner during this portal opening, allowing for enhanced spiritual connection, visitations, and expansions. 

During this time, we can all connect with and absorb higher frequency energies with greater ease. This is what we call ascension, especially when paired with healing heart chakra energies simultaneously. Which the Lionsgate Portal is known for doing. 

Today is an unusually powerful day for manifesting and intention-setting because of the combined energies of the portal and the Leo new moon. 

So we have the star Sirius rising in the sky aligning with the Sun in Leo (its ruling sign), 88 energy from the calendar date, as well as the Leo New Moon. That’s a lot of energy! Be patient and gentle with yourself. Prioritize self care. Know your manifesting miracles are on their way to you. 

New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo (also on August 8) is so vibrant and passionate! It’s really calling us to set intentions around our creativity and passions. And I’m not just talking about your career passions–but your truest passions.

What is the thing you care the most about? What would you do no matter what your circumstance? What is something you absolutely never miss doing? What’s non-negotiable for you? What do you never tire of? What is your biggest, wildest dream?

Set your intentions with enthusiasm and excitement! Connect with your inner lion and rule your own kingdom. The energy on this day is very high. Trust yourself and your divine ability to create your own reality. Deep down, you already know what you wish to create even if you don’t yet have it. Be fierce and bold in your pursuit of your dreams.

Venus Opposite Neptune

Opposite alignments in astrology can be challenging. The energy of the planets bump heads and polarize each other. On August 9, romantic Venus will oppose dreamy Neptune.

This could potentially cause us to be more easily deceived by things or people that catch our eye. Try not to make any major life-changing decisions on this day without being as objective as possible.

Our imagination might run a little crazy today. We might catch ourselves daydreaming about all the things our love lives lack. Or, we might find it extremely difficult to see our love lives for what it really is. Either way, there’s a chance of being duped. So again, be sure you’re being as objective as possible and use discernment wisely.

Mercury Opposite Retrograde Jupiter

You might recall that Jupiter is currently in retrograde in Aquarius, so we’re being called to reconsider what really lights us up inside. Where do we stand ethically? Are we optimists, or pessimists?

Mercury has a reputation of being a bit unyielding. While Jupiter loves being bouncy and exuberant. When they oppose each other on August 10, we might experience a bit of a mini life crisis. Who are we really, and what really matters to us? What do we convey about yourselves to others without using our words?

Consider taking a few moments to revisit how you choose to communicate with others today. Pay attention to how others are responding to you. Think about how your life perspective alters how you converse with other people.

Is that really how you want others to perceive you? Be careful not to become too concerned with other people’s opinions, but rather pay attention to their reactions. They will clue you in on where you stand with them, and in turn, help you determine if you’re living in alignment with your ethical values.

Mercury in Virgo

Intellectual Mercury is moving into intellectual Virgo on August 11. Sounds like a fantastic shift in energy, right? It definitely can be! Logic and reason is vital to our survival and our success. But as with all things, too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing. 

Mercury in Virgo is likely going to bring out our skeptics, to the point where we have a hard time believing anything as truth until we do all the critical thinking and research needed to prove it to ourselves.

We’re going to be feeling very rational during this time, in pursuit of knowledge that will give us conclusive proof for our inquiry. 

Once we have the knowledge and the data, we’re going to feel the need to analyze every little bit of it. We’ll be very thorough about it, but it will be hard to leave our biases out of it. We’ll likely scrutinize everything we come into contact with. Just be aware that there is a fine line between criticism and healthy skepticism. 

Venus Trine Pluto

This alignment is such a beautiful opportunity for growth. Pluto represents weaknesses and the need for change in certain areas. Venus rules over all things we find beautiful, as well as our relationships (including our relationship with ourselves).

Trines are very harmonious alignments. So while Pluto might have a bit of a dark undertone in its energy, its trine with Venus is allowing us the chance to see the rapid changes in our relationship as blessings.

Also on August 11, we’re likely to see a massive shift of some kind in a relationship that is really important to us. It might not necessarily be our spouse or family members, but maybe a good friend or business partner.

But at some point, something is going to “click” and make the two of you more in sync with each other. Which will require substantial change between you, but you’ll both be excited and inspired by it.


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